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A complete 360° promotion toolkit to help you scale and grow your events efficiently.

Industry-first promotion

Every organizer that lists a public event gets a promoted listing on our event discovery site, is our very own industry-first promotion platform, listing over 3 million events around the world.

It’s built on the latest version of Google’s SEO tools to ensure high-ranking search results, driving more traffic to your events.

“In the last 18 months, we’ve tripled average attendance and expanded to three festivals, which seemed almost impossible previously.”

Steve, Ellesmere Port FESTIVAL

Website Integration

Any event you create on Helm can be integrated with your website. The entire buying journey takes place on your website and the user stays there once they’ve bought a ticket to your event.

Full Page

Automatically draw in all event details as they are updated, including images, location, date, time and descriptions.

Box Office

Our most simple event widget fits your website with a single link. Change the colours around your current setup and design.

Event Calendar

You can show a full calendar of your events that updates whenever you create a new event from your dashboard.

Scale your events and sell more

Whatever your current marketing strategy is, our tools are easily compatible to help you grow.

Whether that’s our lightning-fast guest checkout that minimizes drop off, or website integration to increase brand control.

We’re constantly innovating to help you grow.

Track past spend at your events

Easily track your attendees’ activity at your events.

Whether that’s the last event they attended, how much money they’ve spent on your tickets or the number of events they’ve attended.

With Hubspot integration, it easily allows you to fine-tune your marketing.

Add an extra revenue source

Add industry-first membership tools to your events to create an extra revenue source.

Attendees with memberships get either discounted tickets or free tickets, based on their membership level, which is dictated by you as the organizer.

You can set up recurring payments for when the membership is due at either 3, 6 or 12 months.


Large event or small, local event or global, startup or enterprise. Hear what organizers from around the world have to say about our platform and customer service.

Worldwide Reach

Join thousands of other organizers selling worldwide, to tens of thousands of customers over 60 different countries. Helm supports over 109 different currencies.



Easy-to-understand setup and industry-leading support while creating your event.


Manage your event, memberships, event branding, integrations and your payout schedule.


Promote your events with featured listings, sales tracking, website and email integration.



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