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Our platform has been designed from the ground up to be as simple to use as possible. Whether you’re new to events or a master organiser, you’ll be able to pick up Helm straight away.

If you currently use a ticketing platform, we’ll even help to get you migrated by swapping over your events for free.

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Our friendly support team are available around the clock. Whether you need help optimising your marketing plan or just fancy a chat, our expert team are on hand to help your events scale.

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Contact our team of experts any time and receive a response within 24hrs.

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Setting up an event with Helm Tickets has been a breeze. Within 10 minutes I had the event online and generating revenue.

TONYCo-founder, FS Tech Conference


Large event or small, local event or global, startup or enterprise. Hear what organisers from around the world have to say about our platform and customer service.

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Join thousands of other organisers selling with a featured listing on With over 3 million events listed, it’s one of the world’s largest event discovery sites.



Easy-to-understand setup and industry-leading support while creating your event.


Manage your event, memberships, event branding, integrations and your payout schedule.


Promote your events with featured listings, sales tracking, website and email integration.



Learn more about our GDPR & PCI compliance and discover why organisers use us.

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