Simple and clear pricing

Transparent, competitive fees with payouts before your event. Sell in over 100 currencies, and take payment by card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and iDEAL.

Percentage fee

We don’t tempt you with subscriptions or upgrades, all we do is charge a percentage of your ticket price as a fee. This is either deducted from your recurring payouts or charged directly to the customer – it’s your choice.

Sell in over 109 different currencies, including $USD, £GBP, €EUR and $AUS. You can see our exact pricing here.

How it works

Free tickets

Free tickets are completely free to transact. You can still access all of our features to create, manage and promote your event. This includes access to our standard support

Paid tickets

We charge a variable percentage of your ticket price as a fee, which depends on the price of your ticket. There are no other fees, no sign-up costs, no plans and no contracts.

Early payouts as standard

Monthly payouts before your event

Receive your payout in monthly cycles, before your event takes place. Access your ticket revenue early so you can reinvest funds into your event.

Payouts weekly and every 2 weeks

Dictate the schedule of your payouts, whether that’s, weekly every 2 weeks or even quarterly.

On demand payouts

You can request your funds to be transferred at the click of a button. Learn more.


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