Manage your events, anywhere, anytime, any device

Manage your events, memberships, event branding, integrations and your payout schedule wherever you are in the world.

Payouts before your event

Receive your payout in monthly cycles before your event takes place, so you can reinvest funds in your event.

Unlocking a steady cash flow allows you to settle invoices for event expenses such as venues, equipment and refreshments.



Integrate with other platforms to make the creation, management, and promotion of your event easier.


Track sales with HubSpot

Manage potential sales and track attendee purchase history to enhance your marketing and sales plan. See our Hubspot app here.

Email marketing with MailChimp

Easily manage your email contacts and send newsletters, RSVPs and updates to your attendees. Read how to get started with our Mailchimp integration here.

Plus many more!

Integrate with many more up-and-coming platforms with our handy CSV download. Easily download whatever data you need at the click of a button. If you have specific platform requirements we’d love to hear about them, just speak to our support team.

Transparent payouts

It’s our mission to be as transparent as possible.

Find exactly what you’ve paid in fees, what’s been refunded, and when it was paid with fully transparent payout reporting.


Large event or small, local or global, startup or industry leader, we've worked with a wide variety of planners. Hear what planners have to say about our platform and customer service.

Worldwide Reach

Join the growing family of planners that use Helm to sell internationally. We can facilitate payment in over 109 different currencies. Perfect for virtual events, or multi-national non-profits.



Easy-to-understand setup and industry-leading support while creating your event.


Manage events, memberships, event branding, integrations and your payout schedule.


Promote your events with featured listings, sales tracking, website and email integration.



Learn more about our GDPR & PCI compliance and discover why planners use us.

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