Reliable & recurring event revenue

Event creation on Helm is simple and easy. From a concept to a sell-out event, we help make the journey smoother.

All-in-one solution

Create, manage, and promote memberships and your events in one place.

Reliable and recurring revenue is something that’s hard to achieve when running events, yet memberships allow you to do just that.

You can set-up charge cycles to renew monthly, quarterly or annually, or set up your own payment cycle.

Simple and fast set up

Take payment for memberships through Helm on your site or a hosted page.

Provide a discount on selected tickets at your events, or make them free.

Take automatic, recurring payments when the membership runs out.

Cut admin time

If you already offer memberships, merging the management of them with your events will save you time.

Auto-renewals and benefits are all managed within Helm.

Get in touch with our support team if you’d like your memberships migrated over.

Start selling in minutes