The fresh face of online ticketing

Helm is safe, secure and reliable.

We handle thousands of purchases for forward-thinking organisers around the world, who want to regain control of their ticketing.

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The fresh face of online ticketing

Helm Tickets is your event ticketing platform. We are safe, secure and reliable. We handle thousands of purchases on behalf of forward-thinking organisers around the world.
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Always innovating

Helm builds powerful and flexible tools for event organisers that sell online. We provide solutions to unreliable cash flow, complex fees and poor offshore support. Helm is on a mission to make ticketing transparent.

We work with all event professionals, whether you’re a small organiser, a council, or blue-chip company. We spend time understanding what organisers needs are, enabling you to sell more and save more, contract-free.

Our standard features

Our standard features can be used by anyone, regardless. The tools we’ve created have come directly from what organisers like you want and need to run their events.

You can sell tickets directly from your website with our event widget, without customers leaving your website. 

Alleviate your cash flow with monthly payouts, available before your event has run, as standard. Whether little or lot’s of events, you can simply paste a customisable events calendar into your website.

We’re all human and are here to talk about any ticket-related questions via phone, email and live chat.

If you currently use a ticketing platform, we’ll even help to get you migrated by swapping over your events for free.

Sell direct from your website

Better than a marketplace, smarter than a calendar. Our event widgets provide you with more direct visitor traffic to your website.

This helps cement trust and loyalty with your attendees. Helm uses the power of your existing web-traffic to create extra sales directly from your website. Attendees stay longer on your site throughout their entire journey. 

There’s no extra cost for using this feature and no customisation is needed to your website to get started.

Here’s what our organisers say:

“It’s such a breath of fresh air dealing with a business that care about what you are doing. They are proactive and approachable.” Helen

Owner, The Creative Business Network

“Setting up an event with Helm Tickets has been a breeze. Within ten minutes I had the event online and generating revenue.” Tony

Co-founder, Future Sync Tech Conference

“In the last 18 months we’ve tripled average attendance, expanded to three festivals  which seemed almost impossible previously.”

Managing Director, SMC Events

“Helm Tickets have been fantastic. They’ve saved me so many hours of admin, I don’t know what to do with myself these days!”

Events Manager, Chestnut Appeal

Ready to sell? Get in touch, or create an account for free.

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Ready to sell? Get in touch, or create an account for free.

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