8 Low-Cost Venues In Austin, Texas

8 Low-Cost Venues In Austin, Texas

Austin, The Live Music Capital of the World

Known for its eclectic live-music scene, Austin, Texas’s state capital, is a vibrant metropolitan area offering entertainment, art and culture, great outdoors, and exceptional food. This historically rich city started as a post for Spanish colonists and is now thriving and known as the fastest-growing large city in the US in recent years.

With such a diverse and dynamic background, Austin hosts a wide array of venues for different events. If you are an event planner trying to look for the best places to hire in Austin, you’re in luck. We’ve listed down 9  beautiful and budget-friendly venues for hire in Austin, Texas:


1. Training Reception Room of The Sententia Vera Cultural Hub

Location:       4002 E. Hwy 290 @ Sunset Canyon Drive, Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Capacity:       40
Price:             $65/hour (Minimum of 1 hour)
Nearest Bus:  12 minutes from Scenic Brook/Kirkham


Constructed as one of the first green buildings in Dripping Springs, the Sententia Vera Cultural Hub features 1.5 wooded acres, 5000 sq. ft. of coworking, shared flex space, a training reception room, and a coffee lounge and bar.

The Training Reception Room is approximately 600 sq. ft. and can hold up to 40 people. It’s perfect for corporate meetings, training, and workshops. In booking this space, you’ll have access to the outdoor backyard patio for every event break. It also comes with Smart TV, projector, and screen. You can book other areas in this venue depending on your needs.


2. BohoHouse ATX

Location:       South Austin, Austin, TX
Capacity:       35
Price:             $ 75/hour (Minimum of 2 hours)
Nearest Bus:  1 minute from 8116 S 1st/Mairo



This beautiful living room space features cathedral ceilings and tons of natural light. It’s the ideal space for booking photoshoots, intimate gatherings, meetings, or even a peaceful retreat.

The BohoHouse has a full modern kitchen with plenty of counter space for cooking and preparing food. You’re welcome to use the space’s WiFi, Smart TV, speakers, and record player. With its .4 acres of fenced space, the backyard comes with natural foliage, cedar trees, a fire pit, and a hammock. It’s perfect for pet parties and retreats!


3. Yoga/Dance Studio in Mueller

Location:       3823 Airport Blvd. Suite D, Austin, TX 78722
Capacity:       12
Price:             $ 50/hour (Minimum of 1 hour)
Nearest Bus:  1 minute from 1906 38th Half/Airport



This brand new studio near the Mueller area in Austin is a 1000-square ft. of dance space and lobby area. With adjustable lighting, three overhead fans, and Marley flooring, it’s paired with big, white concrete walls perfect for projections.

The yoga/dance studio is perfect for fitness events and ideal for small-sized events like romantic date surprises, baby showers, rehearsals, and photoshoot sessions.


4. Hill Country Home ATX

Location:       Terrace Mountain, West Lake Hills, TX 78746
Capacity:       15
Price:             $ 150/hour (Minimum of 3 hours)
Nearest Bus:  8 minutes from 3825 Lake Austin/Enfield



Hill Country Home sports stunning hill country views with abundant natural light coming through its large windows. It’s a modern home with mid-century décor that is cantilevered from the hillside centered in a heavily wooded area.

If you want a beautiful location for your next video or photoshoot, the  Hill Country Home is an ideal option as every single corner of this space is just simply stunning. It’s also a perfect venue for team offsites and intimate parties, with add-ons available to suit your event needs.


5. Gusto Studios

Location:       2309 Thornton Rd UNIT M, Austin, TX 78704
Capacity:       15
Price:             $ 90/hour (Minimum of 3 hours)
Nearest Bus:  5 minutes from Broken Spoke Station (NB)



Gusto Studios is a newly re-purposed studio in the Thornton Road Studios Complex sitting at South Austin’s heart. It’s an old-school space with Greg Davis’s works, a National Geographic Image Collection Photographer, adorning its walls.

If you’re looking for unconventional and beautiful space, this studio can host small to medium-sized events, including celebrations, meetings, workshops, and fundraisers. Hiring this space comes with a kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, and hi-definition projector/screen with surround sound.


6. Game Plan Entertainment

Location:       4175 Friedrich Lane, Austin, TX 78744
Capacity:       2-200
Price:             $199-219


If you want to host a unique event, the Game Plan offers a one-of-a-kind experience. You can book this space that comes with arcade games, table games, VR and video games, as well as a yard for over-sized games. Whether you’re planning to host a big corporate event or a child’s birthday party, hiring this space is sure to deliver excitement to your guests.


7. Pioneer Farms

Location:       10621 Pioneer Farms Drive, Austin, TX 78754
Capacity:       250
Price:             $ 250/hour (Minimum of 4 hours)
Nearest Bus:  15 minutes from Crossroads Station (SB)



Experience the colorful past of Texas at Pioneer Farms. If you’re looking for a beautiful venue for weddings, special occasions, business or family affairs, or filmmaking projects – this historical space is ideal and set at competitive prices.

Pioneer Farms offers turn-key services to accommodate your event needs from tents, chairs, lighting, and linens. As a history museum offering a large backdrop set in unique wooded acres, you can design the perfect occasion fit for you and your guests.


8. Central District Brewing

Location:       417 Red River St. Austin, TX. 78701
Capacity:       85
Price:             $ 125/hour (Minimum of 4 hours)
Nearest Bus: 2 minutes from 515 Cesar Chavez/Red River



If you’re looking for a fun and hip atmosphere for your private party or corporate event, Central District is a beautiful event space that can meet your event needs.

Located in the heart of downtown, close to Austin’s busiest districts. With a seating capacity of 85 and plenty of standing room, it’s a perfect place to host large events. The venue offers craft beer made on-site and other beverages at standard menu pricing. A full-service caterer is required for table service, large groups buffet service, or passed appetizers.  Space rental includes picnic table seating with benches, projector with screen, and microphone.

9 Low-Cost Venues in San Francisco

9 Low-Cost Venues in San Francisco

Home to the Golden Gate Bridge and famous for its Bay Area, San Francisco is one of the most famous cities globally. It’s a cultural and financial center – offering the pleasures of music, art, and good food as well as the urban side of commercial business.

San Francisco is a popular tourist attraction known for its famous landmarks and eclectic mix of architecture, making it a thriving place of diverse and colorful events. If you are an event planner looking for budget-friendly venues in San Francisco, here’s a guide to help you.

1. Bond Bar

Location:       3079 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Capacity:       200
Price:              $50/hour (Minimum of 2 hours)
Nearest Bus:  1 minute from 16th St & Valencia St



Located at the heart of The Mission on 16th Street, Bond Bar is a craft cocktail bar providing delicious beverages and a chilled-out atmosphere in the middle of a busy neighborhood. The Bond Bar sits on a property built in the 1800s and has since been rebuilt and remodelled over the years, adding to its rich architectural history.

You can book the entire space exclusively or the semi-private room, inclusive of a bartender and staff service. Included also in booking this place are a mounted projector, sound systems with aux jack for music, and WIFI access.


2. Neyborly

Location:       1255 Battery Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94111
Capacity:       36
Price:              $82/hour or $650/day
Nearest Bus:  2 minutes from Sansome St & Filbert St



If you’re looking for the perfect spot to host your company offsite or small conference events and presentations, then this Neyborly meeting space is the one you need.

It’s a flexible space nestled below the iconic Coit Tower and next to Levi’s headquarters. It features a kitchenette, heating and AC, tons of power outlets, and large whiteboards. Space rental also comes with a 75” monitor with connectivity available via Bluetooth, Apple TV, and HDMI.

Neyborly also offers other meeting space options, retail pop-up venues, and production spaces, depending on your event or budget requirements. You can check out their website if you want to see more short-term rental spaces.


3. Artist Sky Loft Penthouse

Location:       Mission District, San Francisco, CA
Capacity:       18
Price:              $195/hr
Nearest Bus:  1 minute from Bryant St & Mariposa St



This loft-space features high ceilings and windows, giving it abundant natural light and an excellent flow of fresh air. Contemporary paintings surround the area with window and door access to the adjacent deck for viewing purposes, giving a visual feast for you and your guests.

This penthouse is ideal for summits, workshops, and collaborative and creative sessions. Hosting a corporate event here is also a great idea if you want your guests to be relaxed and feel the retreat this place offers.


4. Potrero Hill Garden Pavilion

Location:       Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA
Capacity:       8
Price:              $150/hr
Nearest Bus:  6 minutes from Bryant St & 20th St



Are you a corporate event planner looking for a relaxing mini-retreat? Then book The Garden Pavilion.

It’s a comfortable and elegant business offsite space that is sure to meet your casual event requirement up to the most polished presentation needs. Booking this space, you’ll have the entire Pavilion and multiple decks all to you and your guests. You can also get to enjoy the view of the expansive garden. It’s business meeting nature – and it’s a sure way to get your guests feeling both relaxed and motivated.


5. Studio 2

Location:       Lower Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA
Capacity:       15
Price:              $75/hr
Nearest Bus:  3 minutes from Bush St & Hyde St



Studio 2 is a for-hire studio in San Francisco with lots of natural light. It’s great for private lessons, video shoots, small fitness events or workshops, or photoshoot needs. This space features a dance studio, various photography backgrounds, wall-to-wall mirrors, 2x speakers, great sound systems, and different light options. The studio is blocked out for weekly classes, so make sure to check availability first.


6. RS94109

Location:       835  Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94109
Capacity:       125
Price:              $175/hr (Minimum of 4 hours)
Nearest Bus:  4 minutes from Geary Blvd & Laguna St



RS94109 is an interesting event space in San Francisco. It’s a record store and café with an avant-garde venue for hire. It’s the perfect space for hosting wedding receptions, dinner parties, dance parties, album releases, or corporate mixers.

The space features a contemporary, industrial style with concrete, steel, and exposed brick adorning it. It sports a custom sound system with access to a range of DJs who can provide a full range of services for any event type. The RS94109 also offers full bar service for private rentals.


7. International Hotel Manilatown Center

Location:       868 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
Capacity:       75
Price:              $75/hr (Minimum of 3 hours)
Nearest Bus:  3 minutes from Pacific Ave & Grant Ave



The International Hotel Manilatown Center is a fluid and flexible space ideal if you’re hosting exhibits, performances, or film showings. It serves as a multipurpose community gathering space for creative expressions and a memorial of the historic Manilatown neighborhood. This space offers exhibit/display areas as well as a performance area. It’s an excellent backdrop for formal classes and informal encounters where guests can share stories, teach, and learn.


8. Belle Cora

Location:       565 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
Capacity:       75
Price:              $200/hr (Minimum of 2 hours)
Nearest Bus:  2 minutes from Union St & Columbus Ave



At the base of Telegraph Hill in North Beach is Belle Cora. It’s a cozy venue nodding to the city’s rich history. Belle Cora offers 30+ wines by the glass, six beers on tap, an eclectic option of bottled beers, and a kitchen serving small-plate fare, perfect for parties or events.  With its warm red, tufted-cushion banquette seating area and a gleaming Redwood bar top, it offers a unique option for parties, anniversary celebrations, book signings, weddings, and even small jazz shows.


9. San Francisco Italian Athletic Club

Location:       1630 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
Capacity:       350
Price:              $500
Nearest Bus:  1 minute from Union St & Columbus Ave



If you’re looking for a low-cost venue, the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club’s historical building is an excellent hotel alternative at a good value.

Located just at North Beach’s heart, it’s a unique and ideal location for a city event. Your guests get to enjoy exquisite Italian food cooked in-house while you get to plan and customize your event just as you always wanted and imagined with a blank canvas. The venue also offers customizable menus that fit your appetite and budget.

Basics: How to Create An Event on Facebook

Basics: How to Create An Event on Facebook

Facebook, the most popular social media in the world, has more than 2.7 billion monthly users. With that staggering number, it is easily the best platform to use in promoting your upcoming events.

Set up your events on Facebook to reach people, increase attendance, or even sell tickets. About 700 million people market events on Facebook monthly, with 35 million people viewing a Facebook event every day. This makes it easy for every event planner or host to make their events easily discoverable by people.

So how do you set up an event on Facebook? Whether you are creating from a business page or a Facebook personal profile, here is a quick guide to help you.

Creating a Facebook Event:  

1 On your computer desktop, log in to Facebook, go straight to your brand page and click “Create Post”.

2 Choose “Create Event” as the post you want to make.




You can also do this by going to the Events tab under your Page name. In the “Upcoming Events” section, click “Create New Event” in the upper right.



For Event creation under a personal page, on your Facebook homepage click Events on the left sidebar menu.



Then click Create New Event


3. Choose whether you’re hosting an Online or In-Person Event.



4. Input the event details on the left side of the screen – event name, date, time, location, description, and event category (music, food, networking, etc.).

Privacy of events posted on business or brand pages is automatically set to Public.



You can preview the event details you’ve input on the right side of the screen to make sure all the details are correct. 

On the event details of In-Person events, you can choose whether it’s a recurring event and you can input frequency.



5. Click Next and choose the appropriate “Location”.

For online events, choose how people can join your event. You can host through Facebook Live, through external links, or Others.

For in-person events, input the physical location of where the event will be held.


6. Once done, click Next. This is the last part of the Facebook Event creation and where you can edit the cover photo of your event as well as other necessary event settings.

Click Event Settings to add co-hosts or to make your guest list viewable by all invitees.



For In-Person events, you have the option to include additional information on admission tickets. You can input the price or ticket URL on this part.



7. Check that all event details are correct. Click Create Event and you’re done!

8. Upon completing details of your Facebook event, a pop-up will ask if you want to boost your event.

When you boost your event, you can pay for targeted ads to certain audiences that you want to reach.



On your final Event page, you can now share your event link and see event insights – know how many people have seen your event, how many responded, audience data, as well as ticket link sales.

Unlike business pages, events posted from personal Facebook profiles have the option to be shared with friends.



A typical Facebook event should look like this to your audience:


Now that you’ve created your event on Facebook, you can now start inviting guests. It’s an easy-to-use platform that offers great leverage and can be an asset you can utilize for your next big event.

Crafting the Best Marketing Plan for Your Events Post-Pandemic

Crafting the Best Marketing Plan for Your Events Post-Pandemic

When the pandemic swept the globe, the events industry seemed to be put on hold. Conferences, festivals, business workshops to fashion, and cultural events have been affected.

But the world adapted. Virtual events happened in place of the cancelled shows. There was a sudden influx of content online to market events.

Now, with the world slowly getting back to its feet, how can your event stand out from all the noise and get the spotlight it deserves?

A successful event, whether online or in-person, is every organizer’s dream. Filling the room with people chatting, buzzing with activities, and attendees wanting more after each event looks like a perfect scenario. But without people knowing your event, how can you fill up a room?

Here’s a guide to help you craft the best event marketing plan to attract the right people and, well, get them to attend.


  1. Get to know your target audience.

First and foremost, your event won’t get the attention it deserves if you’re targeting the wrong people.

Before you start marketing, know the people to who you are going to market your event. This will help you decide on the information and content you’ll create to connect with the audience you want. There are several ways to do that.

  • Use Analytics. There is no best place to start than starting with your numbers. Use data to make informed decisions about your customers or the people interacting with your website or channels – looking into their demographics like age and location, and then digging deeper than the surface level.
  • Create Psychographics. Once you’ve narrowed down your audience using data, it’s time to know “why” they interact with you. “What is their buying behaviour? What are their interests? Why should they attend? What value does this event bring them?” List down the answer to these so you can pinpoint the best message for these people.
  • Run a Little Survey. If you want to know your audience a little more, you can try sending out a little survey. It can be through email or social media. Try to keep it short and simple so it won’t take up too much time.


  1. Create the right content

Creating the right content for the right people is crucial to marketing an event successfully. Remember that it should consist of three phases: pre-event, during the event, and post-event.

Pre-event content consists of all the promotional content you’ll be creating and sending out. Content ranges from emails, social media posts, press releases, or blog posts.

When creating content to market your event, it’s important to take note of the following:

  • Website or Event Landing Page

Create a website or dedicated event landing page where potential guests can get all the event information they need. You can host this on your website or create it from a listing website.

  • Events Page on Social Media

Time to use the power of social media in marketing your event. You can create Facebook event pages to help generate the buzz you want. LinkedIn also has the Events features that allow you to create professional events such as seminars,  meetups, or online workshops.

Social media event pages can be very beneficial in marketing any event. You can reach people outside of your current following and share content easily with people interested in attending. You can even use it for follow-up campaigns after the event.

  • Promotional Materials

In creating assets for your event, always remember to stick to your event branding. As you’ll create tons of graphics like photo and video content, a cohesive and consistent look should always be observed.

Take the time to figure out the best content to share before, during, and after the event. You might want to stick to short animated videos during the event promotion stage. Answering questions about why people should attend and then giving them brief event details. During-event content, event photos, and videos should do the work. Post-event posts should include feedback and testimonials from guests. This helps build your reputation as an event organizer while keeping attendees’ interest in your next event.


  1. Calendar your activities

Now that you’ve managed to figure out the people you want to target and have created the perfect content for this audience, now is the time to calendar all your activities. A good marketing plan should always feature a sensible calendar that will work best for you – one that highlights your event in a special way.

A calendar will help you plot out the key deadlines leading up to your event.

These steps might help you:

  • Mark the final event date on your calendar.
  • If you have deadlines and tasks, mark them out on the calendar as well. If you’re running a series of content coming out, include the writing deadlines and publishing deadlines on the calendar. This helps you keep track of everything.
  • Plan how and when each content is coming out. When does your promotion start? When is the social media post for the last day of ticket selling coming out? Make sure you plot everything out on the calendar, so nothing gets lost.


Here’s a sample marketing calendar to help you get started:

  • 3 months before the event
    • Event landing page designed and published
    • Registration page working
    • Event logo finalized
    • Early bird discounts set up
    • Launch announcement on social media and email
    • Reach out to possible partners and promoters
  • 2 months before the event
    • Two blog posts about why people should attend
    • Tie up with a popular blog site to reach out to new people
    • Share blog content on social media
    • Start social media content promotion
    • Announcement of the end of early-bird discounts
  • 1 month before the event
    • Final blog post to attract last-minute sales
    • Social media content on full blast
    • Planning and schedule of during-event posts


Now that you’ve set up a well-thought-of event marketing plan, it’s time to execute it. There are tons of marketing tools and event ticketing platforms available to help you navigate event planning and marketing. Leverage the use of these tools with your marketing plan so you can sit back and watch as ticket sales go in.

9 Free or Low-Cost Venues in Birmingham 

9 Free or Low-Cost Venues in Birmingham 

City of Birmingham

With a reputation for being the heart of an exciting destination for events and conferences, Birmingham, a city for business and cultural activities, offers a wealth of venues that can accommodate any event objective, style, and budget.  

Birmingham venues host a vibrant mix of options – from contemporary ones to the usual convention centres and much more off-beat and original ones. The city is home to six universities and major companies in the business districts, making it an ideal place to host academic and large conferences. Also known for its array of historical sites, Birmingham’s city also offers the option to accommodate unique and intimate events.  

But if you are budget-conscious, there are plenty of options in the second largest city in the UK that are low-cost but can still leave your guest in awe. 


The Bierkeller
Location:  195-196 Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1AY
Capacity:  260-500  
Price:  £15 (Minimum of 10 people) 
Nearest Bus:  3 minutes from Bishopsgate St, Birmingham B15 1D


Located in 
the city centre, The Bierkeller is an ideal place to hold events and gatherings. It offers different food and drinks package options to suit whatever event you are planning to host. If you’re looking to have bubbly and canapés, hot or cold or finger buffet, or maybe even a sit-down meal, Bierkeller also offers bespoke design packages to fit for the party you want. 

What’s great about this location is that it’s armed with 3 three different venues, all under one roof. From quiz or game nights to conferences, weddings, birthday celebrations, or even hens and stags – The Bierkeller prides itself with the capacity to host such varied events.


The Studio at The Blue Orange Theatre
Location: 118 Great Hampton Street, B18 6AD
Capacity: 60
Price: £25-125
Nearest Train: 6 minutes from Jewellery Quarter Station

The Studio at The Blue Orange Theater is the perfect venue if you plan to host rehearsals, classes, conferences, small gatherings, and simple celebrations. It’s a fully air-conditioned place with natural light beaming from its windows, giving it a light and spacious feel.

Renting the Studio comes with its in-house sound system. If your event requires additional technical equipment, the venue can give access to equipment hire and technical experts to help you make your event a success.

The Theatre and Bar spaces at The Blue Orange Theater can also be hired together with the Studio or separately.


Location: St Martins Square, 6 Spiceal St, Bullring, Birmingham, B5 4BW
Capacity: 120-140 (Full venue) | Upstairs: 54-70 | Downstairs: 66-80
Price: £30-50 / person per session
Nearest Train: 4 minutes from Moor Street Station

Are you looking to throw a party, Thai style? Then this is the perfect venue for you!

Book at Chaophraya Birmingham if you want to celebrate extra special and want your guests to fall in love with the taste of Thailand. Located opposite the Church of St Martin in the Bullring, you will have a stunning view of the church, with the Chaophraya offering an impressive mix of classic Thai and signature dishes, including vegan and gluten-free options.

So, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even a simple milestone celebration, the Chaophraya is the perfect and closest getaway from the city.


The Old Library
Location: The Old Library, Zellig, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4AA
Capacity: 25-300
Price: £500-2000
Nearest Train: 16 minutes from New Street Station

Located near the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham’s creative quarter, The Old Library is a unique and dynamic place to host your events. It brings the charm of an old Victorian library with its light and airy space flooded with natural daylight, vaulted ceilings, and iconic arch windows.

The large open space allows large gatherings, conferences, parties, and weddings. There is an adjacent Reading Room that is available for breakout space, buffet area, or cloakroom.

The Old Library offers in-house catering with their dedicated chefs creating fantastic food and drinks menus, with the option of library-themed cocktails served at the Library Bar.


Blakesley Hall
Location: Blakesley Road Birmingham, B25 8RN
Capacity: 20-100
Price: £180-480
Nearest Train: 19 minutes from Stechford Station

One of Birmingham’s finest timber-framed Tudor houses located just a few miles from the heart of the city, Blakesley Hall is a unique venue for a special occasion.

Its atmospheric Great Hall, 18th-century barn, and tranquil garden can be the place for your meeting, conference, or wedding. The Blakesley Hall sets a historic setting for any event making it truly memorable for your guests.

Besides hiring this space, Blakesley Hall also offers guided tours and talks tailored to your specific event to make it even more special.


The Florence
Location: 106-110 Edmund Street, Birmingham, B3 2ES
Capacity: 15-30
Price: £50 (minimum spend)
Nearest Train: 5 minutes from Grand Central

The Florence is situated right at the heart of the business district. It’s a budget-friendly venue that’s not too far from the city’s hustle and bustle but offers privacy and sanctuary.

It offers different packages, and whatever suits your needs, they’ll organize it for you. They have a semi-private area that can accommodate 30pax standing, 15 pax seated. The Florence provides an all-day event option from a simple meeting over coffee to a bottomless brunch on the weekend, up to late-night dinner and cocktails.

You can hire the Semi-Private area at The Florence or the hidden-away private function room if you’re looking for a more intimate set up.


The Events Space at Soho House
Location: Soho Avenue (off Soho Road) Birmingham, B18 5LB
Capacity: 110
Price: £300-400
Nearest Train: 10 minutes from Benson Road Metro Station

The Events Space at Soho House is a modern space set with a backdrop of the beautiful Soho House and its gardens.

Its flexible space provides the perfect place to host your meeting or party. The Soho House also offers non-exclusive access to their gardens on a complimentary basis for booking their event space.


Terrace Suite at Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Location: Westbourne Road, Birmingham, B15 3TR
Capacity: 150-250
Price: £30 / person per session
Nearest Train: 33 minutes from Birmingham New Street Station

Accommodating up to 250 people, the Terrace Suite is an elegant setting ideal for daytime meetings, conferences, gala dinners, receptions, and Christmas parties.

It has a built-in bar and a sprung dance floor for evening entertainment, while the space benefits from a flood of natural light during the day. The Terrace Suite is a historical space with a large arched ceiling, private washrooms, catering facilities, and a private suite bar.

The venue also sports a multi-zone sound system, a PA system with channel mixer and Sonos music player.


Upstairs Private Event Space at The Actress & Bishop
Location: 36 Ludgate Hill Birmingham B3 1 EH
Capacity: 80-175
Price: £250-300
Nearest Train: 13 minutes from Birmingham New Street Station

Situated upstairs at the newly renovated The Actress & Bishop, the event space is a multi-function room catering to corporate events and celebrations. The hire price includes the full PA/AV equipment plus private facilities and a staffed bar.

The Actress & Bishop offers its exceptional catering service fit to suit any event preference and budget requirement. You can choose from their tea and coffee packages, buffets, working lunches, one-pot menus, and evening options as well. The venue provider can also source live entertainment for you if your event requires it.

How To Create An Effective Event Listing

How To Create An Effective Event Listing

New event pages are going up daily on Helm Tickets, and there are always even more people looking for events to go to. So what makes certain event listings and pages more successful than others? 

There are a few factors that make a great event listing.  So whether you’re going to embed your listing on your own site or link directly to ours, discover how to make the most of your event listing here! 

The Event Name

The most successful events have short, engaging titles that describe exactly what your event is and why it’s different from the rest. The most effective titles make an instant impression, are simple to remember and look great on any promotional materials. 

Your title doesn’t need to explain everything about your event, just enough to catch potential attendees’ attention so they’ll want to learn more about your event. If you have a person of interest attending the event or the organiser, are the person of interest, make sure any notable names are included in the event title. 

The Event Location

When people are looking for events, they often search by location. They may be looking for something close to home or something further away during a trip. Your short and engaging event title will appear where the potential attendees are searching by providing the exact location. 

Having this exact event location means anyone who’s already attending your event is also more likely to share with people around them to help spread the word. 

Event SEO

Making your event listing SEO friendly means it’s easier for search engines like Google to find your event, which is incredibly important. A good chunk of SEO is based on having relevant keywords in your event title and on your event page. When creating your event title, it’s important to think about making it short and sweet and including a keyword or two in the title that could be used to search for your event. 

Then it’s time to look at creating your event description. Take a quick looking into the types of people you want to attend your event. Build up some keywords and phrases that you think they’d search for to find your event. These will be the keywords and phrases that you’ll want to include in your description.  SEO can be as simple as that! 

The Event Details

Writing out all the small event details may not be the most interesting part of creating your event, but your audience will appreciate it.  Make sure that your event description tells any potential attendees everything they need to know about your event. 

This could include: 

  • FAQs 
  • What’s allowed/not allowed 
  • Line up 
  • Recaps from a previous event 
  • Transportation options 
  • Any other information you might think will help convince your audience to buy a ticket. 

Make sure your pricing and tickets types are clear, and it’s easy to understand what’s included with each ticket. For example, if you have a VIP package that includes free food and drink, make sure you let the potential attendee know that’s what’s included. 

All this has many benefits: as well as helping your SEO, it’ll also help to answer any questions people have before they buy their tickets. Picture yourself as the attendee: if you couldn’t find the information you needed before buying a ticket, how likely would you buy that ticket? 

Be Organised

No one likes having to read through lots of text to try and find the information they’re looking for. Use headers to help organise your event information and break up large text bodies with sections of broken down information. This makes it super easy for your audience to find exactly what they’re looking for. If you have a schedule for the day or a line up playing at different times, break it down using bullet points. Simple changes like this make it much easier for potential attendees to find what they need. 

The quicker they find the information they’re looking for, the quicker they’ll start buying tickets to your event. 

The All-Important Images

Your event images are arguably one of the most important features of your event page. It’s the best way to attract people to your page. It’ll be used when sharing your page and listing on social media and is one of your most important tools to help you sell more tickets. 

Upload the logo of your event, business or organisation. Choose other images that are unique to your event (such as images from previous events) and images that reflect your event’s feel. By uploading lots of great images, you’re giving your audience an insight into your event before attending. Make sure you keep these images as professional as possible. This can help you sell more tickets and encourages people to share your event on their own social media profiles. 

Combining Text, Images and Video For Success

The most successful event listings and pages include engaging text, compelling images and sometimes even video content embedded into the event description. Choose images and videos that add meaning and depth to your event, so your audience can learn more about your event through your visual content. If you’ve held this event or a similar event in the past, including images and videos that provide show how it went. If you have people of interest attending, performing or speaking at your event, consider including images of them (as long as you have their consent).  Having visual media like this in your event listing is far more engaging for your audience and will help convert them to attendees.