10 affordable T-shirt printing websites – US

10 affordable T-shirt printing websites – US

T-shirts are becoming increasingly popular for marketing various products and services. You can use this to increase a brand’s reach among its target audience. They will then serve as walking billboards for your company.

With its versatility and comfort, the t-shirt is the only piece of clothing that will never go out of style. You can pair it with jeans and sneakers and still look stylish.

How do you find the best T-shirt printing company for your custom apparel plan? Find the one that meets all of your requirements, and you’ll have found the best T-shirt printing company for you.


1.    Broken Arrow Custom T-Shirt Printing

They have been producing custom T-shirts, polos, hats, bags, athletic wear, and other items for their valued customers. They understand that the custom apparel they create for you represents your company, school, cause, family, team, or event, and they take that responsibility very seriously. They deliver premium custom decorated apparel anywhere in the contiguous United States in just six business days—one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry! They are enthusiastic about what they do and are proud to be rated as one of the best T custom T-shirt printing and embroidery companies in the United States.

Colors available: Black, Gray, Blue, and White
Sizes: XS-2XL
Types of print: All over and Screen


2.    UberPrints

UberPrints has set out to revolutionize the way custom t-shirts are made. They aim to make it easier, faster, and more convenient to get high-quality custom apparel printed and delivered directly to their customers. Since then, they’ve shipped millions of t-shirts all over the country, each one designed by one of their customers. They give individuals and organizations complete creative control, whether they are businesses building a brand, girls going on a group vacation, or trendsetting teenagers.

Colors available: Black, Gray, Blue, and White
Sizes: S-2XL
Types of print: Screen


3.    Discount Mugs

It is one of the largest promotional product suppliers in the United States. Since 1995, its mission has been to help you share your message and leave a lasting impression on your brand or special event. Their cutting-edge products include a wide range of apparel, drinkware, glassware, office supplies, and more! Their personalized items, which are all available at minimal prices, make inexpensive giveaways and memorable gifts that elevate the art of giving. They remain updated on industry trends to provide high-quality promotional items. Finally, they make sure that your order arrives on time.

Colors available: Black, Gray, Blue, and White
Sizes: S-3XL
Types of print: With Logo, full color, Screen


4.    Custom Ink

Custom Ink is about more than just t-shirts. They’re all about you and what you care about. The enthusiasm you have for your group, club, or team; the excitement for your event or cause; and the drive that distinguishes your company from the competition. Custom t-shirts, they believe, do more than make you look good; they also make you feel good and inspire you to do good. They are passionate about custom gear, but what they love even more is assisting you in making your dreams a reality.

Colors available: Black, Yellow, Green, Red, and White
Sizes: S- 3XL
Types of print:  Screen


5.    Café Press

CafePress is a company that collaborates with designers to bring millions of designs to the world on hundreds of different products. Its mission is to unite people by encouraging them to express themselves. You do the dreaming, and they do the printing. They believe that a T-shirt can start a movement. They continue to make the world a more connected and engaged place where everyone’s unique identity and passions are supported and celebrated. They sought to inspire people to express themselves with the best selection of engaging products.

Colors available: Black, Pink, Gray, Red, and White
Sizes: XS-XL
Types of print:  Front centre and Front pocket


6.    Spreadshirt

They are the go-to place for anyone looking to realize their creative ideas on high-quality fabrics, as they are a global platform for personalized clothing and accessories. They value freedom of expression, expressed through your designs or those shared by their community. T-shirts, sweaters, bags, aprons, and various other items can be easily personalized with images and custom text. Furthermore, Spreadshirt is an ideal custom merchandise partner: Emerging YouTube stars and many large companies and brands are among their esteemed customers. Their high-quality prints, custom t-shirts, and services will ensure that your company succeeds.

Colors available: Black, Pink, Gray, Red, and White
Sizes: XS-3XL
Types of print:  Front centre, Back, Right sleeve, and left sleeve


7.    Rush Order Tees

RushOrderTees provides the high-quality custom apparel you require within the timeframe you specify. They have a large selection of products that can be personalized with logos or artwork, such as t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, and hoodies. They are proud to be the official partner of the Philadelphia 76ers and have over 500,000 satisfied customers ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small-town businesses. They deliver high-quality prints in record time, whether the order is for one t-shirt or 10,000. As a result, the company grew into a leader in custom apparel products, becoming known for providing the fastest turnaround times and exceptional customer service.

Colors available: Black, Pink, Gray, Red, and White
Sizes:  S- 5XL
Types of print:   Front centre, Back, Right sleeve, and left sleeve


8.    Design A Shirt

DesignAShirt understands the importance of operating in an environmentally responsible manner. They believe they have a corporate responsibility to be environmentally conscious and practice sound environmental management because of their position as a leading t-shirt printing company. Their goal is to be a leader in environmentally responsible practices. They place a high value on environmental standards. They want to do their part to make the world a better place to live while also providing you with the products you require at the low prices you deserve.

Colors available: Black, Pink, Gray, Red, Yellow, and White
Sizes:  YXS- 4XL
Types of print:  Screen


9.    Vistaprint

VistaPrint, a Cimpress company, assists small business owners in creating expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing – the assortment of products they require to appear and feel professional, prepared and connected. There is a diverse selection of customizable small business marketing products; real-time access to expert ideas and assistance for those in need; and a simple, straightforward experience for those who know exactly what they want.

They provide small business owners with the right mix of products and options. They don’t overpower, but they also don’t fall short. And it’s all at a reasonable price. They assist small business owners in quickly and effectively creating the products they require – with tips, inspiration, and experts readily available.

Colors available: Black, Pink, Gray, and Blue
Sizes:  XS- 4XL
Types of print:  Screen, Front pocket


10.    PrintShop

PrintShop by Designhill is a unique print-on-demand marketplace in which you can discover and buy 50+ one-of-a-kind products, gifts, and artwork created by artists from around the world. With their custom clothing designs, you can stay on top of the latest trends. Look for a thoughtful gift or a seasonal item that highlights popular topics. Whether you’re into funny memes or artistic design, there are many options in every category you choose. For every buyer they have products designed by independent artists worldwide. SEARCH, SHOP, AND SAVE!

Colors available: Black, Pink, Gray, White, and Nude
Sizes:  S- 3XL
Types of print:  Screen


Making matching t-shirts for you and your friends is as simple as slapping an emoji and a slogan on your design. However, when it comes to projects that need to make an impact, you should think outside the box when selecting the best online services for the job.

Learn a thing or two from existing styles, whether it’s the cut of the clothing or specific colors and patterns. Take notes and photos as a reference when designing the perfect t-shirt.

Startup tools and software to grow your business

Startup tools and software to grow your business

Whether you’re just starting or scaling, you need software to support your ambitions as a founder or entrepreneur. With so many different platforms to choose from, it can be an incredible challenge to find the software you need, let alone what’s beneficial for your company; we’ve shortlisted 4 platforms in this post to help you run lean while focusing on growing your company.

We’ll expand on each in separate posts to give you a more in-depth review, but for now, we’ve kept it simple and focused on what we’ve seen as the most critical to get right from day one. In this post, we’ll be looking at Sales, Support and Accounting software for startups.


1. Pipedrive

When it comes to CRMs we’ve had a love-hate relationship with trying to find a near-perfect solution for Helm. The platforms we’ve used have either been outdated, over-complicated or simply not geared to the deal structure or processes that we use internally. In the end, we went back to using a custom spreadsheet and our support desk software (Help Scout – listed below). As we started scaling back out though this just became unmanageable and absurd…it was a complete pain to update and track; we’d avoid trying!

Pipedrive at its heart is a CRM and enablement tool. It allows you to create custom sales pipelines that look easy on the eye and suit your company. The platform is super intuitive, easy to use and the automated tasks help you focus on the important work. You can create custom reports and public stats dashboards (helpful if you want to share your performance in an office or to shareholders). Within Pipedrive you can:

  • Create custom emails and automation to help deals move through the funnel
  • Use one-click contact data collection (a super useful feature that finds relevant public details about your prospects)
  • Create custom views
  • Add all different activities such as calls/meetings/tasks/email follow-ups
  • Create templated emails and cadences
  • Create revenue projections and custom sales dashboards
  • Use the caller function – allows you to call and record calls directly from the prospect dashboard
  • Integrate with third-party platforms like Help Scout (see more below)

If you’re selling products as part of your workflow you can create custom assets that can be added to each deal quickly, creating custom quotes and invoices that can be sent straight to your client. If you’re looking for a little more then you can easily enable the call feature and live chat, which helps make your interactions with prospects a little more personal. On top of all the great features, the one thing our sales team have found most helpful is the mobile app. The App allows you to access info anywhere, take and add notes to deals, make calls, schedule activities and even plan your day.

Pricing for Pipedrive starts super low at only £15 per month and includes:

  • lead, deal, calendar and pipeline management
  • simple data imports
  • A whole load of other features. View online

If you’re looking for a little more then Advanced is £29 and comes with full email sync, templates and scheduling, plus group emailing, open and click tracking; workflow builder and automation. Professional is £59 per month, comes with all of the above and one-click calling, eSign docs and contracts, plus revenue projections and forecasting.

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2. Hubspot

As a startup, you should be all too familiar with Hubspot; their helpful articles, templates and posts are everywhere, guiding you on every topic, from marketing software to creating sales and support plans or even hiring executives. Here at Helm, we’ve been fans of Hubspot for many years. The Hubspot platform was one of the first third-party integrations we chose to build as we could sync attendee data straight into your CRM. You can see more on how Helm integrates with Hubspot here.

We’ve included Hubspot on our shortlist of the top software for your startup, not because we integrate with the platform, but because of the tools they provide…oh, and have I said that their basic plan is FREE! That’s right; you can get started for nothing, and included in the free plan is:

  • Contact management
  • Contact website activity
  • Company database
  • Drag and drop deal board
  • Task and activity tracker

If you’re looking for a little more, their paid plans start from $50 p/m (or £42 p/m if you’re in the UK). This gives you up to 2 users in the account and all of the core sales functions you need to close more deals faster. The Starter plan is excellent for a small team that needs more valuable features, such as:

  • Removal of Hubspot branding on your live chat, meetings and documents
  • B2B payments (U.S. only at the moment but fingers crossed it’s rolling out worldwide)
  • Custom conversion routing based on your own processes
  • Schedule repeat tasks to save time!
  • Quote and bill in multiple currencies; perfect if you are growing internationally!
  • Stripe integration ?

If you’re a more established team with more “butts on seats”, then you’ll be looking at their Professional plan starting at $500 p/m, including 5 paid seats. Included in the Professional plan is:

  • Everything in Starter
  • In-depth sales analytics
  • Team management
  • Automation tools for your sales workflow
  • Custom records
  • Create required fields for your team to complete
  • Create custom reporting and sales forecasting
  • Custom outreach sequences (or cadences depending on what you’re already used to)
  • 1:1 video messaging
  • Configurable products, pricing and esignatures for quotes and invoices

With all plans, you can save more if you’re looking to commit to an annual plan, opting to pay upfront for a yearly commitment.

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1. Help Scout

Bringing the sales in is all well and good but if you’re any type of service company, online shop or software platform you’ll always have to handle support.  Many people scoff at the mere word support and have a strong want to ignore incoming customer issues. Here at Helm we built our platform around support and believe support should be prioritised above almost everything else. Support is the beating heart of win/loss and impacts everything from your reputation with new customers, your existing user retention rate and even helps craft your sales and marketing.

We’ve been using Help Scout since July 2018 and cannot help sign its praises. The support desk is simply amazing. It’s quick to get set up, simple to use and full of useful features to make life as simple as possible for you as a solopreneur through to an established team. One of the biggest positives with Help Scout is its intuitiveness – the team have delivered a product that’s so well thought through you’ll barely need to reach out to support.

Regardless of your use case, you’ll find exactly what you need with Help Scout, and pricing starts at $20 per user per month. For that you get all of the following:

  • 2 mailboxes
  • 1 docs site (to host all your FAQs)
  • Live chat
  • Beacon help widget
  • Custom reports
  • Automated workflows – a real timesaver!
  • Custom customer properties
  • API access

For only $15 more per month ($35 per user, per month), you get even more oomph to power your company, such as:

  • 5 mailboxes
  • 2 doc sites
  • Custom fields – a great use for this is setting a snooze reminder which changes the status of a message back to live on a certain date or sending a follow-up message to a customer automatically.
  • Create custom teams with advanced permissions
  • Unlimited reporting history
  • Advanced API access
  • Integration with leading 3rd party apps such as Hubspot, Salesforce and Jia

For bigger or more power-hungry teams you can go all out with the Company plan for $60 per user, per month which simply gives you unlimited access to the entire platform.

Although Help Scout is a dedicated support platform to manage customer queries, you can integrate with a host of other platforms like Pipedrive or Jira, which allows you to create custom trackable properties across platforms. Where integrating Pipedrive you’ll be able to add a customer within Help Scout to Pipedrive, and any new deal that’s created against that customer within Pipedrive automatically pulls through against their Help Scout profile so you’ve always got the latest information to hand. If you’re also integrating Jira you can assign new bugs or development tasks relating to a specific customer, which is perfect if you want to keep your customers updated as soon as your dev team have resolved a pesky bug! ?

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1. Quickbooks

There are a few easy to start accounting platforms, most notably Xero or Quickbooks. Both platforms have their pros and cons, but Quickbooks is a great choice for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s for everyone – quite literally – with tools for any type of business
  2. The platform is feature-packed – from bookkeeping, reporting and even payroll or tax submission
  3. It integrates with payment gateways to automate invoice capture

You can get started almost instantly with Quickbooks, with three prices available – Simple, Essentials and Plus. Simple starts at £12 per month plus tax and includes:

  • VAT submissions
  • Income tax estimates
  • Send invoices straight from the app
  • Manage all of your income and expenses
  • Phone support

For £22 per month plus tax, you get all of the above features, plus:

  • Accept invoice payments online
  • up to 3 users
  • Track employee time

The plus plan comes in at £32 per month plus tax, but brings a little more functionality should you need it, which we’d highly recommend given its usefulness:

  • Manage stock inventory
  • Oversight of profitability on each job or project
  • Set smart budgets
  • 5 user max

One annoying thing about Quickbooks is that you have to pay extra if you want to add payroll to your plan, which is either £4 per month for Standard, or £8 for advance. The core difference between the two payroll add-ons is that advanced allows you to pay employees using any pay frequency, submit pension information to 5 separate providers, includes a HR and employee portal and has a timesheets functionality.

We always recommend using a registered bookkeeper and accountant, but the great thing about Quickbooks is that there are specialists available across the world that can help give you guidance on setup and ongoing usage.

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Disclaimer: Helm has created this content based on our internal experience, reviews, or comparisons using the specified software. We may, at times, make referral income when you subscribe to a paid plan with third-party software providers. Although we may earn a small commission, we always provide unbiased content and provide honest reviews of software providers to help you make an informed decision about what is suitable for your company.

8 free or low-cost venues in Melbourne, AUS

8 free or low-cost venues in Melbourne, AUS

Event planning can take a lot of time and patience; however, getting the perfect venue can instantly make the process less stressful and more exciting. A perfect venue can do all of the work for you – all you have to do is show up and enjoy! We’ve compiled a list of 9 low-cost venues in Melbourne, Australia.

1.    Private Function Gallery at Smitten Kitten Cocktails & Kitchen

The Private Function Gallery is a unique and adaptable space. An intimate room with street art, couches, versatility, and the option to add your decoration. The Smitten Kitten Cocktail Bar & Kitchen also offers a variety of other spaces for intimate gatherings, birthday parties, small and large groups, private dining areas, chef’s tables, a private bar, and cocktail masterclass sessions. Adding up to an experience unlike any other.

Location: Chapel Street, 113, Melbourne, 3181
Capacity: 20-100 people
Price: Price starts at $25-$35 per hour
Travel: Bus


2.    Studio Two at Toffee Studios

Toffee Studios have two studios available for podcasters, photoshoots, small intimate events, a working shoot kitchen and other business facilities. When renting the spaces, you have access to their communal kitchen where you can help yourself to tea, coffee, water or a snack. They also have a full time set builder available to help set the space up the way you need it.

Location: Thistlethwaite Street, 115, Melbourne, 3205
Capacity: 12 people
Price: $44 per hour
Travel: Bus, Train


3.    Function Room at South Warrandyte Function Centre

It is a light-filled space in the heart of South Warrandyte, with access to a large private balcony overlooking Warrandyte’s natural wonders and the Yarra River basin. There are new restrooms, a bar with a beer tap, a kitchen, and wheelchair access. With no nearby neighbours and surrounded by nature and spectacular views, it is an excellent location for an event that goes late into the evening. Plus, it’s only 35 minutes from the city.

Location: Croydon Road, 64-76, Melbourne, 3134
Capacity: 80-120 people
Price: $50 per hour
Travel: Bus


4.    Office Space at Toffee Studios

Toffee does its best to create a welcoming space for all of your crew members. Their office space is ideal for research, meetings, planning your next shoot, unwinding, etc. In addition, they include a flat-screen TV, a whiteboard, air conditioning, a printer, fully equipped kitchen facilities, and all the things possibly required for a relaxing and productive stay.

Location: Thistlethwaite Street, 115, Melbourne, 3205
Capacity: 12 people
Price: $44 per hour
Travel: Bus, Train


5.    The Headspace at The Headspace

Plan your next meeting, conference, or training in Headspace, a space designed to put you in the right mindset and increase your productivity. The Headspace has a large kitchen area with a sink, refrigerator/freezer, and utensils. The Headspace is a space dedicated to stimulating one’s mind. The conference room can also be used for training, learning, communicating, and brainstorming. This space is intentionally kept clean and uncluttered – a blank slate – to allow you to think creatively and productively without distractions.

Location: Johnston Street, 222, Melbourne, 3066
Capacity: 10-15 people
Price: $44 per hour
Travel: Bus, Train


6.    Indiana Allen Meeting Room

The meeting space is an irregular shape with an architectural award-winning cupola roof. The ambience of the room encourages creativity and reflection. The room is exceptionally adaptable, ranging from entirely open for lecture-style or working tables. It also includes excellent WiFi and a balcony with sliding doors. There are numerous cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area, some of which can provide catering for a small fee.

Location: William Street, 484, Melbourne, 3003
Capacity: 50 people
Price: $34 per hour
Travel: Bus, Train, Tram


7.    Mars Meeting Room at Victory Offices Sunshine

The Sunshine offices are close to the river and give you a central business district style without commuting. This brand-new structure features spectacular light-filled spaces and breathtaking views. This small room includes a flat-screen TV and is ideal for meetings and presentations. Located in Sunshine’s best new building, surrounded by eateries, retail amenities, and public transportation.

Location: Clarke Street, Level 5, 12, Melbourne, 3020
Capacity: 8 people
Price: $52 per hour
Travel: Bus, Train


8.    The Bees & Honey

Host your next presentation, pitch, meeting, or big brainstorming session at The Bees & Honey. They have breathed new life into this 1930s gem, which was once home to Brunswick’s first produce market, transforming it into a space for small businesses, community events, and skill-sharing. Coffee, tea, and sparkling water are provided in their rooms, including a TV, whiteboard, air-conditioning, and heating.

Location: Tripovich Street, 1, Melbourne, 3056
Capacity: 6 people
Price: $33 per hour
Travel: Bus, Train


The city is brimming with fantastic party venues, impressive corporate venues in the Central Business District, versatile function rooms, and true hidden gems. You can choose from any of the low-cost options we’ve provided.

9 Affordable Event Caterers in Edinburgh, UK

9 Affordable Event Caterers in Edinburgh, UK

Hiring an event caterer makes an event less stressful for any event planner, enabling you to concentrate on all other aspects of your event. Edinburgh, UK, has a plethora of low-cost and high-quality event caterers who can help make your event a success. We have created a list of 9 affordable event caterers to hire, perfect for any event.

  1. Embo

Whether you choose from their menu or create your own, everything is freshly made with great care, thanks to their love of food and making people happy. The Embo Deli may be small, but what it lacks in space makes up for a warm welcome and delicious, visually appealing food.

Sample Menu (Cold and Hot Food):

  • Caribbean Sweet Potato & Black Bean Curry
  • Moroccan Squash, Spinach, and Chickpea Tagine ( Vegan & GF)
  • Chunky Beef Chili with Rice.
  • Beef Lasagne

Sample Package (Cold and Hot Food):

  • Individual/Premium lunch box wrap
  • Individual/Premium lunch box Salad
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese with or without bacon
  • Roasted Chicken Thighs with Cherry Tomatoes, Thyme, and Baby Potatoes


  1. Fox & Co.

Fox & Co.’s speciality is outside catering! They can accommodate any event, any taste, and any budget. Not only that, but they can make anything from a sandwich platter for four people to canapés for 200 people. They are fully licensed to provide drinks for your event, collaborating with local businesses to offer glassware and crockery.

Sample Menu

  • Chicken, chickpea, and spinach curry
  • Chicken and mushroom stroganoff
  • Sweet potato and chickpea curry
  • Leek, green pea and pesto lasagne

Sample Package

  • Classic hot breakfast platter
  • Veggie hot breakfast platter
  • Continental breakfast
  • Healthy platter


  1. Heritage Portfolio

The Heritage Portfolio is well-known for creating memories! Founded in 2002, Heritage Portfolio has consistently provided outstanding food and catering services in Edinburgh. They offer their services to any event, be it a private party, wedding or corporate event. Beyond serving excellent food, they work hard to ensure event attendees have a memorable dining experience.

Sample Menu

  • Asparagus with air-dried ham and sun-kissed tomatoes.
  • Monkfish and prunes in a slither of smoky bacon.
  • Tataki of Scotch beef, sprouting peas, and pickled ginger.
  • Brioche box with sticky shallots, flash-fried foie gras, and tonka beans.

Sample Canapes

  • Hot venison chipolatas roasted in sticky red currant syrup.
  • Crisp applewood smoked cheese and celery tart.
  • Little sushi rice balls, pickled ginger, and crayfish rolled in sesame seeds.
  • Queenie scallop with pea puree and homemade ketchup


  1. Food by Xanders

With over 30 years of food and catering experience, Food By Xanders provides delicious food in and around Edinburgh from their city centre kitchen. They take pride in using local suppliers for produce and other ingredients. Run by Malcolm and Baiba, a very enthusiastic husband and wife team passionate about the great food, they offer a professional, friendly service.

Sample Menu

  • Thai green chicken curry with basmati rice
  • Beef Bourguignon with roasted baby potatoes
  • Salmon en route with seasonal greens and boiled potatoes
  • Mixed mushroom and red pepper stroganoff with boiled rice

Sample Package

  • Vegan buffet
  • Cold meat platters
  • Vegetarian platter
  • Fish platter


  1. Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap is a family-run wedding and event catering company in Houston, Hethersgill, Carlisle. They have been creating food and beverage experiences that are the heart of the party for the past 15 years, bringing friends and families together and leaving happy memories for years to come.

Sample Menu

  • Beef Short-rib
  • Horseradish Mash
  • Buttered Greens

Sample Canapes

  • Scallop Roe Cracker, Crème Fraiche & English Caviar
  • Reindeer Moss, Redcurrant, Chanterelle, Artichoke Cream
  • Ox Tongue, Yeast Glaze, Crispy Shallots, Capers, Mustard Mayo
  • Jerusalem Artichoke, Goat’s Curd, Thyme


  1. The Edinburgh Catering Company

The Edinburgh Catering Company aims to provide their customers with a dining experience unlike any other. They create outstanding, tailored menus and deliver seamless events by collaborating with high-quality, local producers whenever possible. Their team is unrivalled in their passion for fantastic food and first-rate service. Their standards are high, and they strive to exceed expectations.

Sample Menu

  • Butter Roasted celeriac, cauliflower puree, and puy lentils with pickled baby vegetables and caper butter
  • Beetroot and goat’s cheese gratin with pumpkinseed and endive salad
  • Potato and taleggio pithivier with braised red cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, hazelnuts, and port sauce

Sample Desserts

  • Heather honey panna cotta with oat crumble
  • Honeycomb and raspberries


  1. Hickory

The Hickory Kitchen has spent the last year honing their skills and creating exciting menus for people to enjoy in their own homes. This award-winning catering company use only the freshest local ingredients and create exciting menus beautifully plated. Here to ignite the senses, they can cater anything from a few people around a table to 600+ plus attendees.

Sample Menu

  • Raw risotto of sprouted grains, orange, pumpkin seed, and ancho chilli salsa with corianderEggplant.’
  • Dengaku’, puffed soba noodles, grilled Choi sum, and a pickled radish salad
  • Slow roasted collar of squash romesco sauce, edamame salsa, watercress, cauliflower, and apple salad
  • Cashew ricotta gnocchi, kale pesto, chickpeas, and broccoli

Sample Canapes

  • Lightly pickled ourgetti ribbons with hummus and dukkah spice
  • Cherry tomato filled with puy lentils in balsamic vinaigrette
  • Cucumber ribbons with pickled ginger, mange tout, and radish
  • Pan-seared watermelon cubes with tomato sambal and basil


  1. Pinkerton’s Catering

Pinkerton’s is a small, tight-knit group of experienced chefs and event managers that share their love of food. They appreciate honest food and good ingredients, ensuring these are the foundation of all of their cooking. They cater to any event of any size. Pinkerton takes great pride in their highly skilled chefs, their ability to whip up delectable meals, and their front house staff experts in event planning.

Sample Menu

  • Cured Scottish beef filet Horseradish dressing Inverloch goats cheddar shavings with Mustard leaves
  • Slow roast pork belly Warm carrot and celeriac and mustard slaw
  • Crowdie and heather honey cheesecake Poached pear
  • Sea Bass with clams en papillote with a tarragon beurre blanc

Sample Canapes

  • Curried prawns and green mango poppadom bite
  • Beetroot blinis with horseradish and smoked salmon
  • Yorkshire with chimichurri steak and watercress
  • Venison Carpaccio, mini rosti, chive cream and redcurrant


  1. Bien Catering

BIEN Catering has over 20 years of experience serving hot and cold food in the boardrooms of some of Scotland’s most prestigious companies. The team at BIEN Catering is passionate and focused on creating and serving the best possible food experience and will happily work to any budget. They enjoy catering for any event, from small lunch parties to large corporate events and anything in between.

Sample Menu

  • Chicken and mushroom stroganoff
  • Chicken and chorizo sausage paella
  • Chicken and coriander lasagne
  • Chargrilled chicken with sweet chilli noodles

Sample Canapes

  • Dill mayonnaise crouton, oak-smoked salmon with pickled cucumber
  • Butterfly king prawn with peeled cucumber and guacamole
  • Prawn risotto squares with tikka mayonnaise and quails egg
  • Chicken tikka on mini naan with mint yoghurt and mango chutney


Any of the mentioned event caterers above is a good one. Ensuring good communication is essential for any relationship, and outlining plans and expectations is critical to a successful collaboration.

9 Free or Low-Cost Venues in Washington DC, US

9 Free or Low-Cost Venues in Washington DC, US

Are you looking for a low-cost and budget-friendly venue in Washington, DC? Considered one of the most important cities in the US, housing the three most iconic federal buildings, the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. It is a great city to hold an event. Check out our low-cost venues in Washington DC, perfect for meetings, conferences, parties and family gatherings.

  1. Private Meeting Room for Six at Oval Offices DC

Rent a boardroom in Washington with a view of the White House. This private meeting room is rentable by the day, week, or month. Here, you can deliver a powerful presentation or engage your team in meaningful, focused collaboration. Oval Offices DC also offers plenty of meeting rooms and day offices in Washington, DC, in various sizes to find one according to your needs. Plus, you get a dedicated member of the Oval Offices DC team to assist you and your group.

Location: Connecticut Avenue Northwest, 800, Washington, WA 20006
Capacity: 6 people
Price: Price starts at $75 per hour
Travel: Fredericksburg Line, Manassas Line


2. Private Meeting Room for six at The Mark Wonder Bread Factory

The Mark at Wonder Bread Factory is a flex office and coworking space in Northwest Washington. They offer plenty of office spaces, including this six-person private meeting room, ideal for small meetings. The rental includes many amenities, such as a TV and a whiteboard to help with meetings. The building, formerly a bakery, has a historic feel mixed with modern amenities such as a spacious outdoor terrace accessible via roll-up garage doors and a communal bar and lounge. Moreover, the Wonder Bread Factory is only within walking distance of local attractions.

Location: S Street NW, 641, Washington, WA 20001
Capacity: 6 people
Price:  $70 per hour
Travel: Transit/Subway


3. Conference Room at The Yard-Eastern Market

This space was created with the modern employee in mind. What will motivate you and provide an exciting setting for you to be most productive? This room is impressive but not distracting, with a refined contemporary, classic aesthetic and industrial flourishes. Distracting elements such as beer on tap or arcade games are not included in the space so that you can work and welcome guests in a professional environment.

Location: Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast, 700, Washington, DC 20003
Capacity: 8 people
Price:  $70 per hour
Travel: Transit/Subway


4. Crimson Diner at Crimson

Crimson Diner is a welcoming, warm environment where people congregate, socialize, work, or unwind. The Crimson Diner serves southern comfort food, breakfast, and delicious burgers and fried chicken sandwiches. Crimson Diner is open every day and has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, ideal for any meal or drink. The coffee bar, which serves locally-roasted Blanchard’s Coffee and is open daily at 8 AM, anchors the front of the space.

Location: H Street Northwest, 627, Washington, WA 20001
Capacity: 40 people
Price:  $10 per person ( 8am-10AM)
$44 per person (5 PM-10 PM)
Travel: Fredericksburg Line, Manassas Line


5. Suburban Townhome

Reserve the middle level of this townhome for your production and meeting needs. It features a cosy living room and lounge with grand columns on one side of the floor. On the other, a modern, spacious kitchen with an island, barstools, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and hardwood floors. This space is bright and inviting, bringing the great outdoors inside with natural plants, a greenery wall, and an egg chair. It is an excellent place for exclusive parties, informal meetings and small conferences.

Location: Charles Crossing, Waldorf, MD
Capacity: 20 people
Price:  $75 per hour
Travel: Transit/Subway


6. The Perfect Space for Your Next Event

Located right in the heart of Potomac Yard, this lounge is ideal for meetings, team events, parties, and presentations. It includes seating for up to 25 people, a large buffet table, a flat-screen TV, a kitchenette with a mini-refrigerator, and an ice maker. Wifi and data ports are also available. You can also bring your own food and beverages.

Location: Potomac Yard, Alexandria, VA
Capacity: 30 people
Price:  $75 per hour
Travel: Metro Rail Blue Line,  Metro Rail YellowLine.


7. DMV Home

Welcome to a home that many people are sure to adore! Enjoy the abundance of natural light with a unique living room and an intimate yet cosy dining area with customizable amenities to personalize your event or gathering. You can use the space for team meetings, retreats, product demonstrations, focus groups, workshops, script readings, church gatherings, book clubs, game nights, film productions, launches, pop-ups, and other events.

Location: Capitol Heights, MD
Capacity: 20 people
Price:  $75 per hour
Travel: Train/Subway


8. A Cozy Space with Great Furnishings

Come in and relax in an eclectic space with a modern finish. This elegant sanctuary has a relaxed, flowing vibe. The backdrop of classic hues and glossy hardwood floors will relax you. The kitchen is well-equipped for eight people, and the open floor plan with the family room and TV is a great place to socialize. The fenced-in backyard, meanwhile, provides plenty of space for a party.

Location: Rockville, MD
Capacity: 50 people
Price:  $75 per hour
Travel: Train/Subway


9. U Street Multi-Purpose Event Space

The open floor plan of this space allows you to be creative with your setup and events. You can use various audiovisual equipment in this area, such as a SmartTV and a projector screen and have access to a kitchenette. The venue also has front access from the main street and rear access that connects to the private parking lot, and the parking lot can accommodate up to four vehicles. Chairs and tables are also provided.

Location: Northwest Washington, Washington, DC
Capacity: 30 people
Price:  $75 per hour
Travel: Train/Subway


These venues make a perfect backdrop for any event, whether it is an intimate gathering or a larger conference. All allow you to take control and create an atheistic that you want at a reasonable price point.

What is the Purple Guide?

What is the Purple Guide?

The Purple Guide was created by the events Industry forum, in collaboration with the UK events industry, to assist event planners in safely running events.

This guide is intended to direct event planners and suppliers to the practices and issues that must be addressed, for safety reasons, when planning events. All events have their own requirements and needs, so the 34-chapter guide is essential in understanding what should be considered when running a safe and successful event.

Below we have outlined 9 of the chapters that we think are the most important to consider when running an event –

1.    Health and Safety

When running an event, you are required by law to comply with health and safety regulations. You are liable to consider the health and safety of workers and the general public attending the event. Other health and safety areas need to be considered in the run-up to and during your event, such as entertainment licensing, fire safety, and sports ground safety, outlined further in the Purple Guide.

2.    Planning, management, and risk assessments

Efficient planning is essential for a safe event. It is crucial to create a safety plan and put in place adequate management arrangements to ensure the health and safety of everyone at the event. At all stages of the event, you should continuously assess the risks within your health and safety plan to ensure it is adequate.

3.    Venue and site design

You should conduct a site suitability analysis early in the planning process once you have found a venue, including your event type and the number of attendees in that assessment. This should help you create emergency routines and enable you to communicate with key stakeholders such as landowners, local authorities, local businesses, emergency services, nearby businesses, and residents.

4.    Contingency and emergency planning

No matter the size of your event, it is important to communicate with the emergency services and other relevant agencies to make suitable emergency plans. It is essential to have good procedures to effectively respond to disruptive influences, health and safety incidents, and emergencies that may occur at or impact an event.

5.    Medical

Before the event, a medical staffing plan should be developed to ensure an adequate level of medical, first aid and security staffing available at your event. It is also important to conduct an assessment of the medical and first-aid resources available.

6.    Transportation

Creating an internal and, if necessary external traffic management plan can help avoid severe and fatal accidents at your event. It is essential to separate pedestrians from vehicles as much as possible during the event, especially during peak hours.

7.    Crowd management

It is critical to ensure crowd safety before, during and after your event, by selecting the proper barrier system or fencing. First, you need to recognize the various types available, their strengths, and appropriate application uses. Then, choose a suitable supplier who will be able to provide all the necessary services required.

8.    Waste management

The inability to effectively manage waste at events has direct and indirect consequences such as risks to the health and safety of employees and visitors and risks to the environment. Therefore, event planners need to understand how waste will accumulate and should keep a close eye on this for the duration of the event, ensuring it is disposed of correctly.

9.     Safeguarding children and young people

Event planners should be familiar with the local and national child and young people legislation and requirements to ensure that children attending an event are kept safe and free from harm. It is integral to prepare a missing and found child policy and arrange lost and found children points. It is also important to consider providing a meeting point where parents can collect teens at the end of the event.


It is always essential to run an event as safe as possible, and the Purple Guide can help you do so. Its 34 chapters help guide you through some of an event’s most crucial planning areas to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. Each event requires a different emphasis on different health and safety issues, so it is important to review the guide thoroughly, ensuring all areas required for your event are covered; this is just a tool in helping and should not be used instead of the actual guide.