Improve email open and click-through rates with your attendees

Improve email open and click-through rates with your attendees

Running email marketing campaigns is a helpful tool in building your brand identity and following as well as increasing attendance at your events. However, it is not as simple as creating a mailing list and sending an email. You need to ensure your email marking campaigns are effective and efficient. But how do you do this?

This blog will outline the two most essential concepts in email marketing, open and click-through rate, and how you can increase their effectiveness when running your campaigns.


Defining Email Open and Click Through Rate (CTR)

But first, what is email open rate and click-through rate?

While people may think that email open rate is calculated when a receiver opens an email, it’s much more complicated than that. The open rate metric only calculates emails where the images are in full display and when a reader clicks a link in the email.

On the other hand, email click-through rate or CTR summarizes the number of subscribers that clicked a link in the email. Therefore, CTR is also considered the most critical metric in email marketing.


How To Improve Your Email Open Rate

There are many ways that you can use to improve your email open rate. We’ve listed down some of the top methods below:

  • List Segmentation

Readers will open emails if the email is relevant to them, and one way to keep your content relevant is by segmenting your email list. An article by Email On Acid found that 39% of marketers who segmented their lists saw an increase in their open rates.
For instance, if you have a customer who has hired your services before, avoid sending them promotions for first-time clients. Instead, send them emails about your new event packages for long-term customers. You can also segment lists based on demographics such as location, season, business, and more.

  • Perfectly Timed Emails

Timing is an essential factor in whether a subscriber will open an email or not. When starting, it is best to a/b test to see what day and time will perform best for your email marketing campaigns; it is all dependent on your brand and demographic. There are many resources online to help you get started with this.

  • Subject Lines That Stand Out

If there’s one thing that marketers always agree on, subject lines are everything in email marketing campaigns. Since brands have been using email marketing for years, many use a standard subject line formula that has worked for them before. However, these older subject lines are often filtered out as white noise. That’s why, to stand out, you need to break away from the competition.
Some of our tips include enticing their curiosity, adding numbers, using fun and conversational tone, and speaking in a language and style they are most familiar with.


How To Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

So, you manage to entice your subscribers into opening your emails. Your next challenge is to encourage them to click links found in the email (and hope it’s not the “unsubscribe” link).

  • Practice the less is more concept.

If you don’t want your readers to get bored of your email, make sure that the content is straightforward. So, always practice the “less is more” concept in your copy. This is an effective way to direct your readers to see the correct links immediately.

  • Include social sharing in your email.

Did you know that emails with social sharing options have a much higher CTR rate? Around 30% higher than average, according to a study by Econsultancy. The idea here is that, even if your subscriber may not redeem what you offer in their email, they may have a friend who does.

  • Remove clutter from email.

Relating to our earlier tip on following the less is more concept, it’s also essential to remove clutter from your email. These distractions will deter them from doing specific actions, such as clicking relevant links. One example of clutter in an email is multiple offers or adding your website navigation to the header.
So, if your email aims to introduce a new Christmas event package, create a copy that highlights that message. Don’t add other promotions or include snippets of your blog that might distract your reader.



Email marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing tools today. But, of course, for your campaigns to be effective and efficient, you need to adapt and innovate to stand out from your competitors. So, more than having the emails of your event attendees, you also need to know how to measure the success of your campaigns with your open and click-through rate.
You should look out for two metrics: email open rate and click-through rate. It’s also important to remember that an open rate is more than just a reader opening an email. In addition, CTR is the most critical metric in email marketing.
To ensure that your campaigns are effective for your business, follow our tips above to stay relevant and perform better than your competitors.

10 affordable event caterers in London UK

10 affordable event caterers in London UK

All you need to complete your event is excellent catering! If you’re looking for affordable event caterers in London, then our list is filled with caterers offering a variety of dishes that will excite your attendees.


1.   Guasa’

Guasa’ – Venezuela Buns & Rum are pioneers in bringing Venezuelan cuisine into the UK. It has been featured all across the country and even in the international press. The team offers traditional Venezuelan food but with a majestic twist of flavours. Their Venezuelan Arepa Buns are hand-made, gluten-free, and can be stuffed or eaten on the side. It is served with different customers’ choices, including jackfruit, beans, beef, chicken, and pork. They can serve your guests for 2 to 3 hours.

Location: Mercato Metropolitano, SE1 6DR, London
Capacity: from 35 to 250 guests
Price: from £9 per person
Travel: Nearby Union Street Bus Stop or St. George’s Bus Stop


2.   Caribburton Caterers

If you are looking for authentic Jamaican or Caribbean, you need to look no further. Carriburton event caterers offer a Caribbean Box Meal served in a 650ml microwaveable food container; they can come hot or cold, allowing you to reheat later. Their catering package includes napkins, disposable cutleries, and drinks which you can book as an extra.

Location: Culvert Rd, London SW11 5BB, United Kingdom
Capacity: from 5 to 200 guests
Price: from £6 per person
Travel: Nearby Harris Academy Battersea Bus Stop LA or LT


3.   Chef Lopez Events

Paella by Chef Lopez is traditional Spanish cuisine with 17 years of experience as event caterers, making them suited to help you plan and host a successful event. The team’s most affordable meal is the traditional Spanish paella made from the freshest ingredients. Chef Lopez can also provide different types of paella such as chicken chorizo, seafood, Vegan paella Huerta or mixed. They can also serve tapas and paella; this includes Spanish cured jam called Jamon with pan con tomato and extra virgin olive oil.

Location: 36 Eleanor St, London E3 4UR, United Kingdom
Capacity: from 10 to 500 guests
Price: from £10 per person
Travel: Nearby Bow Road Station Bus Stop


4.   Otentik Options Coterie

Otentik Options specialises in fusion cuisines that have French and West African influences. Their most affordable meal is their canapes made to wow your guests. You will be provided with a unique selection of canapes with different spices and aromas that will take your guests on a journey from France to West Africa. Moreover, to offer you more variety in your meals, the team also partners with other trusted caterers all over London for different events.

Location: London, United Kingdom (Please visit their website for more info.)
Capacity: from 25 guests
Price: from £10 per person
Travel: Get in touch via phone for their location at 07952512060.



Owned by Ausra Bartkeviciute, ABCHEF is committed to providing excellent event catering to clients. Over the years, Ausra has faced thrilling challenges that allowed her to learn and perfect her craft. Her love of food preparation and presentation allowed her to deliver excellent service and experiences to previous clients. Her most affordable meal is the Gourmet Canapes which can be served either hot or cold. Her selection of petits-fours (savoury or sweet) is a wonderful addition to your parties. All canapes are, of course, served fresh on the event day.

Location: 5 Germander Way, London E15 3AB, United Kingdom
Capacity: from 6 to 100 guests
Price: from £9 per person
Travel: Nearby West Ham Subway Station and Milner Road Bus Stop


6.   The London Pie and Mash Company Limited

Get a chance to hire the only dedicated national pie and mash caterer in London. They offer traditional pie, mash and liquor or gravy meals to any volume of guests. On the day of the event, the team will set up their kitchen indoors or outdoors, depending on your event space. Depending on your event requirements, the delicious pie and mash meal will be cooked on-site and served in buffet style or full table service.

Location: Dillock Ln, Bedford MK43 9RG, United Kingdom (also has a national coverage)
Capacity: from 50 to 300 guests
Price: from £8 per person
Travel: Nearby Keeley Corner Bus Stop


7.   Lyreb Honey Catering

Lyreb Honey event caterers are backed by 13 years of experience and the ability to cater to any type of event, including weddings, private parties, corporate events and more. They have a reputation for providing professional and friendly service to clients with an innovative, contemporary, and stylish approach. They have a wide selection of meals, and other than providing delicious food, they can also meet your event requirements by making sure their presentation, such as canape trays and covers, matches your colour scheme.

Location: 226 Seven Sisters Road London N4 3GG United Kingdom
Capacity: from 24 to 300 guests
Price: from £11 per person
Travel: Nearby Fonthill Road and Isledon Bus Stops


8.   The Bonobo

The Bonobo has been an independently run family business since 2010, providing them with all the information they need to serve a safe and delicious product paired with excellent catering service. Your guests will be provided with delicious grilled cheese sandwiches cooked through old-fashioned methods of toasting using a cast-iron press. It will also be cooked in front of your guests for an added touch. All of the sandwiches are made with awards winning British cheeses and organic sourdough bread.

Location: 272 Portobello Road, W105TY, London
Capacity: from 40 to 200 guests
Price: from £10 per person
Travel: Nearby Ladbroke Grove Bus Station and Ladbroke Grove Subway Station


9.   The Cheese Toaster

The Cheese Factory is a London based street food company serving customers from all over the city with this alternative event caterers. They offer the best flat-iron cheese toasties using only the best quality British cheese paired with the most delicate slices of crunchy artisan sourdough. They have plenty of meal options. One of their most affordable meals is the Breakfast Flat-Iron Sourdough Toasties, perfect for breakfast events. They can set up on the pavilion and serve your guests for 1 to 2 hours as needed.

Location: London, United Kingdom (Please visit their website for more info.)
Capacity: from 130 to 300 guests
Price: from £8 per person
Travel: Get in touch via phone for their location at 0795 203 1191


10.   KISMAT Vegetarian

We end this list with a unique caterer providing 100% pure vegan and vegetarian Indian meals. Each meal has traditional homemade flavours, prepared in commercial kitchens and delivered to your event venue or private kitchen as required. The team has over 30 years of experience when it comes to North Indian Vegetarian cuisines. Their most affordable meal comes with a selection of dishes that offer an explosion of flavours. They are also one of the least expensive caterers on the list, offering other meals ranging from £9 to £10 per person only.

Location: Acton Market, The Mount/King Street W3 9NW
Capacity: from 20 to 200 guests
Price: from £7 per person
Travel: Nearby King Street and Acton Old Town Hall Bus Stops


Some of these caterers may not have a permanent address since they’re considered mobile caterers. This means that they are ready to travel and provide excellent food and service to customers all over the city. So, do you have your best pick as a caterer for your event yet? We hope our list is full of innovative, unique, and affordable caterers helped.

How To Write The Perfect Press Release For Your Event

How To Write The Perfect Press Release For Your Event

If you have an upcoming event and want to create some buzz online or otherwise, writing a press release is a good way of getting the word out and gain extra attendees. But with the information overload that the online world brings, will a press release still get people excited? The answer is yes — with the right content. So if you’re looking for some guidance on writing an event press release, let us help you.


What is a press release?

Before anything else, let’s define what a press release is. Simply put, a press release is a short, written document that is usually one or two pages long. It contains an official announcement made by a company. The statement can vary, from an event or a new business development that the company wanted to announce. A press release is supposed to be the official source of information regarding said news or event, which the media will then report to the public. Thus, a well-written press release can garner valuable media attention and, at the same time, allows the company to shape the story however they want.

And since it aims to attract people’s attention, it should be a part of everyone’s content marketing strategy. And as such, a competent marketer should be well-versed in crafting the perfect press release to drum up interest in an event once it gets out to the public.


Types of press releases

Crafting a press release isn’t just limited to announcing an event. There are many kinds of announcements you can make. That means that there are several types of press releases you could be making.

  • Product launches and updates
  • Events
  • Rebrandings
  • Leadership changes
  • Award announcements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Grand opening


Key Elements Of An Event Press Release

Since an event press release should contain relevant information, you can follow this simple format. You would want to format the details to fit one or two pages without being over-or underwhelming. A usual format goes like this:

  1. Headline
  2. “For immediate release”
  3. Press contact info
    1. Name
    2. Date
    3. Email
    4. Phone number
    5. Other necessary details
  4. Bulleted summary
  5. Intro paragraph (contains the location of the event and the date)
  6. Body copy
    1. The first paragraph can detail the content of the press release
    2. The second paragraph goes into more detail
    3. The third paragraph contains other relevant information about the event
  7. Boilerplate/About Us



A solid and catchy headline is a top priority when it comes to creating your event press release. It’s your opener, the first chance and could even be your only chance to grab a reader’s attention and entice them to read on.

In writing a headline, keep it short and sweet. If possible, limit it to one line. This will help focus a reader’s attention. Keeping it short also helps with SEO and make sure to use clear language.

For an event press release, you should also include the name of the event and, if possible, the location or the theme.

Here’s an excellent example of a headline that catches the attention of the reader.



Craft A Newsworthy Angle

For the media, influencers, and followers to be excited to share your press release, you have to tell them why they should care or why it’s worthy of being reported. As mentioned earlier, a press release leaves enough room for the event host to shape the story how they want.

You can frame your announcement from a certain angle, like how the event impacts the local community. Or perhaps you’re promoting a charity event, and you want to evoke an emotional response. You need to highlight who it’s for and why the reader should care.

This Salesforce press release highlights in its headline right away the kind of impact they want to make through the conference they are hosting.



Put The Most Important Information First

When you’re writing the body copy and putting in the relevant event information, you can visualize the format in an “inverted pyramid”:

  • Most critical information first or the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Why, Where)
  • Secondary details
  • Additional information

For the 5 Ws of your event press release, you can answer the following questions:

  • Who is in charge?
  • What is happening?
  • When is it happening?
  • Why is it happening?
  • Where is it happening?

That way, you’ll get to lay out all the most critical information right away, making it easier for the reader to know the crucial details. Using the inverted pyramid formula also ensures that the reader won’t miss vital information because the first part already covered everything. You can then use the next paragraphs for secondary details, like adding a quote from the company that reporters can use in their write-ups. These are less important details, but it helps strengthen the story you’re shaping in the press release.

Furthermore, keep it short and to the point. You’re announcing an event. So, make your purpose clear and upfront.


Summarize Succinctly

Some press releases use bullet points to summarize the essential details of the event. This makes it easy for journalists and readers to grasp the content of the press release better.

And because the summary populates the beginning of a press release, search engines also pick up on these. Thus, writing a concise summary that hooks the readers in is essential. Here are a few tips to help you write the summary:

  • Keep bullet points to 1-3 medium-length sentences.
  • Include the 5 Ws
  • Add keywords
  • Make the angle clear
  • Rouse the reader’s interest, so they want to learn more.

Car manufacturer Škoda uses bulleted points in their summary, as seen below.



Add Media Contact Details

The media who will read your press release and report your event will need to know who the contact person will be if they need more details. So make sure to include the name of the point of contact, email address and phone number. These details are provided at the end of the news release, right after the boilerplate section.

For example, Kraft Heinz provides their media contact information in a clear and simple format.



Additional Tips

  • Use a professional tone without jargon. Using slang and hype can come across as more of a sales pitch and may turn people off your event.
  • Send out the press release in a timely fashion.
  • Use a hook. Tie your event into trends or social issues to add excitement and urgency.
  • Keep the press release within 300-800 words.
  • Send your press release to the right publication with readers that align with your target audience.


Now you know effective techniques and tips on how to write up an attractive press release that ensures a successful well-attended event!