9 Low-cost venues in Edinburgh

9 Low-cost venues in Edinburgh

With Edinburgh being the capital city of Scotland and being home to the Scottish parliament, government, and Scotland’s supreme courts, you can tell that this city means business. But Edinburgh is also a city of culture and history, making it a great tourist destination that brings roughly 5 million tourists per year to the city. The city also hosts both the Edinburgh International and the Fringe (the latter being the world’s largest annual arts festival). We are showing that Edinburgh is a perfect city to host a wide variety of events and is home to an even more comprehensive range of venues. Here at Helm, we’ve compiled this list to show you just a few of these venues that Scotland’s capital has to offer you. 

This list was created with you, the event planner, and your guests in mind handpicking venues that are closest to the city centre with a wide range of public transport, boosting the turnout to your event as well as its popularity. Whether it’s a formal or casual venue, you need we’ve got you covered. 


1. Exhibition space @ Custom lane 
Location: 1 customs wharf, Edinburgh, EH6 6AL 
Capacity: up to 60 guests
Price: £130 per day (9:00- 17:00)
Travel: 1-minute walk to Sandport Street bus stop

With the minimalist design and vast, open space, the exhibition space is a great, versatile venue with the ability to cater to any event you can throw at it. The venue is perfect for product launches, art exhibitions and workshops. Your guests will find the venue spacious and light-hearted, giving them space to breathe and be as creative as they canIt has the space to mingle with other guests without feeling cramped, enhanced with an abundance of natural lighting, giving the appearance of even more space for your event. Exhibition spaces are always the go-to venues to show off your creations, whether it be art or innovative designs for the future, and at the exhibition space at custom lane, you don’t need to look any further.    


2. The Bar @ The Counting House:
Location: West Nicolson Street, 36, Edinburgh, EH8 9DD
Capacity: up to 60 guests
Price: £45 per hour
Travel: 1-Minute walk to Chapel street bus station and a 2-minute walk to surgeon’s hall bus station

With its comfortable, rustic design, The Bar at The Counting House is an excellent venue for any social event, including office parties, business meetings, workshops and product launches. This historic house has almost two centuries worth of history. It also benefits from an in house catering service, a fully stocked bar, audio setup equipment, and its very own events manager making sure that your event is the best it can be. A bar is a place that inspires creativity and productivity within your guests and gives them an area in which they can relax and feel the history of the venue, which will only further inspire the guests of your event. If you want a venue that is full of history and dedication, look no further than Counting House and inquire using the link above.


3. BrainBox @ Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh City:
Location: High Street, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1TH
Capacity: up to 10 guests
Price: £37 per guest
Travel: 1-minute walk to museum of the childhood bus station

As the name implies, this space is a great, versatile venue for out of the box thinking, creating and designing. The brain box is perfect for workshops, business meetings and days when you just need to get out of the office. In this room, your guests will feel that the space that they’re in sows the seeds of creativity and imagination that will propel your event into the creative stratosphere. The hotel team designed the room with an AstroTurf floor, beanbag space, game table, and an entire wall that can be used as a whiteboard to brainstorm all the ideas that your event will produce. Whether it’s a couple of hours or a whole day you’re spending here, check out the link above to inquire about the venue.


4. VIP Boardroom @ Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal mile:
Location: George IV Bridge, 1 Edinburgh, EH1 1AD
Capacity: up to 35 guests
Price: £350 per day
Travel: 2-minute walk to Mound place bus station

The VIP Boardroom is a great place to handle crucial business within a formal, professional setting that will impress your clients by adding some luxury to your: business meeting, product launch or networking event. The space was designed to impress, and at the VIP Boardroom, it does that and more with the room flooded by natural lighting and a sleek interior design. The guests of your event will find the space perfect for getting work done and be as proactive and productive as they can due to the formality and professionalism of the venue, which comes with many facilities that will boost the popularity and success of your event.

There are many venues within the Hotel, so check out the link above to find the perfect venue for you.


5. The Gallery @ Whitespace Gallery
Location: East crosscausewayside, 76, Edinburgh EH8 9HQ
Capacity:  up to 60 guests
Price: £200 hire per day/ £90 per Thursday evening
Travel: 1-minute walk to east crosscauseway bus station

The Whitespace gallery is a blank canvas that allows you as the event planner to create whatever kind of event you want in the gallery: a product launch, networking event, seminar, or workshop. This space has the power to handle it all. This space is a small and intimate venue that will encourage your guests to mingle and chat, but it never feels small. The gallery is a great tool to open your guests’ creative minds, boosting the turnout of your next event.


6. SSCreenroom @ Scotland study centre:
Location: Nicolson square, 29, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX
Capacity: up to 16 guests
Price: £60 per morning (9:00-13:00) £90 per day (9:00-17:00)
Travel: 1-minute walk to Nicolson square bus stop and two minute-walk to Potterrow bus stop

The SSCreenroom is an excellent venue for a small intimate gathering. Being a workshop, film premier, business meeting and seminar. The venue is a cinema-style seating meeting room with a fully kitted out projector that will allow you to show off your product in all its glory. The SSCreenroom is a small venue; however, its design is to bring people together to produce a more creative and productive work environment that will make your guests create new ideas and products. It’s also a great place to get out of the office and just relax and watch a movie with your colleagues/friends in your private screen. And who wouldn’t want that?

Check out Tagvenue’s page on SSCreenroom on the link above!


7. Bellfield Brewery and Taproom:
Location: Bellfield Brewery and Taproom, 46, Stanley Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5TB
Capacity: up to 130 guests
Price: £60 per hour or £360 per day
Travel: 3-minute walk to Marionville bus station

This Brewery and Taproom is a bright and comfortable space for you and your guests to enjoy your event, each other’s company and a nice refreshing pint of a variety of different ales, lagers and ciders pulled right Infront of you. This venue is excellent for networking events, product launches, corporate parties, workshops and team getaway days. At Bellfield brewery, your guests will enjoy the space to breathe and the atmosphere which inspires socialising and coming together. This venue is perfect for making your event popular with bar-style bench seating, locally sourced beverages, free Wi-Fi, and a dog-friendly approach. In an informal and casual setting, that will maximise the turnout for any event you wish to throw at the Bellfield Brewery and Tap Room.

Check out the link above to inquire directly with the venue and learn more about the team!


8. The Sung @ Bonham Hotel:
Location: 35 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7RN
Capacity: up to 15
Price: £150 per session (8:00-17:00) (Currently closed due to COVID)
Travel: 2-minute walk to Drumsheugh Gardens bust station

The Snug provides a comfortable tucked away room to get business done within the Hotel. Its wooden panelling design and decorated ceiling make this venue perfect for formal events such as meetings, brainstorming sessions, team getaways and workshops. The formality of the venue doesn’t make it imposing for your attendees or make them feel claustrophobic, giving them a quiet space to get business done. The productivity that will come of any event you throw at the Snug will leave a lasting impression on your guests and boost your next event’s turnout.

Bonham hotel houses many other venues that might be perfect for your event, so click the link above to check them out.


9. Clubroom at Boteco do Brasil Edinburgh :
Location: Lothian Road, 47, Edinburgh, EH1 2DJ
Capacity: up to 80 guests
Price: £60 per hour or a £240 per session hire fee (19:00-23:00)
Travel: 1-minute walk to the exchange bus stop or a 12-minute walk to Haymarket train station

This Brazilian restaurant is the perfect place to host a night of laughs, music, and dancing; this venue has it all. With its Latino style and atmosphere, you and your guests can relax and enjoy the food, music and culture whilst at your event. Give your attendees an experience that isn’t commonplace and transport them to Botecos of Rio de Janeiro. Its style will make your guests easy-going and ready to converse and mingle, which will boost the popularity of your event and attendee satisfaction. So, book your next event at Boteco do Brasil and add an urban and Latin-American twist to your next event.


As you can see from this list, Edinburgh has a wide variety of ripe venues for picking. We hope you find these venues helpful and inspiring when trying to find your next venue for your big event. However, we recommend going and searching for more venues that can be even more perfect for your event. At Helm, we know that as an event planner, nothing is more satisfying than finding a venue made for your event. So go out and explore and see what Scotland’s capital has to offer you.


Low-cost venues in Leicester

Low-cost venues in Leicester

As of 2019, Leicester has a population of around roughly 357,000, meaning there is a lot of competition when trying to book venues. However, we at Helm have compiled this list to show you some venues that may not be the most popular but are perfect for any event. We have chosen these venues to show you, a future event planner, that the city of Leicester has such a variety of venues that you can use for your event.

We have kept in mind that the closer your venue is to local public transport links, the higher the popularity and turnout of your event, as the best venues are the ones that are the easiest to access. Have a look through the list and hopefully, it will give you some inspiration in your quest for that perfect venue and make sure that you check out the venues on the links provided.

  1. Leicester outdoor pursuits centre, riverside room

Location: Leicester outdoor pursuits centre, Loughborough Road, Leicester, LE4 5PN
Capacity: Up to 30 guests
Price: £22 per hour or £176 per day
Travel: 3-minute walk to red hill circle bus station or 3-minute walk to the new bridge bus station

This outdoor pursuit centre is the perfect place to either hire a room for a crucial meeting, seminar, conference or workshop. It’s also a great place to take your team to get away from the office and complete a day of team-building exercises to strengthen your team’s productivity and connectivity further. Adventure is the name of the game at the Leicester outdoor pursuits centre, so bring your guests here and take them on an adventure through the jungle of ideas for the future.


2. Holiday Inn Leicester – Wigston, Oadby suite

Location: Holiday Inn Leicester Wigston, 299 Leicester road Wigston Fields, Leicester, LE18 1JW
Capacity: 25-60
Price: £75 per hour or £225 per day
Travel: 2-minute walk to Highgate drive bus station or a 6-Minute walk to Palmerston way bus station

This venue is excellent for crucial meetings, workshops, seminars and product launches. Its professional décor and atmosphere make it perfect when you want to show how much you mean business without feeling like you’re stuck in the office. As the room is flooded with natural lighting, you don’t feel squashed in a broom cupboard but instead tucked away in a comfortable space in which you can walk out after your event and feel the productivity emanating from your guests.


3. Escapologic Leicester

Location: 2B St Martins, Leicester LE1 5DB
Capacity: up to 10 guests
Price: £15 per person
Travel: 2-minute walk to town hall square bus station or a 4-minute walk to St Nicholas circle bus station

An escape room is the best place to take your guests on an exciting multi-room team-building exercise in specially designed rooms. Reactorvate allows you and your team of scientists to break into an abandoned powerplant within rural Russia to find a second reactor and uncover the plant’s secrets. Taking your guests to Escapologic is a great way to bring your team together and take your team away from the constraints of the office to create a new and more productive team for the future


4. Bodega Leicester

Location: 6 St. Martins square, Leicester LE1 5DF
Capacity: 18 guests maximum
Price: £6 per person for lunchtime events
Travel: 2-minute walk to town hall square bus stop

The Bodega Leicester give your guests a south American style venue that will leave a lasting impression that will stick with your guests. This venue is perfect for presentations, workshops, meetings and corporate lunches/dinners. A place to allow your guests to get serious work done but without the formality of the office, which can often constrain the imagination. The Bodega creates a productive and forward-thinking atmosphere which will, in the long run, boost the turnout and popularity of the next event you throw.


5. Old gallery Leicester

Location: LCB depot, 31 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1RE
Capacity: max four guests
Price: £8 per hour
Travel: 7-minute walk to Leicester train station and 2-minute walk to Charles street bus stop

The courtyard room at LCB Leicester is a great space to host intimate workshops, meetings and brainstorming sessions that get you and your guests out of the office and into a new creative, forward-thinking space.  The old gallery is a stunning light glass cube that will flood your event with gorgeous natural light. The interior has a few artistic pieces; however, the space will act as a blank canvas for you and your guests to use to create brand new and profitable ideas and designs that will increase growth and productivity for your event/business.


6. The cinema at the queen of Bradgate

Location: 79 high street, Leicester LE1 4JB England
Capacity: up to 24 guests
Price: £14.95 per person
Travel: 2-minute walk to St Nicholas circle bust stop and a 15-minute walk to Leicester train station

Wow, your guests by showing off your presentation, DIY movie or a brand-new product concept in this ultimate cinema venue. Any film buff would feel right at home within your very own private screening room in which you can host private screenings of your favourite films with your famous people, host product launches, meetings, seminars, and workshops. The vintage aesthetic of this screening room will give your guests a feeling of luxury that will open up their minds to anything and everything you have to offer at your event. The queen of Bradgate is dedicated to making your event perfect, so if you click the link above and enquire directly with them, they can tailor your day to be Oscar-worthy.


7. Studio 5 at Create Studios Leicester

Location: Clarendon Park,120a Hartopp Road, Leicester, LE2 1WF
Capacity: up to 60 guests
Price: £ 34 per hour or £280 per day
Travel: 1-minute walk to Lytton road bus station to a 4-minute walk to Adderley road bus station

Create studios Leicester is a blank canvas that is perfect for any event you need to throw as an event planner. The open space and creative atmosphere are ideal for workshops, seminars, product launches and exhibitions. As the name suggests, creativity is the name of the game at the studios, so its best, most unique selling point is that the venue breeds creativity and productivity, which will translate to your guests and inspire their inner creativity and passion. Which, in the long run, will show the success of your event.


8. Leicester rowing club

Location: Upperton Road, Leicester, LE2 7AU
Capacity: up to 150 guests
Price: £200 per evening (7-12pn)
Travel: 3-minute walk to Windermere street bus station and another 3-minute walk to Lidl bus stop

The Leicester rowing club is perfect for allowing your guests to have a relaxing evening in a comfortable yet versatile space that encourages your guests to mingle without that overwhelming feeling of being cramped. The club is perfect for corporate parties, product launches, workshops, seminars and private parties. Your evening at the rowing club will feel memorable with the friendliness of the rowing club staff, who will help you tailor the venue to your events specific needs. That paired with a beautiful view of the river Soar will make for a relaxed evening with great views and great laughs.


9. Roddick room @ Pera Business Park

Location: Nottingham Rd, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0PB
Capacity: up to 26 guests
Price: £175 full day / £90 per half day
Travel: 4-Minute walk to Welby lane bus stop and 4 Minute-walk to cattle market bus stop

Pera business park knows the requirements needed for events such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences, and will strive to tailor the venue to make your event special. The formality of the business park no way translates to stiff but instead allows you to get out of the office and head to another venue. Creating an atmosphere of creativity that will encourage you to smash out any challenges that may come your way. The rooms are also not just dark, cramped and tucked away as some venues you may go to seem but instead flooded by natural light and have an open and spacey layout allowing you to get business done but without trampling on anyone’s toes.


These venues are just a tiny taste of what’s available within the city of Leicester. These nine venues give you an insight into the wide range of spaces to consider for your future event. At Helm, we know that nothing beats that feeling of finding the perfect venue that speaks volumes about yourself and the style of the event you’re running.

Make sure to click on the links for each venue to enquire directly with the venue, and don’t forget each venue has multiple other spaces available that might suit you better. So, get out there and find your next venue for your bound to be a successful event.

Free/low-cost venues in Manchester

Free/low-cost venues in Manchester

With Manchester being ranked the 5th largest city in the UK and containing a population of approximately 540,000, hosting an event here will surely be hard on the wallet. However, we at Helm have compiled this list of 9 free/low-cost venues in the city of Manchester to help you find the venue your event deserves at a reasonable price.  

Manchester is a city full to the brim with culture, history and architectural beauty. So, the city’s fast pace can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned event planner, so we chose venues that are closest to the city centre, allowing easier access to your event through public transport, which will boost the turnout and popularity of your event. If you’re struggling to find an affordable yet professional venue, look no further, we’ve got you covered.  


1. The Burgess Room @ Work. Life Manchester

Location: Work. Life Manchester, Core building, Brown Street, Manchester, M2 1DH
Capacity: 10 guests 
Price: £70 per hour 
Travel: 12-minute walk to Salford central station and a 5 min walk to st peters square tram stop 

Suitable for:
The Burgess room @ work. Life Manchester is an excellent venue for small intimate gatherings such as small business meetings, group brainstorming sessions and workshops. The burgess room isn’t a large venue; however, this room is nowhere near cramped. And with its contemporary design, your guests will have optimal room to create new and forward-thinking cutting-edge ideas thanks to your forward-thinking event.  

Work. Life Manchester also has multiple venues onsite, so it would be worth checking them out through the link and enquiring directly with the venue to find the best possible space for your event. 


2. Private Room 12@ The Edwardian Manchester

Location: Free Trade Hall, Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5GP
Capacity: 12-30 guests 
Price:  on enquiry
Travel: 9-minute walk to Manchester Oxford Road station and a 6-minute walk to st peters square tram station 

Suitable for: 
Private room 12 is tucked away, although that doesn’t mean a stuffy old room with no windows! This venue is full of natural daylight that will allow you and your guests an uninterrupted space, with a sleek and formal design perfect for business meetings, seminars, product launches and workshops. This space will maximise the turnout of your event with its professional atmosphere, which will complement your event’s professionalism and boost your guests’ productivity.  


3. Attic and Study @ Lock 91

Location: 9-century street, Manchester, M3 4QL
Capacity: 50 -150 
Price: £60 per hour (min. 3 hours hire) 
Travel: 1-minute walk to Deansgate station and a 1-minute walk to Deansgate-Castlefield tram station 

Suitable for: 
With a brick ceiling and a comfy, relaxed atmosphere, the Attic and Study at Lock 91 is an excellent venue for product launches, seminars, workshops and informal gatherings. The Attic and Study is a versatile and spacious venue for any event that you can throw at it with two seating areas. In this venue, your guests can relax in an atmosphere that feels comfortable and will breed interest in your event. This old 19th century, Victorian lock keepers cottage is a small independent but with the passion and ability to make your event massive, boosting both turnout and the success of your event. 


4. The Victorian Walled Gardens @ Eleven Didsbury Park

Location: Eleven Didsbury park, Didsbury park, Didsbury village, Manchester M20 5LH
Capacity: 80 guests
Price: £300 per day (12:30- 22:00)
Travel: 8-minute walk to East Didsbury station  

Suitable for: 
Although this venue isn’t right within the city, it’s a great, tucked away venue for any type of event, be it: seminars, product launches, networking events, business parties, or a small conference; the walled gardens can suit any event. Its relaxed, spacious and comforting environment makes it an excellent backdrop for any event you want to host. The Victorian walled gardens is a perfect venue for an outdoor event that takes you and your guests away from the strains of a simple office room and gives you the space to breathe and let your creativity and productivity run wild. 


5. Lola lo Manchester  

Location: Deansgate, Manchester, M1 5LH
Capacity: up to 560 guests 
Price: £150 min spend
Travel: 2-minute walk to Deansgate station and around a 1-minute walk to Deansgate-Castlefield tram station 

Suitable for:
With Lola lo Manchester, you can give your guests an authentic tiki experience that would be perfect for workshops, product launch parties, team getaways, and business parties. The space is versatile for anything you can throw at it. Lola lo pull out all the stops when trying to make your event memorable for your guests. They can provide entertainment ranging from firebreathers to sax players; they indeed can provide an experience that will leave your guests stunned. The venue also has a bar on site that can offer a wide range of premium spirits and their very own tiki cocktails. 


6. Event and Workshop Space @ Wellington Studios

Location: Pollard Street, Manchester, M40 7FS
Capacity: up to 40 guests
Price: £25 per hour 
Travel: 5-minute walk to Butler street tram station and a 4-minute walk to Cambrian street tram station 

Suitable for: 
This quaint little workspace is a great venue to host your creative event. Wellington studios breathe creativity, so why not host your training day or workshop at this space? The event and workshop space’s open plan layout means that your space has the room for your guests to expand their artistic ideas and creations without cramping on others space. This venue is then only enhanced by the natural light that will flood your event, which will help the venue look even more spacious. Wellington studios also provide tea and coffee making facilities and a breakout area if you need to take a break from all the creating. 


7. Meeting Room 1 @ ColonJactin House  

Location: 24 Hood street, Ancoats urban village, Manchester, M4 6WX
Capacity: 6 guests 
Price: £24 per hour 
Travel: 12-Minute walk to shudehill tram station 

Suitable for:
Meeting room 1 is a small room perfect for those small and intimate crucial business meetings. The room is small; however, it never feels cramped but rather an ideal amount of space for the number of people needed for the meeting you’re hosting. Room 1 was explicitly designed in mind for meetings and has the right technology for all of your needs. Host your next meeting here, and you’ll leave knowing you accomplished the right tasks within the right space. 


8. Roof Terrace @ Colony Jactin House

Location: 24 Hood street, Ancoats urban village, Manchester, M4 6WX
Capacity: up to 180 guests 
Price: £420 (9:00-17:00)
Travel: 12-Minute walk to shudehill tram station 

Suitable for:
With a great view and open space, the roof terrace at jactin house is an excellent venue for an event with a large group of guests. With the spaciousness, the roof terrace is perfect for corporate parties, product launches, seminars or networking events as it allows your guests to intertwine and mingle in an open space. This space is a great place to hold your next event as it inspires creative thinking and relaxing your guests in an area that they can feel comfortable in, which in the long run will boost turnout and the popularity of your next event. 


9. Side Room @ Twenty Twenty-Two  

Location: Dale street, 20, Manchester, M1 1EZ
Capacity: up to 100 guests 
Prices: from £200 per half day 
Travel: 1-minute walk to lever street tram station and an 8-minute walk to Manchester Piccadilly  

Suitable for:
The side room at twenty twenty-two is a great place to take your guests for a casual and entertaining event that will bring out their creativity as well as their inner child. The ping pong bar is a relaxed area for your guests to mingle and engage in the odd game of table tennis to spark up some friendly competition. Still, other than that, it’s a great place to host events such as corporate parties, team getaways, workshops and product launch parties. The side room has a modern aesthetic that will allow your guests to be as productive at your event as they can but without the constraints of feeling like they’re stuck in an office.


We chose Manchester for this list due to its abundance of venues that would be perfect for any event you wish to throwSadly we couldn’t put every great venue Manchester has, but instead, we picked these venues to show you a more comprehensive range of venues that Manchester can offer. Whether it is your first event or you’re an event planning master, these venues are perfect for anything you could throw at them. We at Helm always try to show you what’s available. Still, we love seeing when event planners who use our services find a venue that they have found themselves to encourage exploration of new venues and unique events. 

9 Whacky and unusual venues across the U.S

9 Whacky and unusual venues across the U.S

With the United States spanning a massive 3.8million square miles, there is an abundance of venues for you as the event planner to choose. This list won’t show you every option available in the U.S.; however, it aims to show you the wide range of unique venues available for your future events. If you’re looking for venues that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, look no further. Sit down, grab a beverage and your event planning notebook and let’s look at nine whacky and unusual venues across the U.S.  

1. Free Gold Watch: San Francisco  

Location: Free Gold Watch, 1767 Waller St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States 

Free Gold Watch is an excellent venue for any event planner who wants to show off their geeky side and have their event take place in this tucked away arcade with over 50 pinball machines available. Free Gold Watch started as a t-shirt printing shop; however, they started accumulating pinball machines over time and became the largest pinball arcade in the city. This pinball arcade is an excellent venue for networking events, team building getaways, small workshops and general mixers. This space has the versatility and flexibility to cater for both formal and informal occasions. The arcade is a venue that encourages friendly competition and collaboration, which not only boosts your event’s productivity, but it’s one that your guests will honestly remember. 


2. House of eternal return, meow wolf: New Mexico 

Location: 1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507, United States  

House of Eternal Return resulted from George RR martin buying a vacant bowling alley and leasing it to a team of 135 creative artists known for creating elaborate and interactive art installations. The House makes its guests follow a narrative in which an extra-terrestrial event causes the nature of space and time to warp; thus, creating 70 otherworldly interconnecting rooms, including luminescent caves and an enchanted forest. The House of Eternal Return is possibly the most unique venue for an event such as team building workshops, mixer parties or whacky product launches. This space will awe your guests into a productive and creative trance that will transform their way of thinking and elevate your event’s success. Creativity is the name of the game at the House of Eternal Return, so enable the inner creative and wow your guests by hosting your event here. It’s an out of this world experience that your guests won’t forget! 


3. Trinity place bank vault 

Location: 115 Broadway, New York, New York, 10006, United States  

Own the vault at Trinity Place Bank Vault! A hidden, swanky bar set within an old 1904 bank vault in the heart of New York’s financial district. Take your Guests to a swish bar steeped in history. At each end of the bar at Trinity Place Bank Vault, there remain the original 5-inch-thick steel walls, which will give your attendees the sense of how impregnable the old vault was. Trinity Place Bank Vault is the perfect place for an exclusive networking event, product launch or fundraiser event that will show your guests you mean business. Its modern jazz style bar area will be an excellent place for your guests to unwind and mingle and for your event to flourish. Secure your guests at Trinity Place Bank Vault and take them to an unforgettable venue full of drinks, food and history. 


4. The Blue Lounge, museum of pop culture 

Location: 325 5th Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98109, United States 

The Blue Lounge is ample space for intimate gatherings ranging from small workshops, business meetings, networking events, and general mixers. The Lounge is a contemporarily designed space with balcony views of Sky Church within the museum itself. Your guests will enjoy this space’s intimacy and its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere but without the feeling of being cramped or stuffy. The Lounge comes with elevator access to the central galleries, meaning you can take your guests around the museum, stun them with iconic exhibits of pop culture and then head back to The Lounge and dazzle them with your presentation. This space’s atmosphere is perfect for inspiring your guests to create new and iconic ideas that will inspire. 


5. Garfield Park Observatory 

300 N Central Park Ave, Chicago Illinois 60624 United States 

This hidden gem right in the centre of Chicago is a stunningly beautiful venue to host your event.  When in a big city, it’s hard to find a place where you can relax and feel like you can breathe some fresh air; with the Garfield Park Observatory, you can relax and feel at ease surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful flora. Why not give your attendees a walk on the wild side in this venue and host your own: product launch, workshop, conference, business meeting or networking event in this jungle in the city?  With 2 acres of indoor greenhouse space, you can be sure that your guests have the freedom to explore both the Gardens and your creative concepts, which you can proudly show off within this “landscape art under glass”.  


6. Treehouse Point 

Location: 6922 Preston-Fall City R.D. S.E., Issaquah, Washington, United States  

Twenty miles from Seattle resides treehouse point, a small eco-resort home to 6 unique treehouses that offers beautiful views and hosts activities like hiking and winter activities. Treehouse point feels like an adventure world away from the city and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which will reflect in the productivity of your: product launch, team getaway, seminar and workshop as the restraint of city ideas and city thinking no longer apply. Creativity is the main aim of any event you host as the event planner so take your guests to the forest, where the foundations become the foundation of your future ideas. 


7. Slate NYC

Location: 54 West 21st Street NYC 10010 

Slate New York is an exclusive bar and lounge within the heart of Chelsea. Slate offers your guests a fun and entertaining space where your attendees can unwind from everyday business and let out their inner child with the area, including ping-pong, bowling and an indoor 20-foot slide from the upper to lower levels of the building. This venue is perfect for networking events, business team getaways and informal, intimate gatherings. Slate is an excellent place where your guests can relax within a dynamic 16,000 square foot space that will allow your guests to unwind. Your event at Slate can show that you work hard and play hard. 


8. Seattle Space Needle 

Location: 400 Broad Street, Seattle, WA 98109-4607 

The Seattle Space Needle is the perfect venue to stun your guests with picturesque views of Seattle as well as the Olympic and Cascade mountains across the skyline. The Needle, with the world’s first glass revolving floor, will sweep you off your feet at a staggering 500 feet above the city. Every level of this venue will heighten your guests’ creativity, and the views of the city are an awe-inspiring addition. Whether you’re hosting product launches, seminars, workshops, networking events or mixers, the Needle is undoubtedly a perfect fit. Night-time events are also ideal at the Needle, with the astonishing views providing a relaxed atmosphere. 


9. Museum of Neon Art 

Location: 216 S Brand Boulevard, Greendale, California 91204, United States 

The Museum of Neon Art was founded in 1981 by artists Lili Lakich and Richard Jenkins and now is home to a wide variety of Neon signs. This collection consists of signs from Brown Derby and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and upcoming neon artists. With over 5,000 square feet of space, you can dazzle your guests with the bright, colourful neon lights which inspire creativity and artistry. The Neon art collection is the best backdrop for various events ranging from product launches, networking events, seminars and workshops.  


At Helm, we try to inspire creativity within you as the event planner to inspire the same creativity within your guests through the venues you choose. And we feel the best way to do that is to use unique venues that isn’t just bland old office space but a bold statement that speaks volumes about you and your event. Much like those who sailed on the mayflower all those years ago, we urge you to take the Helm and explore new ideas and venues that you may never have thought about before to make your event the best it can be.  

9 Free or Low-Cost Venues in Auckland

9 Free or Low-Cost Venues in Auckland

Situated on the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is a diverse and multicultural city. It’s known as the City of Sails. With its wealth of architectural landmarks and varied cultural institutions, it’s a centre for all events – cocktail parties, conferences, art performances, weddings, meetings, gala dinners, and so much more.

No matter how big or small your upcoming Auckland event is, you can find the perfect venue for your event in this colourful city, be it contemporary or traditional. And if you’re on a tight budget, we’ve listed down the best free and low-cost venues for hire in the City of Sails.

1.  The Attic Bar and Restaurant

Location:       1st Floor, 53-57 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Auckland
Capacity:       Contact venue
Price:             Free (Minimum order required)
Nearest Bus: 1 minute from 29 Tamaki Dr



The Attic Bar & Restaurant provides an excellent free venue for hire for functions of all types and sizes. Perfect for dinner and drinks, engagement parties, birthdays, corporate functions, and any other celebration you can imagine, the venue can accommodate your event requirement for small or large functions.

It offers excellent food and bar options. You can choose from À la carte, set menu, platters, or canapés for food. And bar options range from regular service (cash bar), open bar, to champagne station on arrival. It offers an extensive choice to meet your taste, your guests, and your budget.


2. Woodside

 Location:       639 Great South RD Manukau City Auckland
Capacity:       96
Price:             Free (Minimum order required)
Nearest Bus: 2 minutes from 18 Ronwood Ave



Woodside is a free venue hire gem in Manukau, Auckland.

It’s a modern Kiwi bar and restaurant offering its private upstairs venue for no cost with just a minimum spend on catering. This offer also comes with their team of professional event organizers doing all the work for you – so you can sit back and relax while the Woodside teams handle all the hassle.

Accommodating up to 96 people, the venue also comes with a state-of-the-art AV system, bathroom facilities, and a fully stocked bar all to yourself.


3. Fort Takapuna – The Barracks

Location:       170 Vauxhall Road, Narrow Neck, Auckland 0624
Capacity:       20-50
Price:             $19-24
Nearest Bus: 1 minute from Old Lake Rd/Handley Ave



Built initially as large open dormitories during World War II in 1939, The Fort Takapuna Barracks underwent a restoration project and was brought back to life for the community. It now serves as an event space for multiple occasions as the barracks feature three different large rooms.

You can hire The Barracks for a whole range of activities such as exercise classes, meetings, and often as a popular choice as wedding receptions as the reserve next to the venue offers stunning views of the Narrow Neck beach.


4. Fickling Convention Centre

Location:       546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland 1042
Capacity:       10-80
Price:             $24-110
Nearest Bus: 3 minutes from 471 Mt Albert Rd



Conveniently situated near the junction of Mt Albert Road and Mt Eden Road on Three Kings, the Fickling Convention Center offers many different function spaces perfect for a range of events.

You can book your wedding reception or conferences in the large spaces, while you can also hold small gatherings or meetings in the venue’s small bookable spaces. Prices range from $24 per hour on the small rooms and large halls up to $110.

Depending on your event and budget requirements, the Fickling Convention Center has something for you.


5. Mt Albert War Memorial Hall

Location:       Councillors Drive, Mt Albert, Auckland 1025
Capacity:       200-270
Price:             $55-69
Nearest Bus: 2 minutes from Opp 790 New North Rd



The Mt Albert War Memorial Hall is a large venue situated next to Rocket Park and is popular for large exhibitions, events, and social functions.

The hall features a stage with an accessible toilet, podium, piano, and tables and chairs. It’s an airconditioned space with natural light beaming from its large windows, making it ideal for events requiring a spacious and light vibe.


6. Athol Syms Hall

Location:       11 Griffin Avenue, One Tree Hill, Auckland 1023
Capacity:       20-40
Price:             $27-34
Nearest Bus: 4 minutes from Gillies Ave/Melville Park



With a maximum capacity of 40, the Athol Syms Hall is an intimate venue for hire made for meetings and small group activities.

It’s perfect for small celebrations. There’s also a kitchen available at the venue, which makes it ideal if you’re planning to host a small dinner or lunch party for your friends and family.


7. Papatoetoe Town Hall

Location:       35 St George Street, Papatoetoe
Capacity:       300-350
Price:             $47-59
Nearest Bus: 1minute from Papatoetoe



This heritage hall, built in 1917, is a popular venue for dance parties and cinema events. A century later, this place is still popular for large functions, events, and community gatherings.

The main hall and supper room can be booked off-peak at $47.20 and $59 per hour for peak times.

If you want your event to have a touch of the traditional and cultural side, the Papatoetoe Town Hall will surely hit the spot.


8. Lake House Arts, Takapuna

Location:       37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, Auckland
Capacity:       12-60
Price:             $20-57
Nearest Bus: 1minute from 4 Fred Thomas Dr



The Lake House Arts Centre is composed of seven different beautiful spaces that you can hire for a whole host of occasions and needs. It’s a unique venue for meetings, training, art workshops, small conferences, and product launches.

With its stunning gardens, free parking, and accessibility to Auckland City, Lake House Arts Centre is an ideal venue that makes the loveliest setting for an indoor or outdoor function.


9. Aaiotanga Community Space

Location:       Shop 2F, 22 Emily Place, Auckland City Centre AUK 1010
Capacity:       40
Price:             $10-70
Nearest Bus: 1 minute from 80 Queen St



If you’re looking for an intimate workshop space, The Aaiotanga Community Space is a warm and comfortable venue that nicely holds groups from 4 to 40. While it’s perfect for workshops, it’s also ideal as shared office space and can have up to six desks.

All venue hire options include power and access to WIFI, digital projector, and whiteboards.

8 Low-Cost Venues In Austin, Texas

8 Low-Cost Venues In Austin, Texas

Austin, The Live Music Capital of the World

Known for its eclectic live-music scene, Austin, Texas’s state capital, is a vibrant metropolitan area offering entertainment, art and culture, great outdoors, and exceptional food. This historically rich city started as a post for Spanish colonists and is now thriving and known as the fastest-growing large city in the US in recent years.

With such a diverse and dynamic background, Austin hosts a wide array of venues for different events. If you are an event planner trying to look for the best places to hire in Austin, you’re in luck. We’ve listed down 9  beautiful and budget-friendly venues for hire in Austin, Texas:


1. Training Reception Room of The Sententia Vera Cultural Hub

Location:       4002 E. Hwy 290 @ Sunset Canyon Drive, Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Capacity:       40
Price:             $65/hour (Minimum of 1 hour)
Nearest Bus:  12 minutes from Scenic Brook/Kirkham


Constructed as one of the first green buildings in Dripping Springs, the Sententia Vera Cultural Hub features 1.5 wooded acres, 5000 sq. ft. of coworking, shared flex space, a training reception room, and a coffee lounge and bar.

The Training Reception Room is approximately 600 sq. ft. and can hold up to 40 people. It’s perfect for corporate meetings, training, and workshops. In booking this space, you’ll have access to the outdoor backyard patio for every event break. It also comes with Smart TV, projector, and screen. You can book other areas in this venue depending on your needs.


2. BohoHouse ATX

Location:       South Austin, Austin, TX
Capacity:       35
Price:             $ 75/hour (Minimum of 2 hours)
Nearest Bus:  1 minute from 8116 S 1st/Mairo



This beautiful living room space features cathedral ceilings and tons of natural light. It’s the ideal space for booking photoshoots, intimate gatherings, meetings, or even a peaceful retreat.

The BohoHouse has a full modern kitchen with plenty of counter space for cooking and preparing food. You’re welcome to use the space’s WiFi, Smart TV, speakers, and record player. With its .4 acres of fenced space, the backyard comes with natural foliage, cedar trees, a fire pit, and a hammock. It’s perfect for pet parties and retreats!


3. Yoga/Dance Studio in Mueller

Location:       3823 Airport Blvd. Suite D, Austin, TX 78722
Capacity:       12
Price:             $ 50/hour (Minimum of 1 hour)
Nearest Bus:  1 minute from 1906 38th Half/Airport



This brand new studio near the Mueller area in Austin is a 1000-square ft. of dance space and lobby area. With adjustable lighting, three overhead fans, and Marley flooring, it’s paired with big, white concrete walls perfect for projections.

The yoga/dance studio is perfect for fitness events and ideal for small-sized events like romantic date surprises, baby showers, rehearsals, and photoshoot sessions.


4. Hill Country Home ATX

Location:       Terrace Mountain, West Lake Hills, TX 78746
Capacity:       15
Price:             $ 150/hour (Minimum of 3 hours)
Nearest Bus:  8 minutes from 3825 Lake Austin/Enfield



Hill Country Home sports stunning hill country views with abundant natural light coming through its large windows. It’s a modern home with mid-century décor that is cantilevered from the hillside centered in a heavily wooded area.

If you want a beautiful location for your next video or photoshoot, the  Hill Country Home is an ideal option as every single corner of this space is just simply stunning. It’s also a perfect venue for team offsites and intimate parties, with add-ons available to suit your event needs.


5. Gusto Studios

Location:       2309 Thornton Rd UNIT M, Austin, TX 78704
Capacity:       15
Price:             $ 90/hour (Minimum of 3 hours)
Nearest Bus:  5 minutes from Broken Spoke Station (NB)



Gusto Studios is a newly re-purposed studio in the Thornton Road Studios Complex sitting at South Austin’s heart. It’s an old-school space with Greg Davis’s works, a National Geographic Image Collection Photographer, adorning its walls.

If you’re looking for unconventional and beautiful space, this studio can host small to medium-sized events, including celebrations, meetings, workshops, and fundraisers. Hiring this space comes with a kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, and hi-definition projector/screen with surround sound.


6. Game Plan Entertainment

Location:       4175 Friedrich Lane, Austin, TX 78744
Capacity:       2-200
Price:             $199-219


If you want to host a unique event, the Game Plan offers a one-of-a-kind experience. You can book this space that comes with arcade games, table games, VR and video games, as well as a yard for over-sized games. Whether you’re planning to host a big corporate event or a child’s birthday party, hiring this space is sure to deliver excitement to your guests.


7. Pioneer Farms

Location:       10621 Pioneer Farms Drive, Austin, TX 78754
Capacity:       250
Price:             $ 250/hour (Minimum of 4 hours)
Nearest Bus:  15 minutes from Crossroads Station (SB)



Experience the colorful past of Texas at Pioneer Farms. If you’re looking for a beautiful venue for weddings, special occasions, business or family affairs, or filmmaking projects – this historical space is ideal and set at competitive prices.

Pioneer Farms offers turn-key services to accommodate your event needs from tents, chairs, lighting, and linens. As a history museum offering a large backdrop set in unique wooded acres, you can design the perfect occasion fit for you and your guests.


8. Central District Brewing

Location:       417 Red River St. Austin, TX. 78701
Capacity:       85
Price:             $ 125/hour (Minimum of 4 hours)
Nearest Bus: 2 minutes from 515 Cesar Chavez/Red River



If you’re looking for a fun and hip atmosphere for your private party or corporate event, Central District is a beautiful event space that can meet your event needs.

Located in the heart of downtown, close to Austin’s busiest districts. With a seating capacity of 85 and plenty of standing room, it’s a perfect place to host large events. The venue offers craft beer made on-site and other beverages at standard menu pricing. A full-service caterer is required for table service, large groups buffet service, or passed appetizers.  Space rental includes picnic table seating with benches, projector with screen, and microphone.