Consession Season Ticket

Membership Length: 6 Months

£200.00 every 6 months

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Full Membership Information

Concession season ticket for Plymouth City Patriots. Ticket covers championship and first round cup game but excludes additional cup and playoff games as these cannot be guaranteed.

As part of this season the club will be moving venues at some point and therefore by purchasing your season ticket you agree to this change.

Terms and Conditions apply

A concession season ticket for Plymouth City Patriots requires you to qualify for the concession.

e.g. You will be required to show your concession ID along with your season pass upon request

- Student Identification card

- Public service identification etc 

- NHS Card


- Blue Badge 

- Services documentation

- All the above to be accompanied by photo ID and relevant paperwork

Failure to provide the above or prove eligibility for a concession ticket may result in your ticket being cancelled or a request to pay the difference to a normal ticket. Fees may apply