Release Notes

Here you can find details of our latest releases, including new features, fixes and improvements. Be sure to check out our Product Roadmap to vote on what comes out in future updates!
12:00 11th June 2018.
  • Memberships: This functionality is now in testing and will allow organisers to charge a recurring fee to members and give certain benefits to them, such as an amount of free or discounted tickets for any event the organiser runs. If you are an organiser interested in our memberships functionality, please contact us here.
  • Multiple embeds: Previously there were potential issues when embedding multiple widgets onto the same page when in Safari on Mac or iOS
  • Dashboard homepage graphs: Fixed an issue which caused incorrect figures to appear.
  • Discount code pricing: In rare scenarios, discount figures would appear incorrectly despite being charged correctly. This is now fixed and discounts appear correctly throughout the checkout process.
12:00 24th May 2018.
  • V2.2.0 consisted of various development improvements.
10:00 20th April 2018
  • Event brand and styling customisation tool: Event pages and calendar embeds can now be customised to suit your branding. Styling can be set for all events (Found under ‘Tools’ in the left hand sidebar of the Dashboard) or just one (Found in the ‘Tools’ module of the event). For support customising your events, check out the helpdesk article.
  • Maximum amount of tickets per event: You can now set a maximum amount of tickets that are available on a per event basis, whilst not having to specify a “Total Tickets Available” per ticket if, you do not wish to. Once the maximum number of tickets for the event have been sold, all ticket types will automatically sell out.
  • Order notes – You can now add a note to any order – all notes are only viewable by you. Notes can be added from the Orders Overview page by clicking on the ‘Notes’ icon or from each individual order page. Notes can also be added from the offline orders processing page. Any note that’s added to an order will also be shown on the guestlist CSV.
  • Tickets breakdown on the event overview page – we’ve updated how the number of tickets sold is displayed, making it clearer and easier to see exactly how many tickets have been sold – this will be really useful when utilising the new maximum amount of tickets feature.
  • Performance tweaks – We’ve updated a few key areas of the dashboard that required some speed enhancements, particularly for events with high volumes of orders.
  • Accent Mark support for venue addresses – We’ve updated the validation to allow accent marks, such as the trema, umlaut, macron, circumflex, etc. to be utilised and saved.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes here and there (not as many this time!)
  00:00 6th March 2018
  • Mailchimp integration: Found under “Tools” in the dashboard. Sync event attendees to Mailchimp lists, create campaigns and view reports.
  • Copy any existing event: This can be done through the ‘My Events’ dashboard.
  • Delete events: Provided you haven’t sold tickets yet!
  • Copy tickets: This function can be found in the Create/Edit Event process.
  • Cancel Free Tickets: Free offline and online orders can now be cancelled, with an email notification being sent to the customer.
  • Improved refund functionality: This now allows the organiser to add a note against the refund and the option to email the customer to inform them of the refund.
  • Improved filtering and searching: Making it even easier to manage orders and events.
  • Creating & editing events: streamlined process & easy venue address search.
  • Dedicated refund policy: This custom section now helps you make it even clearer for your customers.
  • Improved event calendar embed: Found under “Tools” in the dashboard – search and order your events. 
  • Update your details: You can now easily update your email address and password from the “My Profile” page in the dashboard.
  • Improved card payments:  It’s now even easier for customers to input their card details, especially on mobile devices.
  • General performance improvements, both in the dashboard and the ticket buying process.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes (those pesky things! 🐜)