RFVS' 10th Annual International Conference & Are You Raw Curious

Jul 19, 2024 at 15:00 — Jul 20, 2024 at 17:45 (BST)
Organiser: Raw Feeding Veterinary Society

Are You Raw Curious Speakers:

Nicole Rous Comparing Nutritional Quality in Real Food Processing
Matthew Muir Wholefood 101, what wholefoods contain, and what they are free-from
Doris Ramisch, Dipl. Soz, Pet nutritionist Essential Supplements in natural food for dogs and cats
Bella O' Connell Nutrition is my primary therapy
Katie McCaul BSc VN Becoming Raw Friendly Practice: Challenges and opportunities

Nutrition and Behaviour - From the Inside to the Outside


Sam Van Eggermond The Interplay between Protein, Carbohydrates and Behaviour
Meghan Barrett Faecal Microbiome Transfer and Behaviour in Pets
Jude McCoy Feeding the Feline Predator: Can a Meat Rich Diet Diminish Hunting Urges?
Nicole Rous Food Energetics and Behaviour
Doris Ramisch, Dipl. Soz, Pet nutritionist Stress and Nutrition in dogs
Katie McCaul BSc VN Becoming Raw Friendly Practice: Challenges and opportunities
Liz Lannie BSc RVN PGDipCABC Is Ultra Processed food affecting our dogs' behaviour?
Nikki Birkett Nutrition and Hormones - a Behavioural Approach
Motje Wolf PhD Self-selecting Nutrition
Andy Hale Food and its use in training
Matthew Muir Nutrient-based psychiatry. They think what they eat
Group Q&A  

For the first time we are joining our two annual events into one big summer seaside event where new real food enthusiasts can join the more experienced. We want to connect as one supportive community and share our knowledge and have some fun.

We are all looking at food in a different way, we finally understand that what we eat has an impact on the way we live our lives. It is time to do the same for our animal companions. This is why the topic for this year's conference is Nutrition & Behaviour: from the inside, out.

For those just learning about species appropriate nutrition we are hosting the Are You Raw Curious event live for the first time with The Best Advice on Raw. If you are new to this event, you can always look at our previous conferences on our website. (passing thought, can we make this a link?)

On Friday evening, we host a traditional Welsh Noson Lawen - similar to an open mic.  If you are a musician, comedian, dancer, poet, magician etc, the only rule for the night is to lose all shyness and enjoy yourself. On Saturday evening, we share an informal buffet and drinks.

Time and Dates:

  • Are You Raw Curious 19th July - 3 pm - 7 pm
  • 10th Annual International Conference 20th July from 8:45 am- 5:45 pm

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