Community Climate Action Toolkit Launch - The Online Event

Jul 11, 2023 at 19:00 — 20:30 (BST)

We want our toolkit to be used far and wide so we are having an online event for those who were unable to attend our event in person.

Are you looking to take action in your local community on climate change or working to support others who are doing so?  

The Toolkit aims to provide practical and easy to use tools and resources to empower a small group of people to take action on climate change in their community.  


The Community Climate Action Toolkit: 

  • Provides practical and easy to use tools and resources on how to set up and develop or refresh a climate change action group 
  • Helps a group understand their local situation 
  • Helps a group move in to meaningful action to reduce future climate change and cope with the change that is already happening 
  • Helps ensure a diversity of views and approaches are considered 
  • Encourages consideration of action at different levels, recognising the value of personal and community action as well as working to influence the wider context 
  • Helps a group find a creative way forward, not follow a defined route (every community is unique!) 

The toolkit stresses the importance of systems thinking, complementing other ways of thinking.  It aims to help a group to look more broadly at a situation and embrace the messy complexity of the real world.  

The toolkit was co-authored by Katie Dick and Richard Erskine, who are Fellows of The Schumacher Institute. It has been supported by The Schumacher Institute and the COMMEET fellowship and produced with the help of an international group of contributors and commenters.  

Sign up for an online event on Tuesday 11th July at 7pm to find out about the Community Climate Action Toolkit and to meet others interested in community action.  

The toolkit is available here:  


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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.