1 Day Less-Lethal/12 Gauge Impact Munitions Instructor Course - St. Louis, MO

Aug 22, 2022 at 08:00 — 17:00 (CDT)
Organiser: Strategos International

1 Day Less-Lethal/12 Gauge Impact Munitions Instructor Course


Participants will train in how to select, deploy, and instruct others in the use of 12-gauge impact munitions from CQB distances to beyond 25 yards. We will deploy a variety of munitions in the context of real-world engagements and learn how to instruct others in these methods. Applications include single and multiple subject incapacitation, crowd routing, and riot control in a patrol, tactical, or corrections setting. This training is based upon current industry standards and best police practices. This course is not tied to a specific brand or manufacturer of munitions. The training applies to any commercially produced rounds. Instructor certification is valid for two years.


Topics, Concepts, and Skills:
· Legal Issues and Use of Force Case Law
· Less Lethal Concepts and Force Models
· Preparing Officers for Engagement
· Correct Verbal Commands
· Targeting Areas and Injury Potential
· Loading, Unloading, and Reloading
· Deployment Protocols and Reporting
· Movement & Mobility Exercises
· Selection of Less Lethal Munitions
·Operational Characteristics & Storage


Each participant will need and must bring the following:
· Pump-action 12-gauge shotgun with improved cylinder or cylinder bore – no choke. Less lethal rounds will not cycle semiautomatics.
· Shotgun should have a sling
· Wraparound eye & ear protection
· Hydration source
· Clothing suitable for outdoor deployment


Regarding our Training Philosophy and Practices:
Our training staff is composed of professional and experienced coaches and we take pride in being students ourselves. We believe in treating everyone respectfully and as adult learners. Our coaches participate in the learning process and we use a building block approach to solidify skills before moving toward more advanced concepts. We believe that “capability breeds humility.” In other words, by achieving a higher level of skill you will be able to better maintain composure while under duress. By managing fear the capable operator will operate more confidently, more quickly, and make better decisions in the stressful environment of a true emergency.

We do not believe in “check the box” training nor do we believe in “lowest common denominator” training. Individual assistance is always available. Those who are not safe and conscientious with their firearms, those who are not willing to be open-minded, receive new information, and try new concepts, and those who are not capable of keeping their ego in check should not enroll in our trainings.

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Ticket Price Quantity
1 Day Pass $375.00 USD (+$19.60 USD booking fee)
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