Trailblazers Mexico

Feb 6, 2022 at 11:00 — Feb 9, 2022 at 15:00 (MST)
Organiser: Trailblazers Presents

Members-Only Inaugural Event: El Ganzo Hotel

Part of the Trailblazers ethos is to step back in order to step into new paths stronger. Our Members Only Trailblazers Mexico event will be our most intimate event we’ve ever had. Our team has booked out the entire boutique El Ganzo Hotel to ensure a meaningful environment and opportunity for every person you meet to change your outlook on life and your business. This 3-night experience with fellow leaders in the industry from across the United States and Mexico, to discuss opportunities in new emerging markets and focus on the trajectory for legalizing cannabis in Mexico. 

Mexico is one of the few countries in the world that has pioneered legalizing cannabis - we hope to bring and share both of our communities’ wisdom, knowledge and expertise to capitalize on best practices, lessons learned, and change the traditional US - Mexico cannabis relationship for the better. With a draft bill to legalize and regulate cannabis planned to be voted on by December 15th, we will very likely see a legalized and regulated cannabis market by this event. The time to dive in is now!

What to Expect in Cabo

  • Work together as Members to define membership and collectively pave the future for what being a member of Trailblazers means and provides

  • Meet with top Mexican entrepreneurs, family offices, investors, regulators and operators focused on regulating and legalizing cannabis in Mexico in 2022

  • Immerse ourselves in the culture, wisdom, and insight with local experiences and local organizations being a cornerstone of our itinerary



To join us in Mexico, please purchase Trailblazers Membership, which will sign you up for automatic registration emails for Trailblazers Mexico.

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Ticket Price Quantity
Ocean View King $4799.00 (+$211.16 booking fee*)
Ocean View Shared Room $3599.00 (+$158.36 booking fee*)
Balcony King $5099.00 (+$224.36 booking fee*)
Terrace King $5199.00 (+$228.76 booking fee*)
Jacuzzi King $5499.00 (+$241.96 booking fee*)
Master Suite $5899.00 (+$259.56 booking fee*)
Large Suite 1 Bedroom $6099.00 (+$268.36 booking fee*)
Very Large Suite 1 Bedroom $6499.00 (+$285.96 booking fee*)
Large Suite 2 Bedroom $9499.00 (+$417.96 booking fee*)
Very Large Suite 2 Bedroom $11099.00 (+$488.36 booking fee*)
Spouse Add-On $2999.00 (+$131.96 booking fee*)
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