Crafty Crows ~ Online Poetry, 'THE TRAWLER 2021 & Special Awards Night'

Dec 1, 2021 at 19:00 — 22:00 (GMT)

The Gloucestershire Poetry Society presents a special edition of our online poetry event, 'Crafty Crows', hosted by Josephine Lay & karlostheunhappy, on Wednesday 1st December 2021, from 7.00pm until 10.00pm, 'THE TRAWLER 2021 & Special Awards Night' (Technical stuff by Jason Conway).
No open-mic tonight...
Please be aware that Crafty Crows is recorded, and subsequently posted via youtube...
There will be two awards made this evening, a 'Community Arts Award' for outstanding work within the community, and a 'Poetry Award' for an outstanding success in the poetry field.
Poems were selected (trawled) for The Trawler 2021, from the Gloucestershire Poetry Society (GPS) group Facebook page. The first GPS anthology, The Trawler 2020, was a great success; enabling promising poets to publish their work for the first time. So, we repeated the process, and here are a further ninety-five poems (posted between June 2020 and May 2021) by sixty different poets. As before, some of the poems are rough diamonds, in need of some polishing but they are of sufficient worth to be included within these pages. Many of the poems are first drafts, but each poem has an element: a style, a voice; or some content or passion that caught us as we read.

We hope you’ll enjoy these poems which were penned and posted with an enthusiasm for the written word. The poets hail from all parts of Britain as well as from France and the Netherlands - some from as far away as Tasmania, Australia, India, Togo and the US.

The Trawler 2021 features the following poets, many of which will read their poems at this event, some maybe reading for the first time...

Adele Ojier Jones, Akon Nouhry, Alby Stockley, Annalisa Jackson, Ann-Marie kurylak, Ann D Stevenson, Becky Who, Ben Poppy, Brian Reid, Carol Sheppard, Catrice Greer, Charlie Markwick, Chloë Jacquet, Chris Barber, Clare Walters, Clive Oseman, Darryl John, Derek Dohren, Devlin Wilson, DrayZera, Drea MacMillan, Franchesa Kirkpatrick, Gabby Wiest, Gemma Crow, Ian Paulin, Isobel May, Ivor Daniel, Jason Conway, John Aubry, Jonathan Robert Muirhead, Josephine Lay, Julian Roger Horsfield, Katherine Grace Hyslop, Kay Hamblin, Kelly Owen, Keren Hermon, Kezzabelle Ambler, Kuma San, Laura Grevel, Lacey Tidwell, Lucia Daramus, Marilyn Timms, Darcy Royce, Matty Blades, Morgan ‘I'm-not-a-poet’ Rye, Nick Lovell, Nupur Chakrabarty, Polly Stratton, Richard Adkins, Robert Lang, Scott Cowley, Simon Townsend, Sue Finch, Sue Winspear, Tish Camp, Tom Cooke, Trevor Valentine, Unknown (c. 17th century), Valerie Hartill, Viva O’Flynn

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