The Corporate Merger Workshop

Nov 21, 2022 at 09:00 — Dec 1, 2022 at 17:00 (EST)

Is your company being acquired?

Or do you plan on acquiring another company?

In the 21st century, corporate America has experienced a significant number of mergers, closures and buy-outs. As an employee of a major corporation, these events often leave us feeling anxious, confused and frustrated.

When corporate mergers take place, often the employees of each company begin to feel territorial over their particular company name and logo; viewing the merging company, often, as a threat to their livelihood. These perceived threats often stem from employees, of either company, struggling to face the organizational changes involving a change in corporate attitude, corporate vision and even issues involving the embrace of new business practices and expectations regarding results that may not have been an issue in the past.

This is why we have created this free event. We have invited some of the leading experts and guest speakers on corporate culture, employee wellness, and leadership. These speakers are going to give presentations that will help you navigate these situations in a healthy and productive way so that your employees do not feel stressed out from the situation.

For management of either company, the challenge, then, is to cultivate a positive attitude about change and work to offset the negative stereotype that often accompanies the merger. For some companies, a successful merger, in terms of employee morale, involves the development of pilot groups within each organization.

With each of these pilot groups in place, discussions with the other merging company can begin. As the two pilot groups merge, the morale and attitude toward merger, often, begins to improve as the peers and co-workers of the pilot group look to them as a guide in the transition. According to Motivation Ping, it is therefore, important to create pilot groups with individuals who are intelligent, self motivated and highly regarded by their peers.

Another way management can streamline and improve the morale and effectiveness of employees during a merger, is to implement a bicultural concept. With news of a corporate merger, management from both companies should begin to embrace the uniqueness of the other merging company and relay a message of bicultural influence. That is to say, management can begin to slowly implement the changes in their own company so as to comply or come into line with the vision and mission of the merging company. Assisting employees, from both companies, through a bicultural thought process will work to make the transition or merger a much more pleasant experience.

The key to optimal outcomes when managing a staff of employees who are involved in a corporate merger is to create an atmosphere that sends a message of concern. One in which the employees feel as if their points of view are important and are considered. Even when we communicate the merger business practices, and they are unpopular, it is not the responsibility of management to continue to try and convince the employees it is right. Instead, relay the messages associated with the merger and give your employees an opportunity to express viewpoints and opinions.

From this, you can develop pilot groups and begin to establish a bicultural message. The key, then, is to create an open forum of communication as mergers, without open communication, often lead to further resentment, anxiety, and confusion among the staff of both companies.

So attend this free workshop for managers and executives where we will teach you the fundamentals on how to handle corporate mergers in a healthy way that keeps your employees happy.

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