Accredited Infection Prevention Expert

Mar 10, 2021 at 13:00 — Mar 11, 2021 at 17:00 (EST)
Organiser: Academy of Cleaning Excellence

Cleaning services, whether contract or in-house, are in a daily battle against an unseen enemy, pathogenic bacteria.  EVERY facility, no matter the type of facility, requires a focus to protect the health of the individuals and the business as a whole.

These illness-causing microorganisms are all around us and preventing them from infecting the public is the reason why you are a key part of the Risk Management team of ANY facility.

Knowing the ‘whys’ of environmental health services advances the abilities of not only the individual but the operation providing these specialized services.

This certification course is designed to inform the student on the particulars required to provide services for daycare, schools, doctors clinics, and many other locations.

Yes, we will talk through the COVID-19 issues and "Best Practices"!

This course focuses on commercial facility maintenance. 

LIVE REMOTE LEARNING Join us from your computer or smart device from anywhere! Class Time is Both Afternoons

Each Afternoon 1 PM - 5 PM Eastern  

Learn from Subject Matter Experts J. Darrel Hicks, David Thompson 


March 10th

  •  The Challenges We Face
  •  What Is Being Done Now?
  •  The System
  •  Terms to Know
  •  Assessing Exposure Risk & PPE
  •  Bacteria and Virus Movement
  •  Dust - What is in it?
  •  Understanding Benchmark Microbes
  •  Pathogenic Organisms
  •  Influenza

March 11th

  •  Staph and Facilities
  •  Healthy Infection Prevention
  •  Chemical Solutions
  •  Prevention Options to Chemical Killers
  •  Decontamination of Infected Areas
  •  Employer Considerations from the CDC
  •  Measuring and Monitoring Outcomes
  •  Donning and Doffing PPE
  •  Conclusion, Exam, and Final Thoughts

** To earn your Accredited Infection Prevention Expert certification you will need to attend all sessions and pass the final exam. **

This is a third-party certification course and instruction is product agnostic. Registered students who pass the required exams will receive a certificate of graduation.

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