FREE Online Introduction to Family and Systemic Constellations for Healing and Growth

Feb 25, 2021 at 18:30 — 20:00 (CST)
Organiser: Minnesota Center for Systemic Constellations

Our times have brought with them a unique sort of adversity, with one difficult set of circumstances piling onto another. These situations can bring up unconscious, undigested trauma, or without clear, kind and wise support, create more. On the other hand, for some these times have pushed us into wondering about or facing our true calling. Many are having a sense that it’s time to ‘step up. Family and systemic constellations offers a new, fresh way to look at and shift these patterns, showing 'life images' of our difficulties and our opportunities - patterns that may have held us in their grip over generations that want now to release. In a very short time, given the intention of the seeker, group members step into the Field and represent the unconscious dynamics of whatever issue is present, and step by step seek to uncover and shift the underlying cause.

Typical questions include issues around family of origin, money, career, calling, abuse, relationships, divorce, suicide, abortion or miscarriage, and many others. This method is especially useful where other methods may have not worked, since a premise of constellation work is that many of these patterns come down through generations (transgenerational trauma), and by and large most other modalities cannot address these types of issues.

This evening will include a short introduction to constellation principles, a chance for everyone who wants to to experience a short constellation exercise, and then a demonstration of how a constellation begins.

Note: This session is free, but please register below so we know how many are attending. Zoom information will be sent the day before the event.

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