Re:Fuel October Open Day

Oct 18, 2020 at 13:00 — 16:30 (BST)


As always, ticket price of £5 is PER CAR (not per person).

To be "COVID safe" we have had to create a morning and afternoon slot and limit the number of vehicles per "slot" to 350 cars for each - this is far fewer vehicles than we normally get visited by so we recommend getting your ticket quickly before you miss out! We cannot wait to see you all! Oh, and yes - you can buy a ticket for both the morning and the afternoon if you wish.

Tickets can be printed or shown on your phone on the gate for admission. They are "one use only" and non-transferable. Once a ticket has been used for entry, it cannot be used again.

Everything and everyone is welcome to visit Re:Fuel, and all tickets are the same - there are no "show cars" or "non show cars".


What is Re:Fuel?

For those that don't already know, Re:Fuel is the Southwest's only dedicated “Cars & Coffee” venue – the home for anything with wheels to come and chill out at the weekends – and it doesn’t matter what you drive, everyone is welcome.

With a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy drinking quality coffee, eating great food and sharing stories of driving, restoration and how you came to own each wonderful machine, Re:Fuel attracts enthusiasts from all over the Southwest. Our Open Days are generally visited by around 500 to 800 incredible supercars, vintage cars, classics, retro rides, bikes, kit cars, hotrods, modern rockets and more.


COVID Security & Special Measures

Before COVID-19 hit, we were open to the public on the third Sunday of every month, and we were set to start opening more often. You could turn up whenever you liked and stay for as long as you liked. Obviously we needed to start things up carefully to avoid presenting any risk to the public or the Re:Fuel team. So, with this in mind, things will TEMPORARILY be a little different.

How will it be different?....

Although normally you would just turn up on the day, to comply with the government's "test & trace" rules, we need to temporarily pre-ticket admission. Also, there will be two time slots - one for the morning (9.00 until 12.30) and one in the afternoon (13.00 until 16.30).

We will also sadly be unable (again, temporarily) to offer our usual gate tokens that you would normally get to either keep or exchange for a free drink once inside the venue. This is mainly because it became very difficult to construct a contactless / COVID-safe handover of these and also for you to exchange them if you wished. However, to help soften this minor temporary issue for avid Re:Fuel fans, we have opted to "absorb" the ticketing platform fees (i.e. Re:Fuel pay them rather than you having to pay them added on top of your £5 entry).

We will of course have social distancing and extra public health measures in place too, to make sure we're keeping everyone safe. All food will be takeaway only until further notice, and be contactless payment and collection. There will also be 2m distancing in the queues for food, and a one-way system in place.

Tickets need to be printed for showing on the gate for admission (or can be shown on your phone), and are "one use only" and non-transferable. Once a ticket has been used for entry, it cannot be used again.



Please remember to adhere to 2m social distancing at all times and take note of all safety signs shown. Mansell Raceway, where Re:Fuel is held have also requested that, currently, face masks should be worn by visitors at all times.

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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.