Selling my lovely PUBG mobile account only 500 tickets available

Oct 19, 2020 at 06:00 — 23:59 (BST)

 Hello and thanks for stopping by. I have my lovely account for sale,a bargain,trust me, because some personal issues I have to sell it, I wouldn't want to sell it but I have to,I will enumerate the features down below:
1: Account level is 79 (playing since season 2)
2: 5515 Achievement points
3: Pharaoh suit level 4 ( you have a kill message on every single thing)
4: 10 upgradable weapons:
    Call of the wild M416 lvl 1
    Pharaoh's Might M24 lvl 1
    Kukulkan Fury Kar98 lvl 1
    Blazing Cameleon Bizon lvl 1
    Dessert Fossil AKM lvl 4
    Lizard Roar M416 lvl 2
    The Fool M416 lvl 5
    Glacier M416 lvl 6
    Ethereal Emblem UZI lvl 5(max)
    Forest Raider Groza lvl 5(max)
    14 extra Materials to upgrade weapons
5: Victor character lvl max & Carlo lvl 1
6: 135 outfit sets (14 Mythic)
7: 26 Helmets
8: 31 backpacks (1 Mythic) 
9: Aegis UAZ level 6 upgradeble (looks awesome,but you can modify it if you want)
And many more, I've invested 7500£ + but like I said , unfortunately I have to sell this account. I can promise you that you will love this account and your friends would love it as well and maybe envy you a bit ?
You can check the full video of my account on my Facebook page ‘I Am BOOM’ or my you tube account ‘Iam BOOM’ on the following link:
 When the 500 tickets will be sold I will be doing the draw live on my Facebook page Iam BOOM

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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.