Tree Circles - the importance of trees. A two session online conference

Jan 21, 2021 at 14:00 — Jan 22, 2021 at 16:00 (GMT)

The 1st day will be mostly theoretical. We will have presentations on the ecological value of trees, the importance of trees in capturing carbon, trees around the world, which types of trees to plant, trees and biodiversity. This will include social, well-being and health aspect.

The 2nd day will describe two initiatives: One in India with Social Change and Development (SCAD) and the other in Hungary run by GreenDependent Institute (GDI).

There is a small charge for this conference that will go towards tree planting in both locations.

Day 1

Veronika Kiss and Ágnes Zólyomi will talk about the importance of trees from an ecological perspective, including but not limited to climate change. They will discuss how they are importnat from an ecosystems perspective, what other significant services they provide, and how they can be integrated even into our built environment.

Veronika Kiss is an expert in the quantitative assessment of ecosystem services and monetary valuation methods. She is in her last year to receive her PhD in environmental economics after 10 years of research and policy experience in the international environmental arena. She is also an ardent mountain climber and a mum of two. In a former position, Veronika initiated the creation of the Resource Cap Coalition, which brings together European organisations advocating for a global resource use reduction,

Ágnes Zólyomi has been an expert of the European Commission and several international NGOs on ecosystems, green infrastructure, nature-based solutions and climate change adaptation. Her key areas of expertise are related to qualitative ecosystem services evaluation and environmental policies. She is also a certified organisational developer and facilitator.

Both Veronika and Ágnes have been taking responsibility for their international air travel through working with the TreeDependent programme in Hungary. Thus, they contributed to the planting of native fruit trees in school gardens. You can read Ágnes' story here:

Day 2

Edina Vadovics will talk about the TreeDependent programme initiated and developed by GreenDependent in Hungary. She will talk about how the programme started 10 years ago in an effort to make GreenDependent's own events more responsible with the involvement of participants, and how it has since developed organically and is now offered as a service for others to support them in their effort to make their lifestyle, travel or events more responsible. Edina will also discuss how the TreeDependent programme is different from other available carbon offset solutions.

Edina Vadovics is the research director of GreenDependent Institute, a nonprofit research and action organization in Hungary. With a background in education and environmental management, sciences and policy, she has been working in the area of sustainable lifestyles, communities and social innovation. She has also worked as an external expert for the EEA, UNEP, and IGES, contributing to their key publications on sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles.





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