TRIBE - Turning Reading Into Business Excellence

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin


'Readers are Leaders' 

The leadership benefits of reading are so clearly known, businesspeople who want to grow personally and professionally would be wise to take advantage of the trend. This group will help you become a better reader, commit to reading, grow relationships, learn from diverse perspectives, and become a better conversationalist. They can be good for the mind, good for leadership, and good for business.

Tribe is not a book club in the traditional sense as we use smart tech to summarise the books so you save hours reading and listening. This time is better spent on implementing the learnings into your business. Instead, our monthly sessions (with the actual  authors attending on a quarterly basis) will focus on how we apply this to the business. We'll learn together and as your Coach I'll hold you accountable.  I call myself a Resultant and I want to ensure you improve yourself and your business. 


The only place where Earning comes before Learning is the dictionary. The Tribe was created to meet MONTHLY for 2 hours to enable business owners and entrepreneurs to:


  • Learn new insights form the world’s best business and non-fiction books.
  • Latest Apps called  'BooksinAction' and 'Productivity Mentor' will save you time so you focus on implementation.
  • The authors will join us  each quarter which is unique to Tribe.
  • Put learning into practice to improve yourself, your team and your profits.
  • Benefits from a group of motivated and pragmatic people that encourage learning and implementation in an energetic and  supportive environment.


In joining this group you agree to abide by the rules of the TRIBE which centre on a commitment to read, learn, share and implement.




  • sharpen intelligence, make you a better communicator, and improve emotional intelligence
  • Latest Apps from Mentorist to help you capture learning and create habits. 
  • book clubs make it easier to commit to systematic reading habits
  • Groups help reinforce that commitment.
  • Accountability Coach and Buddy groups.
  • If you believe in the benefits of reading but have a hard time developing a habit of reading, public commitment to a group might be just the accountability you need.
  • reading in community can help you read more deeply and better understand diverse perspectives
  • discussing these books with a diverse group of friends or colleagues can expand the way you think
  • building and deepening relationships through shared learning.
  • book groups can make you a more comfortable and confident in professional discussions, whether these are group work with colleagues, boardroom presentations, or even team meetings
  • First meeting will agree core topics then we select the book we wan to read for next time.
  • We breakdown what we’ve just read and hunt for clues that we can apply to our daily lives and mindsets. We try and focus our discussions around what the book can positively lead to, rather than whether we simply liked it or not.

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