**thelovemaze.com Speed Dating Party Online** Offline Party

Join the party, experience the virtual experience together, face to face!

Note: You don’t have to join the offline party to participate in the online part. But if you do prefer to meet, a profile and RSVP in LoveMaze is required to attend: https://thelovemaze.com/events.

thelovemaze.com Speed Dating Party Online:

NO, it's NOT a video chat. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced, it’s LoveMaze’s monumental contribution to human love empowered by modern technology. Stable matching — reveals the best prospect you can secure from the group. Gamification — tests compatibilities based on your natural and genuine psychological tendencies and preferences. Virtual—enables you to stay true to self and be free from the sway of physical attraction and the distraction of real-world noises. Science — better than a crystal ball, it combines Mathematics, Psychology, Behavior, Social, Relationship, Compatibility; love is a complex subject. Fast, easy, powerful, effective, and fun — 30 minutes go a long way in the virtual world!

The Speed Dating Parties Online is for you to — Get a true sense of each other and the probability of success before you fall in love. Grasp what matters in the long run and whom your true counterpart should be for a happy uplifting life.

Join the party, cut through noises, get down to the fundamentals, see through a reality lens, identify your one-and-only for life.

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