NMC OSCE London hospital training - for nurses, by nurses - 3 day course

Organiser: IELTS Medical Ltd

** We're happy to present our Outstanding NMC OSCE London Hospital Training Review Course 

Only ten pre-registered international nurses will join our UK Registered Nurse Clinical Educators and OSCE trainers in London for this "outstanding" NMC OSCE course. As one of Our Nurses you can look forward to extensive coaching, guidance and continuous feedback to help you pass your NMC OSCE on your first attempt... we guarantee* that too. Our NMC OSCE course is practical and takes place within an NHS hospital in order to simulate the environment of your test day and your first day in practice. Here's what we'll provide to you: 

Precourse - access on registration

An interactive portal that features videos, quizzes, fact sheets and collated OSCE links.

A pre-course book, in the post, that guides you through the pre-course preparation that you need to do in order to be successful.

The Course

Day 1 is classroom based and features a day focused mainly on the APIE stations. You'll learn excellent techniques to use to help you pass these stations with flying colours.

Day 2 is a Skills day (including ANTT; Basic Life Support; Peak Flow; Fluid Balance, In-hospital Resuscitation, Removal of Foley Catheter; CSU Sample and IM Injections and the brand new skills introduced by the NMC in November 2019).

Day 3 is a mock NMC OSCE exam where you'll be presented with scenarios that you will likely encounter as a UK Registered Nurse.

Post Course Care

The connections you form with our Nurse Education Team, the iOS/Android App you have access to and the Whatsapp support you have from our Nurse Education Team will see you through your exam preparation and the exam itself... Just like we've seen *hundreds* of nurses through so far. 

Our pass rates are really high and our OSCE training team is professional and dedicated. We’d like to help you succeed.

2019 OSCE Nurses (who are ALL practicing in the UK) had this to say:

Choosing the IELTS Medical was no doubt one of the best decisions I made in my life!
I passed my Osce on my first attempt!!
This 3-day intensive course I did with them was just brilliant!! All thanks to Nonny and Claire!!
I couldn’t have asked for any better trainer than the amazing, Claire..She was always upto date with her knowledge..ever so respectful and calm and patient with us all. Great study and practice materials too!! I would definitely recommend this institute to the overseas nurses looking for osce training. You won’t regret it guys!!
June, 2019


My experience with ILETS Medical has been amazing. Thanks to the untiring effort and mentoring from your teaching team, especially Claire, the excellent training resulted in my achieving the successful outcome with the first attempt. Thank you so much, Claire! And all you nurses looking to take the OSCE exam, save yourself and purchase this programme first. You won't regret it!

July, 2019


Being a pre registered nurse in UK yet to take the OSCE meant adapting to the NMC UK standards of care- fast! I am grateful to Jehovah Almighty for this pass.
I am also thankful to IELTS medical for the intense 3 day training. The course instilled in me the confidence I needed to further study on my own, apply what I learnt on the unit and utmost importance, prepared me for the exams.

November, 2019

So here's the plan:

Step 1: Take the first step and Register with us.

Step 2: Connect with your Nurse Education Team Mobile and Online (Receive your access to Your Online Portal > Receive Your Precourse Book)

Step 3: Come and meet us (Learn the strategies your need to succeed & PRACTICE)

Step 4: Pass your OSCE examination the 1st time

Book now or for more information or longer alternative (Midwifery and Paeds) course options visit www.oscenurses.com or call the IELTS Medical team on 0203 637 6722 opt 3.

*Terms Apply.


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