Cycling Injuries & Bike fit

Mar 28, 2020 at 09:00 — Mar 29, 2020 at 16:30 (GMT)

Day 1: Cycling Injuries

This Cycling Injuries Course critically examines both man and machine (Intrinsic & Extrinsic factors) in detail to help Therapists understand both clinical and mechanical impacts on cycling injuries. It is designed to complement our unique 3-Step Integrated Bike Fitting Course – and runs over the same weekend. When combined these two workshops to provide a very comprehensive understanding of the injury mechanisms (cause) associated with common cycling related overuse injuries and how therapists can go about treating, rehabilitating and preventing overuse cycling related injuries. 

This course is also recommended for coaches and mechanics who want more in site into the rider, how they function, and what to look out for regarding injuries that way help with bike fit or training programs


Day 2: Introduction to Bike fitting

This is a introductory CPD course into scientific Bike Fitting that critically examines both man and machine in detail i.e. using a 3-Step Integrated Process designed to help therapists, coaches and fitters further understand how Bike Fit can be used to treat, manage and prevent cycling related injuries. It is designed to complement our unique Cycling Injuries Course – which runs over the same weekend. Unlike the few other UK based (mechanically orientated) Bike Fitting workshops designed specifically for Cycle Mechanics and Technicians, we place great emphasis on the clinical aspects of Musculo-skeletal Screening of the rider and common problems with the bike and the rider that are linked with common cycling injuries.

Please note this is an introduction to bike fitting, not a full qualification.  You will gain 20 points per day with the international bike fitting institute (IBFI)

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