Effective Communications Skills

Jun 3, 2020 at 09:15 — 16:30 (BST)

This practical one-day training course will help you to communicate effectively, appropriately and clearly in all situations.

You will develop an understanding of the impact that your communication skills have on other people, and how improving these skills can improve relationships and make it easier to get better results.

What will I learn?

Effective communication skills are the cornerstone of success. Everybody, no matter what their job is, requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills. If you want to progress you need to be able to express yourself clearly and to listen and understand the needs and wants of others. By tuning into your audience you will learn to develop your message for clarity and impact.

You will learn how to develop positive working relationships, create rapport and feel confident around others. As an effective communicator, you will be great at getting others to open up and discuss feelings and emotions, handle difficult conversations appropriately and feel less pressure when communicating with others.

By the end of the training course you will be able to:

  • Understand the communication process
  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Understand the key aspects of communication attitudes that can be portrayed – aggressive, assertive, passive and passive aggressive.
  • Identify your personality type and communication preferences and how these impact communication
  • Understand and apply Neil Rackham's Behavioural Analysis model to improve your behaviour and success of your internal and external communications
  • Use appropriate techniques to influence others and develop more collaborative working relationships
  • Handle difficult conversations with confidence
  • Analyse and utilise body language to your advantage
  • Listen actively and effectively and use appropriate questioning techniques

Is it for me?

If you would like to improve your communication effectiveness, be understood and create positive working relationships then this is the course for you.

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Effective communication skills delegate £199.00 (No booking fee)
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