Getting the *Law of Attraction* to work for you - the SECRETS!!!

Sep 11, 2019 at 18:30 — 21:30 (BST)

[In the private VIP Bar downstairs - EARLYBIRD ONLY £5 entry includes a free drink at the bar! Arrive from 6.30pm for a 7pm start. £10 on the night.]

Welcome to the Law of Attraction Cardiff meetup group where you STOP unconsciously and uncontrollably projecting your fears and where you START deliberately and effortlessly projecting your dreams into reality, easily and naturally!

Whether you´ve never heard of it or you´re experienced you´re super welcome to our transformational group since you´ve got the tools you need to consciously shift your unconscious mind towards the driving seat of your car!

We are Matt and Rebeca, relationship coaches with our own framework that we created to heal our clients based on the Law of Attraction and with which we see every day how people create miracles in their lives just by making some little tweaks!

In our meet up we will cover the hidden traps that day after day people face in unconsciously and inadvertently using the Law of Attraction against themselves, just because they have no idea how to use the gifts they have as spiritual beings living in a human world! In learning this you will automatically and naturally allow everything you want into your life without exhaustingly forcing anything!

You will learn:

- Attraction, manifestation and projection!
- Destiny, fate, future, karma, law of attraction and will power!
- The astonishing power of our focus of attention and what people don´t understand of what attention means!
- The magnificent power of our emotions and, super-importantly, how to manage them to drive our car!
- Decision making process: what people have no clue they´re doing against themselves!
- Your spiritual compass towards your dreams!
- ALIGNED, the Seeds of Love: the methodology that we created to transform our clients lives in any area of their lives!
- We´ll give you homework to project until the next meet up when we´ll review your LOA skills!

After the previous successful LOA meetup where we unleashed the first step to effectively project your dreams, we are delighted to invite you to discover the second step of the process where we will make a quick reminder of the first step and will immediately immerse into CULTIVATION: all you need to know to align your subconscious mind to your conscious so you can naturally and effortlessly slip into the third step of this exciting process that will inevitably allow your dreams to come into the physical reality!! How exciting is that?!

Watch here our LOA videos!!

With Love & Fun,
Matt & Rebeca

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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.