How to Perfect Emailing In Your Business

Nov 5, 2019 at 10:00 — 16:00 (GMT)

At the very heart of Simply Great Britain is the desire to support small, micro, indie & freelance businesses to shine bright in a world that needs them. Emily (founder and entrepreneur) has travelled your journey and uses her years of experience to bring you a special day that is a game changer. Find out about Emily here.

Email has never been more important. Imagine a situation where the owners of your social media channels decide to go offline or change their algorithms beyond all recognition? How would you stay in touch with your audience? How would you be able to tell them about a new product, service or launch?

Although many people have been worried about emailing people after GDPR, Mailchimp remains a powerful tool for a small business owner to use to stay in touch with their audience. Often it can be used for free and allows you to gain a loyal and bought in base of people who buy from you and share your content.

This workshop if for a maximum of 15 people because we think small creates more wisdom, inspiration & space to learn. This workshop will help you dig deep on your brand, story and relationship building as well helping you creating a customer journey to delight and build business. It is also a practical, step by step training session to learn how Mailchimp works, how you can legally collect data and email your audience, best practice for content and how to turn audience into customers.

This friendly, interactive and fun workshop will include the following:

  • Digging deep into your brand and story
  • Understanding your audience like a best friend
  • The importance of building relationships that last
  • How to use Mailchimp without wasting time or making mistakes
  • How to manage your data to save time & get results
  • Best practice for collecting data
  • How to attract people to subscribe
  • Best practice for creating an engaging email that converts
  • Top tips on opt in ideas and exciting content

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