TAKE THE LEAP - Digital Technology Grants - IDA Experience Walk Through

Jun 14, 2019 at 18:00 — 19:00 (ACST)

IDA is offering a walk-through of the Digital Technology Grants process.  IDA are one of the 3% of 20,000 applicants who were successful in their application for the Queensland Small Business Digital Grants Program.  The Queensland Small Business Digital Grants Program is offering up to $10K in funding support for small businesses.  IDA would like to encourage you, and your small business, to take the leap and apply.


IDA will share with you that:

  • You're not too small
  • You're not too unimportant
  • You're not too common
  • All businesses started out somewhere
  • And most importantly - how you can TAKE THE LEAP and apply for your own small business grant to grow your business!


The live feed will walk you through the application process, sharing tips and tricks along the way.  This is a must watch for those businesses who are wanting to grow their business capability through the implementation of new software and hardware.


About the Presenter  

Lisa MacFarlane owns and operates IDA.  Lisa MacFarlane has also had experience securing over $4M in funding over the past few years for a number of organisations through business development and tender writing projects.  Lisa is a sole trader and is very passionate about helping small businesses.  In addition to considerable experience in the education and business sector, Lisa holds qualifications in Advanced Business, Management, Human Resources and Adult Teaching in Australia and New Zealand.


Common Questions

How do I participate? - Once registered for the event you will be sent an exclusive link to a facebook private page where the event will be hosted live for your viewing. 

What if you can't make it to the Live Event?  -  Having confirmed payment you will be added to the mailing list, receive a link to the event and able to watch the Live Video at your convenience.  The live post will be available to review at your convenience until the Digital Grants Applications close on June 26th.  

What if I have zero profit right now?  That's ok - IDA will share how even the smallest businesses can be supported provided there is potential for your business to make a positive impact on your community.

What happens after I book?  Using the email you register with, a link to the event will be sent to you an hour prior to the event.

Will I be able to write my own grant application after the event?  Yes.  The event will walk you through the entire application, includetips to manage transparency in your reporting during the process of carrying out your digital technology purchases and tips on how to write your end report.

Can't IDA write my application for me?  In short - yes.  But time is limited and we are already working with a number of small businesses.  At the end of this session participants can be confident that they can write an effective application without IDA's help.  IDA would prefer to support you by reviewing your application prior to submission and give you tips on effective business writing to ensure your application effectively communicates your intent.


Grant applications close at 5pm on  26th June 2019. Don't miss out on affordable help from a small business who has experienced success in this area.

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