Family Constellations & Core Cellular Healing Workshop on Tuesdays

Jul 2, 2019 at 18:30 — 21:30 (IST)

Family Constellations is a deep healing process where we are diving deep into the family energy field and ancestral line and bringing into the open anything that needs to be resolved and bringing healing to the whole family line. At the workshop we are going to integrate it with another very powerful technique Core Cellular Healing: ancient active living mystic Celtic invocation - very powerful energetic and transformational process which not only releases and clears old behavior patterns, pains, emotional distress, traumas and anxieties, limitations and blockages but also breathes new fresh pure energy, love and light into the cells of your body, mind and soul.

Through birth all of us become part of a family. When we dive deep into the memories that are within our family energy field we will find that some issues that we are struggling with were already present in our family over generations. Quite often we are not aware of these forces that affects us and makes us behave in a certain way. If unresolved this invisible force influences the fate of the descendants over many generations.

Be the one that stops the CYCLE OF TRAUMA passed from one generation to the next. You are just one step away from HEALING and being your greater self.

This healing is going to take place in a realm that’s beyond the mind. Expect going deep into your body and energy field to discover, heal and transform.

Experience high transmissions of life force energies to release and heal trauma, sickness, negative and limiting programming to powerfully transform and heal your life in a profound way.

Every Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm in Dervish, 50 Cornmarket Street, Cork (small room) except 21/05, 11/06, 18/06, 23/07

€35 - Employed (for unemployed/low waged donation based)
€110 - Booking 4 Tuesdays in advance 
To book your spot it is necessary to pay a non refundable deposit of €10.


Marija Nuic,MA psycho-spirtual therapist and, intuitive energy healer & medium.

Marija's healing journey started with the 4 year psychology education. Immediately after that she continued with the 4-year program of Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Therapy where she was trained in energy healings according to Barbara Ann Brennan method and Integrative Psychotherapy. The following year she was in training to become a Family Constellations facilitator. In her love for dancing, sensuality and self-love she founded and created Pole Dance Therapy. Her journey continued with an intense and transformative training for Core Cellular Healing with Ger Lyons for the last 2 years. Marija dedicated her life to healing and therapy through different modalities. She is working in Ireland individually and with groups.

"I am here to assist you if you hold any WOUNDING that is looking for your attention. I am here to help you to go deeper into the wounds, to slowly release the pain that created the blockage and was maybe even created by something very traumatic that happened to someone in your ANCESTRAL LINE, or in your childhood. I am here to help you heal with LOVE, with CONNECTION, with deep believing in something greater than ourselves. Be the one that stops the CYCLE OF TRAUMA passed from one generation to the next. You are just one step away from HEALING and being your greater self. Don't hesitate and CONTACT ME if this resonates with you."


Email or call 0874416753
Join us if you feel called. 

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"I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about it... so instead of finding words to describe the profound healing, I will just share a bit about how this process deeply affected my life.
No matter where I was, what I was doing... I ALWAYS had a deep sense of guilt and shame... I always had this nagging feeling that I was “ going to get caught, or be exposed “ for what??? I could never get to the root of it. I would address this feeling over and over again in my healing processes. It would subdue... and get quieter, but it was always there, lingering....
I am happy to report that after this healing experience in September... this has officially been addressed, and I no longer entertain that deep rooted seemingly ridiculous nagging feeling.
Marija gently and compassionately guided my process, with such grace and patience along with my fellow participants. She and the way she applies this work has been a major blessing in my journey, I am eternally grateful.
I am moving forward in life with a new sense of worth.
This work with Marija has changed me to the core, and continues to play out in such an amazing way. I feel truly blessed to have experienced the deep healing that occurred for me.
With all my heart, THANK YOU for creating such a safe container to heal within, for all you are and all you do.
Eternal blessings."

"Marija is such a skilled and insightful facilitator. I would recommend her work to anyone whether they are flourishing or struggling. She has a gift for seeing people in a way I've never experienced before. Marija's ability to understand the core issues of humanity and also the uniqueness of every individual in her care is so beautiful to see and feel. Powerful woman doing powerful, loving work."


"I went to a family constellation facilitated by Marija I had an open mindset with no agenda or anything to focus on. I participated in one family constellation, in this I got to experience the feeling of energies and emotions other than my own all this resulted in a surreal experience. Nearing the end Marija of my own constellation Marija prompted me to step in and replace the person representing me, when I did all I can say is wow for there I got clarity on something I never expected that was absolutely fantastic and reliving. I did leave that evening with a high inner energy its something I cant explain.Don't take my word for it but if you've got something troubling you or a question unanswered.... Contact Marija and have your own family constellation It just might complete your story. What's more all this is carried out by a very professional facilitator in a pleasant and understanding manner.....Thank you Marija.




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