Scottish Grappling Invitational 5

May 18, 2019 at 17:00 — 22:30 (BST)
Organiser: Scottish Grappling

Scottish Grappling Invitational 5

SGI 5 takes place on the 18th of May at the Community Central Halls, Maryhill on the 18th of May. The main features of the event is our 8 team "Square Go" Elimination tournament. 

1st Annual Square Go Team Elimination Tournament sponsored by Rashguards.Org

12 Gauge MMA
Dundee MMA
Rick Young's Black Belt Academy
Straight Blast Gym


Current Fight Card (subject to change)

Show start - 5:45pm
Square Go Quarter Final 1 - Griphouse vs Rick Young's Black Belt Academy
Kevin Read (SMAC) vs Lewis Pennie (Dundee MMA) u60kg No Gi
Square Go Quarter Final 2 -Marcos Nardini BJJ vs Dundee MMA
Charles Johnston(SMAC) vs Max Freyne (Imperio Fight Team) u80kg No Gi
Square Go Quarter Final 3 - 12 Gauge MMA BYE
Roy Shields (Checkmat) vs Callum Burke (Aberdeen Combat Centre) u65kg No Gi
Square Go Quarter Final 4 - Straight Blast Gym vs NEJJ

20 Minute Interval

Barry Munro (SMAC) vs Sean Middleton (Origin BJJ) u65kg Gi
James Coggs (Griphouse) vs Andy Baker (MNBJJ) u80kg Gi
Jamie Harvey (Checkmat) vs Patrick Rowan (Origin BJJ) u85kg No Gi
Square Go Semi Final 1 - QF 1 Winner vs QF 2 Winner
Lorna Kinnoch (Rick Youngs BBA) vs Lisa Gagarina (MNBJJ) u65kg Gi
Square Go Semi Final 2 - 12 Gauge MMA vs QF 4 Winner

20 Minute Interval

Lewis Cunningham (Hellfish BJJ Cumbernauld) vs Adam Hill (Higher Level MMA) u85kg No Gi
Majid Gilani (Checkmat) vs Craig Guthrie (Aberdeen Combat Centre) u85kg Gi 
Mike Hunter (SBG Moray) vs Hubert Keipas(MNBJJ) u70kg No Gi
Stevie Waye (Chimera MA) vs Dean Begg (Gracie Barra Fife) u70kg No Gi
Square Go Final - SF 1 Winner vs SF 2 Winner

Rules of the Square Go

Each team will consist of 5 competitors. The maximum weight limit for a team is 400kg and can not be exceeded (this averages at 80kg per competitor). The team captains will each submit a running order for their team. Both competitors selected as first in the running orders will face off in the first match. If a competitor wins by submission they stay on to face the next athlete on the running order from the opposing team. If there is no submission both competitors are eliminated. This will continue until all members of one team are eliminated. Matches are 8 minutes long unless one athlete has a 20kg+ weight advantage over their opponent, in which case the match length is 4 minutes. Standard SGI No Gi rules apply for all Square Go matches. The winning teams from each quarter final will advance to the semi final and final rounds which will take place at SGI 6 on the 17th of August.

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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.