Perspective-Shift for Self-Discovery Workshop Experience Sedona Event

May 31, 2019 at 10:00 — 16:00 (MST)

Connecting to Practical Personal Transformation via in-depth Experiences

In this Workshop-Experience you'll come to discover what you yourself deem important, meaningful, and significant. Through the way the workshop is structured, you'll connect with yourself in different ways. The key to this Experience is you, we assist and facilitate you to connect to your deeper self and your own deeper values.

The workshop will lead you to automatically discover a deeper understanding of yourself and what's important to you in an actionable and useable manner you can take home with you and use in your every-day Living. Actual real tools to enhance who you feel on a regular basis and can access at any time. This workshop offers much more than we can easily say here. It's a deeply transformative Experience which brings forth your spiritual and deeper Self, to make those aspects of yourself available to you to constantly enjoy.

Participant Benefits & Value:

Meaningful for You
Deep and Profound Value
Life-Changing and Transformative
Eye-Opening Insights, Discernments, Understandings
Practical Usefulness by Bringing The More into Everyday Living
Actual Real Tangible Results to Take-Home
Extending & Impactful Self-Discovery
A New View of Self and the World
Significant Perspective-Shifts
Take-Home Action-Lists
Fun & Enjoyable

This Workshop Experience Event is on-demand, taking anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on the level of engagement. We'll arrange times and dates suitable for you, any time from 10 am onward. We host groups of 10 or less in our home and larger groups by arrangement in venues like the Sedona Creative Life Center.

We also offer customised workshops on request, such as follow-up consolidations and integrations or tailored workshops for groups such as corporate retreats etc.
Topics include:
Development of Solid Sophisticated Core-Character
Living-Via-Attunement and Anomalies
Anxiety and Worry Management & Reduction
Retraining the Brain through Emphasis
Spiritual Vocabulary Discernment and Exploration
Living as a New Noble
Being a Life-Detective and Trust
Immersive Recounting of Memorable Events and Significant Experiences

More info:

Connect to Practical Usable Personal Transformation via in-depth Experiences and Understandings. Self-Discovery Project
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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.