Marconics - The Human Upgrade - Talk & Sample sessions

Jun 8, 2019 at 12:00 — 13:30 (BST)
Organiser: Rupi Sahib kaur & Reiko Nori

Wecoming in the New Marconic Energies!

Reiko and Rupi are happy to announce that we will be doing a series of talks and running energy sessions on Marconics  starting on 8th March at 5.30 -6.30pm at Buddha on a Bicycle Covent Garden so please join us for an interesting and informative time. 

If you are feeling like you are here for a greater purpose but are not quite sure exactly what then check out Marconics. you have hit the ceiling spiritually and are looking for something different that aligns you in your own Individual truth- check out Marconics. 

As a light worker if you are now ready to fully step into your divinity and anchor into your mission - check out Marconics!

MARCONICS is a new (since 2012) multidimensional Ascension energy healing modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity – The Human Upgrade

Marconics is heralded as “The Vehicle of Ascension” and the Evolution of Energy Healing. As we move into higher light vibrations of the new Golden Age, many are struggling to assimilate those energies due to the density of the physical form. Marconics helps people to drop the density from their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, by raising their energetic signature so they can thrive in the new energy.

Marconics is the liberation of humanity from this phase locked time matrix and into Ascension without death transition!
Marconics is your permanent connection to the Source and gaining Sovereignty! Never to power down and becoming like negative ionic generator transmuting lower vibrational energies wherever you are assisting ascension not only for you but for all! 

Come and find out why Marconics is apart from all the other energy modalities.

We  are running a Marconics Level I Practitioner Certification training class up on 23-25 March in London . To register for that class please visit UK PAGE

To learn more about Marconics please visit

If you want to host us at your healing space or studio please feel free to contact us on and we will be more than happy to do so.

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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.