Ditch the Diet Webinar

Jan 15, 2019 at 18:00 — 19:00 (GMT)
Organiser: Wakeman Nutrition

Have you dieted before? Did it work? Did it last? Are you at a loss as to what to do next?

If you are fed up of living in the land of forbidden foods, are confused and stressed about what to eat and not eat then I invite you to join my 1 hour webinar dedicated to diets......and ditching them for good.

This webinar is for you if you........


  • Stress about your food choices

  • Constantly think about your next meal / snack

  • Skip meals

  • Have a love hate relationship with your scales

  • Automatically think how you can make a recipe healthier by lowering the fat, sugar or Calorie content

  • Beat yourself up after 'over indulging'

  • Feel stuck in the eat-diet-repeat cycle

  • Feel the need to exercise more when you eat too much


I will explain how the diet industry works; how it lures you in and plays on your insecurities. I'll explain why it's so easy to get caught up in the never ending diet-blowout-diet cycle - you are definitely not alone and I can get you out!

I'll explain why dieting makes your body fight back. Learn what happens to your metabolism, appetite and those annoying voices in your head!

Join me for a safe, confidential and open discussion about food and how powerful it can be in our lives. I will answer all your questions and explain how you can learn to let go of food rules and fears.

This will be a very friendly and informal gathering where you can talk about your experiences if you wish to, but there is no pressure to join in if you don't want to. Grab a cuppa, come listen and learn if you no longer want to be ruled by food.


Once you have booked a place, you will recieve instructions and the link to join the webinar, via email

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Mel Wakeman

RNutr. MSc.

e: mel@wakemannutrition.com


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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.