Inspiring Change - Sunday June 10th 2018 - A Medley of Talks and Events - Afternoon

Sun, 10 Jun 2018
02:00pm - 04:30pm
Organiser: Mind Fitness Learning Ltd

Medley of Talks and Events

Talk by Phyllida Earle of Safely Held Spaces
Safely Held Spaces is an inspirational organisation that helps people who are experiencing mental health distress find safe, compassionate and supportive spaces in their local communities.

Always Tell Someone – A short film by Nigel Simmonds
This animated film encourages children to tell a responsible adult when a grown-up is really shouting at them or other children who they are with. Talking to the right people about problems can make them go away and make you feel much happier.

But Why? – A sketch by Charmaine Bourton

Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Mental health - Mica Montana and Ronnie Pratt
An introduction and overview of the neuroscientific research into meditation and mental health. What does meditation do to the brain, and why has it been found to have overwhelmingly positive results in those suffering from mental health issues?

Steep Rain – A film by Freewheelers

Self Acceptance - Seminar by Ian Martin
Unconditional self-acceptance is a ‘direction of travel’ and not a destination. When we depreciate ourselves as a consequence of emotional crises, brought on by depression or anxiety, choosing to accept ourselves as fallible human beings is a challenge and a relief.

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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.