Inspiring Change - Sunday May 20th 2018 - Evening

Sun, 20 May 2018
06:00pm - 10:00pm
Organiser: Mind Fitness Learning Ltd

An evening of four plays

The Art of Being Well by Bloomin Arts
Movement, poetry and group art work come together to explore what makes us feel well. From our environment to friendship, through helping others, being part of a community and our own philosophy of life. Join us on our journey of wellbeing.

In Search of Happiness by Big Act Theatre School
This term The Big Act Theatre School senior group have been exploring the question "How do we find happiness?" Our creative process started with asking others for their own favourite quotes, mantras and philosophies, which led to a journey through literature, characters, poetry, song, dance, religion, fables and folklore, and ended up with us devising our own Wonderland, where we are all lost like Alice, all utterly mad as Hatters, and all searching for someone to sit with us in the dark.

Out of the Shadows by Prospero Theatre School
A brave and ambitious play devised and performed by Prospero Theatre School. Making it they wanted to draw upon their own experiences and those of young people they knew and had heard about; young people whose mental health had been affected by bullying. This is their Fight Song.

Me My Selfie and I by Jonathan Dorf, performed by Woldingham School
We live in a world of social media, one in which we seem to be recording our every experience. But are we making memories or missing out on them? Through a series of scenes and monologues—everything from stalking a celebrity crush in a restaurant, to a most unusual art exhibit, to creating that last, best selfie—we meet a group of teens who are struggling to find the balance between documenting their lives and living them.

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