NEW: Payout frequencies and on demand payouts

We’ve updated the way you receive your payouts on Helm Tickets! You now have more control over when you receive your funds and can select the payout frequency that best suits you.

These new features allow you to access your funds when you need them. It’s completely up to you which frequency you choose.

To change your payout frequency, your account must be verified, billing details added, and you must also have received 3 previous payouts on our default monthly schedule.

The payout frequencies available are:

  • On demand
  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Monthly (default)
  • Quarterly

If you need a quick cash boost, just request an on demand payout and get your funds without waiting for payout day! There’s a small fee for on demand payouts (2% of the payout amount, capped at £50/$50/€50), but you’ll have instant access to your funds. All other payouts remain free to process.

You’ll also now get a new updated, clearer statement, to show you which funds you’ve received.

Sign in to your Helm Tickets account to see the new options. Click on ‘billing and payouts’ under your profile picture to choose which option you’d prefer.



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