How to market your event on Facebook

Jul 19, 2019 | Featured, Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Facebook isn’t just the world’s favourite social media platform, it’s also a powerful events hub. With 490 million people using Facebook events every month, it’s the discovery site many people turn to when they want to find out what’s going on in their area.

Naturally, Facebook is also a competitive space for event marketing. Last year alone saw 38 million events created by Facebook Pages. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of other events competing in the space.

To stand out, you need to know a few fundamental things. Facebook’s display algorithms reward events that are listed and advertised in particular ways.

So here are a few of our tips to help you market your event more efficiently on Facebook.

Optimise it for mobile

You don’t just want people to find out about your event. You want them to buy tickets.

Since the majority of Facebook traffic takes place on mobile, you’ll want to make sure your checkout process is mobile-optimised. The user shouldn’t have to pinch and zoom to read text or make a purchase. The “buy” button should be easy to find and click on a small screen. The form fields must be mobile-friendly.

Taking these steps reduces friction for users and makes it easier to checkout. In fact, events see a 160% lift in conversion with mobile-optimised payment processes. With Helm Tickets the event page we create for you and the whole checkout process is already mobile optimised.

Charlotte Allkins | Marketing Assistant

Charlotte is the Marketing Assistant for Helm, coming from a design background she loves creating all types of content. Discover more of her blogs, as well as, many others here!


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