Ways On How To Improve And Grow Your Event Promotion on Twitter
When it comes to trends, latest news and updates, Twitter is the place to go. So, if you want your event to be up there in the list of trendy hashtags and topics, you need to work on your promotional efforts on Twitter.


When it comes to trends, latest news and updates, Twitter is the place to go. So, if you want your event to be up there in the list of trendy hashtags and topics, you need to work on your event promotion on Twitter. But, if you’ve tried and you only get occasional mentions, then it’s time to up your game. To help you out, we have listed the top expert ways event planners can improve and grow their event promotion on Twitter.


1.  Determine Your Event Tweeter For The Day

First off, assign a person in your team to be an event tweeter. This would be someone whose only job is to tweet the 5Ws (what, when, where, why, and who) and H (how) of the event. You can use your event or brand account to pull someone you trust to handle the tweeting. Next, list down what they need to tweet about to give as much exposure to your event as possible.

Since tweets have character counts, make sure that each tweet posted contains a link or hashtag that directs them to a page with all the information they need about your event.


2.  It’s All About Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for social media users. A hashtag will want to make people interact. In a study, Dan Zarella from Hubspot shares how tweets with hashtags get more retweets than can be up to 40% than those without hashtags. But, how do you create compelling hashtags? They must have the following qualities listed below:

  • Either six characters long or not, over three or four words.
  • They should be relevant to your event.
  • Make it unique to both you and your event.
  • Make it fun and easy to remember.


3.  Get Everyone Involved

Every tweet helps. So, before your event starts (or even during prep), make sure that everyone already there knows to interact with your tweets and create their own with the hashtag. These people can be your crew, guests, hosts, and others. You may also encourage affiliated entities such as the event location owner to promote your event on their page, etc. With everyone tweeting about your event and using the right hashtags, your event will garner the attention it needs.


4.  Be An Informer Tweeter

There are two types of users in social media – meformers and informers:

  • Meformers – only post pictures about their lives
  • Informers – post tweets that add value and provide information to their readers

Since you’d like to inform your audience about your event, ensure that your tweets provide them with all the information they need. Here, you can make good use of images and links as a solution to the limited character count settings of Twitter.


5.  Evoke Important Emotions Through Tweets

A Harvard Business Review article revealed that five critical emotions make email marketing campaigns go viral. With that, choose at least one emotion from the list below and incorporate them into every tweet about your event:

  • Amazement
  • Admiration
  • Astonishment
  • Interest
  • Serenity


6.  Respond As Much As Possible

If your event has garnered a lot of attention, this will be a challenging task. However, it will be manageable if you’re still starting your promotions. Nevertheless, responding to as many tweets as possible will be helpful in your promotions. Also, make sure to respond within an hour. Otherwise, your audience may choose to disengage with you. Responding will encourage them to mention you and your events more. More tweets and the use of your hashtags mean more exposure.

You don’t have to reply to each comment; people will understand that you are busy a simple like will do.


7.  Utilize Visual Content

Show people what they can expect (during your pre-event tweets) and what they are missing during the event proper. A study by Stone Temple Consulting showed that visual tweets (or tweets with images) get more than double retweets and likes.

The usual event photos are usually those of stage preparations, backstage sneak peeks, speakers and hosts getting ready, guests having a blast, and more. All in all, images that will leave them wanting for more.


8.  Include Your Location

We’ll end this list with an underrated feature on Twitter that is perfect for events – location tagging. These are tweets of updates, photos, and videos with the event’s location. This creates a buzz in said location and more knowledge in the locality.


These are just some of the best ways to go about your event promotion on Twitter. We hope that these simple steps will help your event become a trending success.

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