Top 10 T-shirt Printing Companies in the UK
When it comes to adding personalised t-shirts to your organisation’s next event, custom t-shirt printing is an excellent investment in your event. So it’s critical to thoroughly consider every aspect of their design, function, and availability. We have found 10 UK companies specialising in the three primary processes for T-shirt printing – screen printing, direct […]

When it comes to adding personalised t-shirts to your organisation’s next event, custom t-shirt printing is an excellent investment in your event. So it’s critical to thoroughly consider every aspect of their design, function, and availability.

We have found 10 UK companies specialising in the three primary processes for T-shirt printing – screen printing, direct printing and sublimation. Some of which offer sustainable or recycled clothing, others provide a variety of inks and colourings.

Whether you want to sell loads of bulk T-shirts or simply a custom shirt specifically for your event, we have you covered. Below are the 10 best places to go when you want to print a shirt in the UK.


  1. Monster Press

Since 2008, Monster Press has specialised in screen printing and are committed to producing high-quality work within 7 to 10 working days.

You can choose to have your design printed in plastisol, plastisol transfers, premium standard, discharge, or waterbed inks, as well as a variety of speciality inks such as metallic, neon, CMYK and glow in the dark. Moreover, you can also customise your order in terms of gender, shirt fit, weight, and fabric type.

Aside from printing t-shirts, they also offer printing services for long sleeves, vests, sweaters, hoodies, and bags. Moreover, they also do Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, poly bagging, patches, swing tags, clothing labels, and relabelling. Monster Press requires a minimum order of 20 pieces per design/garment but recommends at least 25/50 for better price breaks.



2. 3rd Rail

Similar to Monster Press, 3rd Rail can screen print your design onto T-shirts, women’s tops, vests, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, activewear, bags, hats, and kids’ clothing. They offer a full selection of conventional artwork sizing templates – such as left breast, centre chest, or all over – to assist you in determining what will work best for your design.

They also offer a variety of basic ink types, including plastisol, water-based, discharge, and transfer, as well as a selection of speciality inks, including fluorescent, cracking, foil, and reflective. Aside from T-shirt printing, they also offer paper printing, live printing, fabric printing, heat transfer, embroidery, and garment finishing.



3. Everpress

Everpress is an online platform that will assist you in creating your custom T-shirt series without any upfront fees. Simply upload your design, select your clothing, and establish your campaign page, which buyers can use to make pre-orders.

The platform was founded in 2016 to streamline the process of creating and selling merchandise. Everpress, primarily targeted towards designers, artists, and the music industry, intends to enable these professionals to sell T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts directly to their networks and fans.


4. Blackwater Studios

For almost 40 years, Blackwater Studios has specialised in screen printing T-shirts, so it’s pretty safe to assume they know their thing.

Blackwater Studios proudly supports the advantages of screen printing over other methods by offering a low minimum purchase of 25 and an easy online buying process. Request an estimate before placing your order, and then browse their assortment of inks and screen print styles. Personalising your order by selecting the appropriate size, colour, and fabric.

Additionally, they offer fantastic T-shirt printing prices, starting at £180 for 50 T-shirts plus shipping. Other than screen printing, they also do embroidery, organic T-shirt printing, relabelling, and finishing.


5. Merch Asylum

While this textile screen printing company is less well-known, it does provide some excellent opportunities for screen printing shirts in bulk.

With the ability to print small or large quantities of products, as well as an in-house graphics team to assist you, you have a few options. March Asylum works with a diverse range of fashion brands in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Most of their jobs are produced on an automatic press, but they also offer manual screen printing for smaller production runs and jobs with unusual print positions. Merch Asylum offers 50 T-shirts with a single colour print for £185.



6. Shirt Monkey

If you’re looking for low-cost direct-to-garment printing in the United Kingdom, go no further than Shirt Monkey. Based in Cheshire, this small business uses its new Kornit printers to print CMYK and white ink onto nearly any fabric type or coloured T-shirt.

Additionally, Shirt Monkey offers “fold and bag” services for each garment before sale. For designers interested in launching an online store, they offer complete bespoke e-commerce design and setup.

Prices begin at £3.25 for 50 or more items (excluding VAT) and increase to £5.00 for less than ten tees.


7. AM Custom Clothing

AM Custom Clothing covers screen printing, dye sublimation printing, and direct to garment printing, but what truly differentiates this firm is its selection of fair-trade, organic, and recycled textiles. Fair-trade fashion is a core value for them, and you can learn a lot more about how they obtain their materials and clothing on their blog and website.

They offer a 5% discount on your first order once you sign up for their newsletter. If you’re printing fewer than 25 plain products, ordering online is simple; otherwise, they recommend requesting a quote.



8. Rapanui Clothing

Rapanui Clothing is another multi-talented business dedicated to sustainability. Initially established for the Rapanui fashion brand, the factory has expanded to include screen printing, direct to garment printing, and bulk T-shirt manufacturing. They’ve worked with brands such as Lush, the WWF, and Bestival to create printed T-shirts.

Rapanui Clothing offers direct-to-garment printing for vibrant graphics and small run sizes. Without incurring additional setup fees, your artwork can be printed in a variety of unique inks. Additionally, they provide artwork guidelines, including PSD, AI, and PDF templates.



9. Printsome

Printsome provides a professional T-shirt printing service with a customary turnaround time of 5 to 10 days with prior clients, including Facebook and Tate.

By purchasing in bulk with Printsome, you may save money, enhance consistency and quality, as well as expand your possibilities. They have a variety of T-shirt brands available for you to customise with your design, and if you’re unsure which one is ideal, their design experts can assist you.

Although they specialise in bulk orders – they accept orders of at least ten prints – you can use their Shop feature to purchase less than ten units. This enables you to create, customise, and purchase products online.

Their website is quite user-friendly, with plenty of encouragement to simply contact them and request a price, as well as a convenient live chat option. However, you can browse their catalogues to get a sense of what they have to offer.


10. Garment Printing

If you desire a quick turnaround, such as the same or the next day, for a small batch run, Garment Printing provides screen printing, sublimation, and DTG.

While Garment Printing may have a strong inclination toward promotional products or low-cost T-shirt runs, it’s difficult not to be pleased with their efficiency and diversity of options.



These websites are ideal for event planners searching for affordable yet quality T-shirt printing, artists looking for new streams to earn from their art, entrepreneurs seeking a side hustle, and trendsetters seeking new places to shop.

Custom event t-shirts are an excellent way to achieve several objectives simultaneously, regardless of the size or scope of your organisation’s event. From big political marches to neighbourhood picnics to societal advocacy initiatives, event t-shirts are integral to fundraising and engagement. Take careful choices with your shirts to make sure everybody feels inclusive and part of your event, making them genuine Brand Advocates!

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