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Discover the tools we have that can help you scale your events when switching to Helm from your existing solution.

Payouts before your event

Receive your payouts before your event. Gain access to important revenues so you can invest your funds back into your event.

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Simple & fast setup

Helm is easy to use and understand. Whether you run large or small events, it’s easy to set up and manage.

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Complete promotion toolkit

Benefit from a free promoted listing on our industry-first event listing site, Fine-tune your promotion with integration with your website and MailChimp to drive sales and scale your event.

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“In the last 18 months, we’ve tripled average attendance and expanded to three festivals, which seemed almost impossible previously.”

Steve, Ellesmere Port FESTIVAL

Switched to Helm Tickets in 2017

Make your dollars go further

As well as giving you more features, Helm will more than likely save you or your attendees money.

In December alone, organizers who used Helm Tickets saved 18.46% per ticket when switching from another ticketing service.

Over the course of an entire event, this is a great saving that you can reinvest back into your event.

Everything as standard

No extra fees, no hidden costs, no plans, no upgrades.

Helm keeps it simple and allows organizers of every size to scale their events.

We’re constantly releasing new, innovative features.

Better website integration

Any event you create on Helm can be integrated with your website. The entire purchase journey takes place on your website and the user stays there once they’ve purchased a ticket to your event.

Full Page

Automatically draw in all event details as they are updated, including images, location, date, time and descriptions.

Box Office

Our most simplistic event widget fits your website with a single link. Customize the colors around your current setup and design.

Event Calendar

You can show a full calendar of your events that updates whenever you create a new event from your dashboard.

Promoted listings

Every organizer that lists a public event gets a promoted listing on our event discovery site, is our very own industry-first promotion platform, listing over 3 million events around the world.

It’s built on the latest version of Google’s SEO tools to ensure high-ranking search results, driving more traffic to your events.

Industry-leading support

Our friendly support team are available around the clock. Whether you need help optimizing your marketing plan or just want to call, our expert team are on hand to help your events scale.

Email Support

Contact our team of experts any time and receive a response within 24hrs.

Phone Support

Schedule a call with one of our team for unparalleled support.

Setting up an event with Helm Tickets has been a breeze. Within 10 minutes I had the event online and generating revenue.

TONYCo-founder, FS Tech Conference

Easy migration

Currently using another service? Get in touch with our team and we’ll migrate your event over to Helm for you. Over 1000 organizers have made the switch in the past 12 months.


Large event or small, local event or global, startup or enterprise, hear what organizers from around the world have to say about our platform and customer service.

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