9 Low cost venues in Manchester

Manchester is a city rich in heritage, notorious for its place in many facets of the UK’s history, however, the most understated part is the city’s wide range of interesting venues. As well as the pricier, well-known venues, like Manchester Central Library (pictured above) and two of the world’s most impressive football stadiums, there are plenty of affordable locations to host your next event.

As well as being surprisingly affordable, many are also professional, allowing you to get the most out of your event. When planning your event you need to consider the surroundings of the venue – being closer to the city centre should mean you’re within reach of a tram, train or bus station. Always consider accessibility, it can often increase attendance.

We’ve compiled a list of 9 professional venues that are within a short walking distance from public transport (cutting the expense of a city taxi). Each venue can cater to a variety of events, from workshops to seminars – they also range from low to medium cost. 

Have a look at the images and click to book or enquire directly with the venues themselves. (Many venues have multiple spaces available so it’s worth having a look and seeing if there’s spaces that can better suit your events’ needs.)

Supernova Headspace

Capacity: 6

Pricing: £25 per hour + VAT

Perfect for: Meetings and training

Travel: 8 minute walk to Manchester’s Oxford Road station

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ihub Office

Capacity: 9

Pricing: £48 per hour or £220 per day

Perfect for: Workshops, seminars, meetings and training

Travel: 7 minute walk to Manchester Piccadilly station

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Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel

Capacity: 16-30

Pricing: From £32 per person

Perfect for: Meetings, workshops, training

Travel: 9 minute walk to Salford Central

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Chamber Space

Capacity: 2-150 depending on requirements

Pricing: £30 per hour or £180 per day

Perfect for: Meetings, conferences, product launches, training

Travel: 8 minute walk to Salford Central

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Calcyo, St James’

Capacity: 14

Pricing: £66 per hour, £330 per day

Perfect for: Meetings, training, workshops

Travel: 2 minute walk to Manchester Oxford Road station

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Thekla - Helm Tickets
Executive Boardrooms, Princess Street Hotel

Capacity: 14

Pricing: £175 per day

Perfect for: Workshops, meetings, training

Travel: 7 minute walk to Manchester Oxford Road Station

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Mezzanine Lounge, Kings Street Townhouse

Capacity: 10-30

Pricing: £250 per day

Perfect for: Workshops, meetings, seminars and training

Travel: 10 minute walk to Manchester Oxford Road station

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Arnolfini - Helm Tickets
Arnolfini - Helm Tickets
The Archives at Victoria Warehouse

Capacity: 350 standing or 300 sitting

Pricing: £29 per person

Perfect for: Conferences, product launches

Travel: 8 minute walk to Manchester United Football Ground railway station

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A slightly ‘off the wall’ option…

Engine Hall, People’s History Museum

Capacity: 200

Pricing: £34.99+VAT per person or from £1,400 per day

Perfect for: Product launches, AGMs, conferences, awards

Travel: 4 minute walk to Bristol Bus & Coach station

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Bristol Aquarium - Helm Tickets
Besides the city’s colourful standing in music and sport, Manchester is also a hub that keeps on growing. So whether you’re a budding startup in need of meeting space or you organise an annual conference, there are tons of affordable venues around the city, as well as those that are a little bit different…

Once you’ve found your perfect venue, begin selling tickets in minutes!

Manchester, low cost venues


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