5 reasons to use Helm Tickets for your Christmas events

We love Christmas at Helm Tickets, and we’re thrilled to be the chosen platform for so many of your Christmas and New Year’s events. Like Santa, we know our organisers have lots to prepare for the big day, and we want to make this as easy as possible. So, if you’re still wondering why you should use us for your festive event, wonder no more.

Here are 5 reasons you should:

1) Get paid BEFORE your event!

At Helm, you will receive your ticket revenue monthly, even if your event hasn’t happened yet. We never make you wait for your payment. We’ve run events ourselves and we know how helpful it is to have money upfront to pay deposits, staff, catering etc. This helps your cash flow and makes running your event easier for you, which is our aim in everything we do. Just think of us as your own little elves.

2) Simple, fair and transparent pricing.

We don’t believe in confusing or unfair pricing systems, so we charge one single percentage amount for our booking fees. We don’t tie you into contracts or plans, we don’t charge extra for any of our features, and we don’t have any hidden fees or charges. Ever. Leaving you with more money to spend on all those festive treats!



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3) Sell your tickets through your own website (or grotto).

With Helm Tickets, you can easily embed your box office so people can buy tickets to your event on your own website. This means more direct visitor traffic to your website and your attendees stay on your site for longer, increasing your potential for sales. We bet Santa wishes he had such an easy system for his grotto!

4) Easy to use.

Our platform gives you access to all the features you need, whenever you need them. All our features are available to everyone (elves included) and you only need one account to handle everything to do with your event – no need to sign up for things like separate payment accounts. You can even synchronise your HubSpot and MailChimp accounts with your Helm account, for even easier use.

5) Memberships.

Much like Santa’s naughty or nice list, our unique memberships feature allows you to set up groups for specific things. You can charge a recurring fee to any members you have, and give them access to specific benefits, like free or discounted tickets. This is a great way to boost your cash flow through guaranteed membership income, and it increases the likelihood that people will attend your events. Much like leaving a carrot and eggnog out on Christmas Eve, making people (and reindeer) feel appreciated helps ensure repeat attendance at your events.

We hope this has helped you decide to use Helm Tickets for your festive events. We’d love to have you on board and we’re happy to help with any questions you might have

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