Basics: How to Create An Event on Facebook
Set up your events on Facebook to reach people, increase attendance, or even sell tickets. About 700 million people market events on Facebook each month.

Facebook, the most popular social media in the world, has more than 2.7 billion monthly users. With that staggering number, it is easily the best platform to use in promoting your upcoming events.

Set up your events on Facebook to reach people, increase attendance, or even sell tickets. About 700 million people market events on Facebook monthly, with 35 million people viewing a Facebook event every day. This makes it easy for every event planner or host to make their events easily discoverable by people.

So how do you set up an event on Facebook? Whether you are creating from a business page or a Facebook personal profile, here is a quick guide to help you.

Creating a Facebook Event:  

1 On your computer desktop, log in to Facebook, go straight to your brand page and click “Create Post”.

2 Choose “Create Event” as the post you want to make.




You can also do this by going to the Events tab under your Page name. In the “Upcoming Events” section, click “Create New Event” in the upper right.



For Event creation under a personal page, on your Facebook homepage click Events on the left sidebar menu.



Then click Create New Event


3. Choose whether you’re hosting an Online or In-Person Event.



4. Input the event details on the left side of the screen – event name, date, time, location, description, and event category (music, food, networking, etc.).

Privacy of events posted on business or brand pages is automatically set to Public.



You can preview the event details you’ve input on the right side of the screen to make sure all the details are correct. 

On the event details of In-Person events, you can choose whether it’s a recurring event and you can input frequency.



5. Click Next and choose the appropriate “Location”.

For online events, choose how people can join your event. You can host through Facebook Live, through external links, or Others.

For in-person events, input the physical location of where the event will be held.


6. Once done, click Next. This is the last part of the Facebook Event creation and where you can edit the cover photo of your event as well as other necessary event settings.

Click Event Settings to add co-hosts or to make your guest list viewable by all invitees.



For In-Person events, you have the option to include additional information on admission tickets. You can input the price or ticket URL on this part.



7. Check that all event details are correct. Click Create Event and you’re done!

8. Upon completing details of your Facebook event, a pop-up will ask if you want to boost your event.

When you boost your event, you can pay for targeted ads to certain audiences that you want to reach.



On your final Event page, you can now share your event link and see event insights – know how many people have seen your event, how many responded, audience data, as well as ticket link sales.

Unlike business pages, events posted from personal Facebook profiles have the option to be shared with friends.



A typical Facebook event should look like this to your audience:


Now that you’ve created your event on Facebook, you can now start inviting guests. It’s an easy-to-use platform that offers great leverage and can be an asset you can utilize for your next big event.

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