Helm Tickets Announces Progressive Parental Leave Policies

May 15, 2019 | Featured, Helm News

We’re proud to announce one of the most progressive parental leave policies in Britain, to promote gender equality and help new parents get off to the best possible start. Helm Tickets now provides up to 9 months of paid leave above statutory pay, regardless of employees’ gender, the gender of their partner, or how they became a parent (biologically, through adoption, or through surrogacy). Up to 6 months of this on full pay, depending on their length of service.

This makes Helm’s parental leave policy one of the best in the UK for new parents, with 13 weeks fully paid and 13 weeks on half pay after a year’s service, rising incrementally to 26 weeks fully paid after 5 years service, and a further 13 weeks on half pay for mothers, fathers, and partners of mothers with parental responsibility.  

This leave is also available at any point in the first 2 years of the child’s life, so employees can spread it out in blocks and reduce their childcare costs in the early years.

Our CEO, Jon Catney, explains:

“Equal parental leave benefits everyone and offers everyone a wider choice about how to raise their children. I was surprised when I found out how low statutory pay is for new parents after the first 6 weeks. This can make having a baby a difficult time for those without high-earning partners, or a good amount of savings.


We want to make sure our staff have the time to bond with their children without worrying about how they’ll manage financially, and we want to make sure our policies encourage men to take time with their babies too.”  

Helm believes it’s important to allow all parents time to fully focus on enjoying their new arrival. It also helps to balance gender roles, as it’s still true that it’s usually women taking the time out of work, even with the introduction of shared parental leave. We want to help men take the time to focus on their families too, and remove the idea that women are always the primary caregivers. By offering paid paternity leave, we give women the choice to return to work earlier than 52 weeks if they want to, or allow both parents to take time off to raise the baby together.

Charlotte Allkins | Marketing Assistant

Charlotte is the Marketing Assistant for Helm, coming from a design background she loves creating all types of content. Discover more of her blogs, as well as, many others here!


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