Espresso 101 Training

Feb 13, 2020 at 18:00 — 21:30 (AEST)
Organiser: Black Drum Roasters

The Foundation of most beverages in a café is espresso. You can have a great bean, but if the shot is not extracted correctly and in a repeatable way the beverage it is in will suffer in taste overall and consistency from cup to cup. Espresso 101 is a 3-hour course combining theory and practical exercises to understand and extract great espresso shots.

Course Includes:

  • Understanding the Grinder
  • Proper Tamping
  • General Grinder Use
  • Dialling in the Grind Setting
  • Timing, Measuring, Weighing
  • General Taste concepts
  • Reading and measuring the shot
  • Single Origin and Blend concepts
  • Learning multiple grinders
  • Manual shots & Programming Volumetric shots
  • Access to the BDR training space to practice

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