Kids pasta making workshop

Jun 14, 2019 at 16:15 — 18:00 (BST)

Making healthy homemade food for your kids is very important. Starting early with organic & homemade food prepares young children for healthier choices of food later on in life. It creates healthy eating habits, a positive relationship with food from an early age, and also helps prevent children from catching illnesses. 
Do you think cooking is too much of a hassle? Trust me, it becomes very easy after taking part in my cooking classes for new parents!

Our recipes are designed for working parents that never cooked before but want to raise a healthy and happy child. In every session, we will prepare easy and healthy recipes to use for a whole week. These classes will empower you to make sound nutritional choices for every member of your family.

The recipes are healthy but very tasty so that they can be enjoyed by the whole family. In this way, you don't have to cook different meals for small kids and adult family members. 
Our recipes are prepared only with the best ingredients and only use organic and seasonal products. 

*How is the class structured?*

Cooking classes for parents are very hands-on and interactive classes and a great way to learn about nutrition as well as a chance to meet other parents facing the same challenges as you.
The class will kick off with some basic information on kids nutrition. After a demonstration of how to prepare different recipes, each person will have a go at making something with his/her own hands. 
The class lasts for about 1.30 hours. 
You get to take home what you prepared and have your child(ren) try it! You'll also receive my personal tips, tricks and recipes to try out at home! 

*Why are our classes different?*
We only buy organic food, investing into high quality, locally sourced produce with no chemicals. 
We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We use recycled paper products and recycle all our boxes, cans, papers and glass. We no longer buy bottled water for our clients and instead offer filtered water (with active charcoal) in glasses. 
We offer reusable bags to minimize the use of plastic bags.

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