The Healing Quest

Jan 13, 2019 at 14:00 — 18:00 (EST)

I believe that you desire the very best life has to offer ~ for both youyrself and those whom you love and care for. 

Abundance in love, happiness, health, and finances are often at the top of the list. However, as intricately as these are related to each other, one, in the end, determines all of the rest.

So, which one is it? No, it’s not finances and it’s not happiness. You know what it is, and I know you will agree that without it everything else lacks strength and meaning in life.

You might be willing to surrender all fortune, status and desires to have your health, but love and health go hand in hand. Health is a direct byproduct of love, so if you want health, you will want love. An absence of love brings the presence of the illusory clouds of illness, sickness and disease.

So What Then Is The Healing Quest? 

  • Is it a Golden key to health?

  • Is it a Principle that generates well-being?

  • Is it an Initiation into Healing Energies?

In truth, if you access the understanding given by the ancients as to what is beneficial to “good health”, all of the above are revealed as natural consequences.

This afternoon workshop is designed to assist you to step out of the shadows of externally generated health outcomes and walk into those which are internally created. In other words, it is time to both learn how to heal yourself and how to take the power back into your life for that state of well being.

After spending a lifetime working with people around the world, acting both as student (and sometimes patient) and as the instrument for the healing to precipitate in another, Nigel offers you understandings of ancient wisdom and modern insight to manifest this powerful healing state.

Utilising Core Energy IS Your Mastery Key

 • Recognise what this Energy is. 

• Activate its presence and apply techniques to unlock its potency. This defines the Healing Quest.

Healing takes courage. We all have this courage deep within us, yet sometimes it takes a little digging to uncover the core elements that will assist us on the path.

A Journey into the Core of Healing

THE HEALING QUEST is an afternoon workshop designed to open the door on how to effectively engage healing, no matter what modality you choose. Here is where we go...

   1. Explore time proven techniques that channel your core energies. Such principles neutralise the imbalances which precipitate disease.

  2. Understand the power of thought processes to unleash significant and rapid shifts in well being.

  3. Use simple teachings from ancient sources that activate healing at a distance and negate negative energies.

This afternoon workshop is an engaging and empowering sharing with like minded souls on the path. It is a natural fit for those who have joined in the Nigel’s “The Eternal Quest” class. For in the end, life is one big Healing Quest

See you there! 

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Unfortunately tickets are no longer available for this event.