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Tequila Enemigo was launched in the UK in September 2017, and just over a year has won 5 international spirit awards across 3 continents. Described by Forbes as “Shaking up the alcohol ecosystem around the world”, Tequila Enemigo is now available at 85 locations in London and a serve is consumed every 90 Seconds in London’s drinking hours (4pm to 4am). 


The brand has 2 expressions 


Enemigo 00 Extra Anejo- rests undisturbed for over three years, taking in the rich flavours and deep colours from the custom-made American Oak barrels. Continually throughout the ageing process their Maestro Tequilero tests and checks how the liquid is progressing to ensure that it is perfect when it is eventually taken out of the casks. The result at the end is a perfectly balanced tequila with a diverse array of flavours. Enemigo 00 is only produced in limited quantities making every sip something special. 


Enemigo 00 (zero-zero) was named as the liquid was flawless from its inception.


Enemigo 89 Anejo Cristalino is aged traditionally for over a year, resting in custom-made American American Oak barrels which infuse and colour the liquid. What happens next however, is different. The now dark tequila is removed from the barrels under the watchful eye of their Maestro Tequilero. It is then put through a three phase Carbon-Cellulose filtration system. This process purifies the tequila, creating an extraordinarily smooth, clear liquid which still retains the distinct flavours of a traditional aged Añejo with added hints of coconut and vanilla. 


Enemigo 89 (eighty-nine) was named after the 89 iterations created to perfect the now award winning expression. 


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